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  • Most network applications are trying to match the information where it is needed.
  • Fragment network example
  • Case Analysis
  • Search in a single space
  • Looking forward to a more interactive world
  • How does it know?
  • Interconnected Power
  • A tool used to collect interconnection Information
  • Establish feedback channels
  • Case Analysis Review
  • How do you establish contact with people
  • You can not only establish contact with people
  • The intensity of contact is different.
  • Some contacts must be acknowledged by both parties to take effect.
  • Phishing and cyber fraud
  • Automatic Logon
  • Junk Information
  • Appointment
  • Boarding and sharing
  • Discussion Group

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Next killer Software

The next killer software will no longer be a software.

It is a network platform built on today's world wide web, which makes developing the next generation of more powerful and useful software a reality.

What I can predict is a powerful next-generation network that is as simple and flexible as web1.0, but more interactive.

At its core, it will integrate a series of relationships between people, institutions, services, products, websites, and other entities in real life.

  • A browser that instantly shows what you are most interested in
  • The search engine returns fewer but better results each time.
  • A market that always tells you where the best goods and services are, and allows you to advertise for any item you are interested in
  • A world without spam information or phishing scams
  • You can easily get all kinds of contact information at any time
  • In addition, you can find ways to maintain communication at any location.

I would like to share this idea: How it works. I can only say that these are all low-tech things. They don't rely on any emerging technology and are closer to you than you think. I still think Yahoo! Within two years, the company will make this happen. (Hidecloud: Although I think google will do this ^. ^)

Revolutionary step

There have been a batch of great programs on the Internet that allow us to do a lot of wonderful things: Exchange, publishing, and sharing, making transactions easier and faster than before. People, content, and data have more communication and communication than ever before.

However, the World Wide Web has now reached the bottleneck. The great programs we have are stillSplit,Inconsistent. And they should have been betterInteractionAndCooperation.

The Next Generation Network will easily integrate all the functions and data under the program layer, thus bringing us into a new era: programs will make life easier, more creative and safer. Of course, it will be even more interesting.

Search in today's fragmented Networks

Think about how frequently you use Internet-based programs to find something: articles, comments, shopping information, services, contact information, research data ......

Remember: "The answer is always there !"

The correct answer is almost always there-somewhere.

  • Contact information of that personAbsolutelySomewhere on the Internet
  • AbsolutelyA software is exactly what you need
  • AbsolutelyA company sells this item to you at the best price
  • Someone is trying to sell a set which is exactly the same as your bedroom.Out of BoxSofa
Most network applications are trying to match the information where it is needed.

But the main problem is the internal structure of the Internet: There is no center here. It is because of this that the Internet can develop so quickly and effectively-with no center, so that it can grow freely and naturally.

But this also means that when we want to compare various types of information, we have to collect them in one place-for example, an independent database. However, this can be achieved on the internet today. Even though there have been some progress achievements, as shown below:

Fragment network example
  • Ebay has a large database to match the demand relationship
  • Google has a large-scale index used to match search keywords.
  • Friends Reunited has a database that records schools that people have accessed.
  • Car Harbor is a developing system used to match Rent-Seeking parking spaces and tenants.
  • Loads of dating sites has a database for people who want to date with others
  • LinkedIn has a database that stores business profile information and links them.

I can continue to give many examples. These applications share the following points:

  • They all tried to match the information to where they needed it.
  • They all have their own databases that store a limited amount of external information.
  • And their application scope is limited to their own databases.

In other words, they all havePart of the puzzle.

This means they can onlyTryFind the best answer for your needs in your limited data.

Even if these systems are huge and intelligent, they are still confined to the 1.0 environment of the fragmented network. Google or will neverUnderstandingWhat do you really want. This is because the current network is still inTaobaoism. All applications are based on unrelated data. They only consume the value they deserve in applications.

Case Analysis

You want to ask someone to clean the room.

Now, a person half a block away from you is perfect for this job.

But ......

  • They cannot have a website to introduce their services.
  • They are also unlikely to appear in Yellow Pages.
  • They only promote their services through verbal communication.
  • They just cleaned a neighbor you don't know.

So the answer is there, but how do you find that person?

If you search for "Chongqing cleaner" in the search engine, what do you get? Nothing useful. Google returns about168,000Item, but it is useless for me!

I don't need 168,000 results! I only need a useful result!

Search engines use the information I provide to do their best. I am not complaining about Google-its algorithm is very powerful. It's just that the power is not enough to solve this problem.

What we need is a different way of thinking to deal with this problem-a brand new understandable keywordSemanticsInstead of simply understanding the keywords themselves.

Search in a single space

Today's search engines package all the information around the world. Although there are answers I want to find, there are too many other vague answers.

What they do is to compress a large amount of different information in168,000 itemsResult.

They treat all information equally, but forget the most important point, All information is not equal-for me here!Looking forward to a more interactive world

We need to link everything in some way so that we can truly find the information we needBest Answer.

