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Filter filter (filter) is added as a Third-party plug-in (Plug-in) to Photoshop, Imagerready, Paintpro, and other picture software to produce special effects. Some filters are available for a variety of image processing software, but this seems to be a plug-in type. (The following is mainly about Photoshop filters)

The general filter is extended in 8bf, just put it in the Photoshop plug-in directory, restart the initialization Photoshop to be found in the Filter menu, if you have many filters installed, the Photoshop built-in filter will change the original discharge position. Most of today's filter software is installed in the form of installation, with no manual adjustments.

Although some small filters may require you to manually put them in the plug-in folder, but I hope you do not think these small trouble, because these small filters also have a powerful function, as long as we carefully use, you will find these small filters practical.

There are some special filters, or they are just the only product, it is hard to find any other software comparable, so we can not see its version to determine whether the software obsolete.

There are many ways to get the filters, for example, the software itself, or the software upgrade version, will also add some new filters; Because designers have a large demand for filters, large image software companies produce many of the features of the filter software, which may be sold, may be distributed free, may provide a trial version, and so on. The famous company is Ulead, Extensis and so on.

If you have a large number of filters installed but are not used frequently, it is recommended that you remove them first because Photoshop needs to initialize these filters when it starts, which means slowing down the startup process.

The special effect of the filter is not words, as long as we know that the filter is a can change you can imagine or can not imagine the effect of the image of the concept is good, the other thing is that we continue to try a variety of filters, we will slowly know.

:: Example Application::

• Xenofex of filters
Xenofex is a filter that can produce glass, walls, puzzles, lightning and many other effects.

• Bladepro of filters
Bladepro is a filter that applies material processing images. Meaning refers to the effect of the picture, such as wood, paper and other materials superimposed on another picture, so that the original ordinary pictures into a variety of special effects of texture.

• Phototools of filters
Phototools is an enhanced Photoshop feature and filter software.

• Feathergif of filters
We often use transparent GIF images on the Web page, or want to trim the edge of the image to deal with more natural, good-looking, will use fade, edge feather, edge particles and other methods, if you use the Feathergif filter, then you to the image of these edge processing will become easier and faster.

• Four of filters seasons
The "Four Seasons" filter, by definition, is a filter designed to produce natural effects such as the Four Seasons.

• KPT6.0 of filters

Photoshop Best Filter kpt6.0 (ix)
Photoshop Best Filter KPT6.0 (eight)
Photoshop Best Filter KPT6.0 (vii)
Photoshop Best Filter KPT6.0 (vii)
Photoshop Best Filter KPT6.0 (vi)
Photoshop Best Filter KPT6.0 (v)
Photoshop's Best filter KPT6.0 (iv)
Photoshop's Best filter KPT6.0 (iii)
Photoshop's Best filter KPT6.0 (ii)
Photoshop's best filter KPT6.0 (i)

The KPT equalizer (KPT Equalizer) filter is a great filter for adjusting the sharpness and softness of the screen.

• Filter Extensis Photo Graphics

Photoshop Senior Assistant--extensis Photo Graphics (iii)
Photoshop Senior Assistant--extensis Photo Graphics (ii)
Photoshop Senior Assistant--extensis Photo Graphics (i)

When you use Photoshop, friends often want to draw some geometry, a curve of words, and so on. Install the photo graphics filter produced by extensis company everything is solved.

• Ulead of filters particle
Ulead Particle filter contains foam effect, fluorescence effect, rain effect and so on 8 kinds of different filters, so we can use it to naturally add water droplets, raindrops, fireworks, clouds and other special artistic effects, in order to render the image, creating an extraordinary atmosphere.

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