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"A thousand miles to the next floor" -- Wang Zhijie

From a high point of view, we first found the project initiator-group.

However, if the group does not handle the actual business, the responsibility for providing the demand will be transferred to the headquarters. For me, as long as someone asks for it, it doesn't matter whether the group is a corporate company.

When Lao Tzu's team arrived at the head office, the general manager received us with great enthusiasm.

Afterwards, the two sides met in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

"We don't have this kind of business and don't have to worry about it." -- this is what the customer said when there should be a freight forwarder in the business.
In my opinion, in the long run, we should include the forwarder into the system, and the customer does not agree. The customer's view is very clear. If you don't have this business, I can't tell you the future. When you are nocha danmas (of course, this guy can talk too well.
I have two starting points. First, the contract requires that the system must adapt to the business in the next three to five years ". In general, this sentence can be considered as nonsense during project creation. I have read this sentence in the contracts of so many business systems, and it has become a standard sentence in the contract. Based on the principle that "there is reason", think about the future.

Another reason is that when we received the project that day, the boss said, "through this project, we want to get a product ". That is to say, in addition to achieving the project goal, I also need to provide a product-based system. Since the product must be competitive in the market, both the process and technology should be modern and advanced. I guess many bosses will give this requirement to the project manager. In fact, this requirement is not too much. But when the product modernization process conflicts with the project requirement, the problem arises. this is my problem: I want to maintain the leadership or take the acceptance form.

Of course, both of them are the best. First move out of the terms of the contract and discuss with the customer in order to reach a consensus. The customer's play is always quite stable, as always, and does not agree. It seems that leaders may not be able to see far, and short-sighted people are everywhere.

If you cannot get through it, let's drag it. Unfortunately, this part cannot be dragged on because it is not an independent module and participates in the entire system. If this is not the case, it cannot be started. You can only drag yourself to the end.

Now I plan to follow my ideas and add a forwarder company, but it is not displayed on the interface.

The customer called after just half a month.

"Add a freight forwarder to your business. In the long run, this is necessary"
"Yes, I can add it, but I didn't add it in the past. Make a change." In fact, as long as you change the visible value, the forwarder company will have it.
"OK ."

This change actually took 0.5 person-days, And I reported 10 person-days. All the stolen time was mine.

There are still a lot of changes that will be changed back after this change. The customer often said what to change this field. After you finish the change, he said, let's change it back. Therefore, we will mention a new concept of demand change control-estimation demand.

The estimation requirement refers to how the ability of the customer to predict the potential changes made by the customer in advance and leave room before the change is made?

In addition to the industry experience we mentioned earlier, we also need to analyze the future expansion of this demand.

For example, if a customer wants a user management function, you need to think about the user management, which is based on industry experience. You also need to think about how this function can be extended, such as permission management, Dictionary selection, and personnel file interface. According to McKinsey's method, it is "independent from each other and desperate" to come up with demand expansion. Based on the fact you know about the Enterprise and Industry, you can propose the most likely changes.

Speaking of this, we can see that the purpose of estimation is to prevent the impact of such changes on the project.

In fact, this estimation method is easy to say and difficult to do. Like the burning of Chibi, everyone knows that the fire was used. Then you know that at that time, Huang Gai, how many fire ships were prepared to burn Cao, and how much sulfur flame should be used for each fire ship, in addition to understanding the engineering of setting fire, this estimation also requires a comprehensive analysis of the weather, the number of Cao troops, and the location of the war ship. An estimate is missing, and the goal of the fire attack cannot be achieved. As soon as Cao sees so many ships, Huang Gai is not a general, but duok. He will bring so many people to surrender.

Can the demand for non-scaling be estimated? The answer is yes. But you must have enough facts to prove that your idea is correct, and the customer will definitely choose your correct idea. When Liu Bei died, he told Zhuge Liang that the horse cannot be reused. Although Zhuge Liang's customer was quite conceited and did not listen to Manager Liu's words, his later results prompted Zhuge Liang to acknowledge Liu Bei's correctness.
"Time is the only criterion for judging truth." The question is how long it takes. many great people follow suit after death, such as Yuan supervisor and Liu Shaoqi. Therefore, it is easier to estimate the demand for expansion, and the risk is also small. We do not recommend that you estimate non-extended requirements.