I am a software designer. I think it is best to consider this issue from the perspective of requirements. So let me tell you a story about user experience in the future.

I will describe my prospects for the following application examples:

  • Future killer Homepage
  • Future killer Market
  • Future killer search engines
  • Future killer Contact Management Program
  • Future killer security features
Future killer Homepage

Open my browser. It is not the latest news or RSS feedback, but not the weather or stock information. The browser simply addsWhat I'm most interested inPut it in front of me.

How? No clutter, no settings and options, onlyI am most interested in content.

How does it know?

Well, the answer will always be there, right? There are some new or old messages online today, but if I have read them, I will be interested in the messages. What the system does is simulate my judgment and find out the information.

Today, all my information is online. The problem is that this unconnected system architecture makes the information unfamiliar with each other. In an interconnected network, we will be able to easily integrate this information to expand their use value.

Let's think about what we will get:

  • My Archives-Age, address, gender, and financial information
  • My bookmarks-Historical browsing records in my browser or sites that collect content I'm interested in, such as del. icio. us
  • My contacts-In MSN, Yahoo! Contacts in Messenger, Skype, and email -- used to identify my friends or work partners
  • My remarks-On my website or blog

Let's start with this information. Integrate all of them into a system so that they can browse and use all the above information. What do we know about me?

Interconnected Power

In addition to understanding me from those direct data, we can also speculate on who I am from the sites I browsed, contacts, and discussion groups I attended. If you know my favorite sites and the most respected people, you will be able to give a rough picture of my interests.

(I'm not talking about fuzzy logic or artificial intelligence. It's just a simple job like a few hundred thousand. Of course I'm not talking about any futuristic technology .)


Think of it as InternetHeatmap.

We only care about what our opponents are handling or what our friends and colleagues are interested in.

Once we have a heat map that shows the content I'm interested in, we can find the content that I'm most interested in andThe hottest.

Things that I care about (such as new trends, new sites, and new contacts) will get hotter and will get colder as time passes.

Similarly, those pages that I often visit will be considered more important by the system.

This killer homepage will be able to easily and accurately identify the content that I am most interested in: Interactive Design, page design, environment, policy, etc. The system just looked at my interest heatmap and found out what messages were generated today, where I was most interested.

Just by integrating data, a new world is shown in front of us.

A tool used to collect interconnection Information

Take a look at the tool bar below (my own ps ). It already has a majority of tools to enhance network connectivity.

  • "Rate (level)AndBookmarking)It can help me record my favorite pages (the browser should also be able to determine whether I like this page by recording the time I stayed on a page and the number of times I dragged down .)
  • Buddies (friend)This tool will display my contact list, tell me who is online, whether I often contact him or not
  • The Green Flag tells me that people in the network community think that the site I am browsing is safe.
  • "Auto-login (Automatic login) Is another time-saving and secure function.
Future killer search engines

The reason why today's search engines cannot find the best answer is that they are too limited in scope and always restore information to their text meaning rather than semantics. They treat all the information equally, but there is a simple way to cut the number of returned results by half.

What we can achieve when searching products and servicesThe simplest and best way to find the answerThe method is:The pages of products and services are independent..

Collect all the pages that provide fishing tackle and browse them in a separate market system (as described below. Remove the pages that are just about fishing tackle.

I guess half of the searches on the Internet are for solutions. In other words, we are looking for information to address our needs. Others are the original information.

The biggest problem with today's search engines is that theyAll informationAre processed as original information.

The reason why ebay is so successful is that it provides such a simple filter. Ebay allows you to search for items that people are selling. Similar websites include Froogle.

The requirement information is extracted separately for search, and the search quality is improved by 1000%. Search engines can remove product-related information and focus only on what they have done well-matching keywords with original information.

However, when we start to integrate our world, you will find out how convenient it is to find the best content you want to search!

Do you still remember how I predicted what I was most interested in? Search engines use the same technology.

  • What have I read recently?
  • What pages have I spent the most time?
  • What have I read recently?
  • Of course, what are my friends and colleagues watching recently?

This type of search engine may not be so intelligent, but it can at least give me a shorter and more accurate list of search results.

Note: This method now has the name "social search ". The most important difference between the methods described here is that all information is integrated on my premise. So no matter how you  (RSS subscription, del. icio. us, or your favorites), all the data will match your private information heat map.

Future killer Market System

Many network applications are already helping people find products and services. The applications mentioned here include all e-commerce sites, consumer comment sites, Yellow Pages sites, and other classified sites.

What they lack is that they cannot provide a solution that best suits your needs. Why? The same is because theyThe scope involved is too narrowAnd all the information isAs similar.

Now, we have extracted products and services from raw data. The original information is left to the search engine. Now the market system will process the information about the products and services on its own.

What we need to do in enhancing search for products and servicesRecord related dataFor example, who is using those products and services? What do they think about that ......