After 13 tricks, the project was finally launched (the project was launched in sub-modules). During the first training (the reason for this was that there were many times later ), the enthusiasm of the customer has also been ignited, with the full family (project related personnel and irrelevant personnel) to participate. I am also very excited. After all, it is time to present the results. When I was talking about four flights, I found that the class was not enthusiastic. After talking to them, I finally found out why they were not enthusiastic.

The reason is simple. They don't understand it. The reason I don't understand is that what I'm talking about is not the same as their business. At this time, I found that people who have stood tall may not be able to see the difference, but may not be able to see it clearly.

Standing on the Hill, you can see that it is high, but you can't see it clearly. Unless you have a high-tech device like a telescope (modern telescopes are really high-tech ). It happened that none of my customers on the Hill had a telescope.

Now that the business and system requirements are different, the result is that the system cannot meet their business requirements. This is a big problem. Hurry to the customer. The customer was very calm and said a word-"change ".

Now let's consider what it will do. If it is not changed, the system will not be able to meet the following business needs, that is, the system will basically be unavailable, and there will be no hope for future acceptance, and a large number of losers will be created.

If it is changed, the workload will definitely increase. There is no way to change it. Ask the customer for a change in demand.

The change order is quite easy and the customer will soon approve it. The change is changed, but the customer does not agree to increase the project time and funds. This kind of problem is often encountered. The Customer acknowledges the change, but refuses to add money and time. For us, this change form becomes almost meaningless.

This change is caused by customer errors. Such a change should be reported to the company's leaders first. The leaders paid great attention to such things, and the Emperor shoufu started to work. This kind of business is beyond the scope of our project management. I will not talk about it this time. In short, I am busy with three things, and the time is coming. I am not playing with money. I just want to blind my eyes.

Shoufu quickly found me at the first time and told me that the time could be extended. I am very happy, but I will immediately regret it for myself. Because only one month is applied. How can this kind of business change be done in one month? (we have a lot of business changes and are a little complicated ). This time cannot be changed. I will first make it clear to the leaders, and I will work hard. I cannot guarantee the time. Of course, I agree as the first auxiliary and bricklayer (and the mud), and a handful of mud flew over to "You can do it, we believe in your ability ". I'm not the French president. I'm happy to wear a high hat. But you still need to do it.

Sorry, I have a crush on me. If you do not know how to march every night, you still cannot eat enough (the company does not care about dinner ).

The most unfortunate thing after the change is that programmers are living on them. Therefore, after a dead project, the entire company's floor is full of blood, which is not a leader, a customer, a project manager, but a programmer.

If you don't feel bad about them as direct leaders, programmers will be so pitiful. So I keep controlling changes, not only for the project progress, but also for the workload of my staff. Besides this time, I didn't ask them to take another class.

As a real project manager, you don't have to participate in the actual development and testing work, and you are much more paid than the programmers, because your words can be paid to them for a month, whether the demand can be effectively controlled determines the success or failure of the project.

At this point, I have finished my research and changes on demand. Some netizens said that I have many ways to control the demand and control the customer, but sometimes I cannot, my team is the only guarantee for my victory.


Today we have finished talking about the project requirements. The requirements are divided into two parts: Research and change. As you can see, the demand is the result of project success or failure. Therefore, the name of the demand part is that winning or losing is the same. I borrowed the term tar pit from man-month. Among all the changes in the project, I finally failed one time, and I was not able to control all the changes. After all, I am not God.
I am writing this content, but I hope that you can avoid making mistakes if you encounter similar problems at work, and do not expect you to compete with the customer every day. It is no good for you to compete with the customer. The relationship with customers should be well done. After all, we are not the right person.

In the following chapter, I will explain how to establish standardization in the project. I hope you will like it.

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