Establish feedback channels

One of the best features of ebay and Amazon is "Network Credit ". This kind of internal interconnection can provide some buyers' feedback to sellers, which is the key to the next generation network. However, their limitations are that they are all on isolated sites, all of which are due to the first problem: Non-interconnected networks!

Other limitations of current technology include:

  • The feedback system is too simple. They simply give a general good or bad comment, but they cannotAccurateIdentifying among a large number of good suppliersBest ChoiceThe one you need.
  • Not every product or service is suitable for publishing on the e-commerce platform. For example, I cannot find a cleaner who sells his services on ebay.

To build a killer market system, we need to do the following:

  1. BuildA general frameworkSo that everyone can promote anything anytime, anywhere, and let others search for the information they want (Google Base, Google Classifieds, and Microsoft Fremont are already involved in this field)
  2. After a person consumes the data,Record his feedback
  3. Use Meaningful descriptionsDescribe suppliers

Record your matching records (for example, if you have read XX products, Please rate this service...) will help the system provide you with better search services in the future.

At this level, you can only get a rough "95% positive comment ". But as long as we add a little more, we can go further.

Remember, the only reason we need to exhaust endless information is to get the answer that best matches our needs.

Case Analysis Review

So if I want to ask someone to help me clean the room, this killer market system will be able to easily do it:

  • You live in this corner of the world.
  • You are looking for a cleaner and have to be close to you, so the local concept is very important (it is not difficult to know from your search keywords ).
  • I know 30 people working on cleaning services locally.
  • Five of them were well received by everyone.
  • You have contact with Neil. And you have similar interests with their families. They gave a poor rating to one of the cleaners.
  • You have a good relationship with the Fred family. They gave a good comment to another cleaners.

In this way, our answer is in front of us-that is, the Fredy house once hired and thought it was a good cleaner. Maybe this does not prove that he is the best choice, but it is the best choice in the current information.

The process I mentioned above is not very complex, but it simply analyzes the raw data. But let us quickly identify out who is most suitable for the needs of the 30 cleaners.

Therefore, my search results do not need to return 30 or 300 results. Because it becomes smarter, it only returns the best five.

I will repeat it again, but there is no new technology here. These are existing technologies, but they are integrated. However, they have played a greater role!

Let's start with how the system will start.CollectionWhat about our data? (We cannot expect all commercial sites to start sharing their own data !)

Future killer Contact Management Program

I have to repeat it again. There is absolutely no new technology here. What this killer Contact Manager will do is collect information that we are collecting today and make them more portable.

Some existing websites can describe the feasibility of this technology:

  • LinkedIn, Spoke, and some other sites all have databases about the relationship between people and people. They make it possible to find someone in a specified region or company, or to establish connections with people close to your industry.
  • Plaxo allows you to store your contact information in one place. In this way, if your contacts use Plaxo, their information about you will be automatically updated when you update your contact information.

They are all great and clever web applications, but they are still suffering from the "non-Internet" syndrome.

The following is an outlook on the future contact management process. Its workflow is transparent and not only records who you know.

The fundamental difference is:

  • You can contactNot just people
  • Contact informationDifferent importance levelsChanges
  • Some contacts are only available inWhen both parties acknowledgeTo take effect

The figure above shows a small part of the Internet.

It shows a series of various types of elements, which are combined by different degrees of contact (and each element has its own XML format database ).

How do you establish contact with people

You will use the following methods to establish contact with people:

  • By Email
  • Add a chat friend
  • Right-click a person's smart tag on the page (SEE)

In this example, you may be browsing a blog or an article written by someone.

Their names have been marked with the personal identifier, so that your browser will allow you to establish a connection with him. The "contact degree" isYourselfIt determines how much you value this connection.

Please note that you have not established his contact with you.


The application of the contact degree in the desktop mail system is shown here (outlook in the example Figure ). You can not only establish contact with people

The key to interconnectivity lies in the force of mutual connection. Why is it so important that it is complete?Shows the relationships in the real world. I don't know how to describe and emphasize this importance.

In real life, I am not only connected with people. I can also contact the following items:

  • Companies and brands-For example, I chose to show trust, support, and loyalty to companies like Apple, Sitepoint books, and Ali.
  • Products and services-As we can see above, if I evaluate a product or service, the data can be used to establish the relationship between individuals and these products.
  • Organizations and Institutions-Any member relationship in a political party, club, or community is also a connection.
  • Website-If I add a website to my favorites or comment on it, I create an available data.

By integrating these real information, you can easily get a heat map about my network.

In an Internet connection, everyone has these attributes. You can establish connections with them, and they can also establish connections with you (for example, identifying you as a member or family member, friend, subscriber, etc .).

The intensity of contact is different.

Currently, most systems simply collect links and say, "Ben has connections with Thomas, Thomas has connections with more than 2000 people, so Ben has tens of thousands of potential partners.

This can only be applied with great limitations, because it does not reflect the various linksQuality.In real life, we have strong or weak connections with other things. Therefore, interconnectivity networks must reflect such connections.

Let's take a look at this example: a Chinese designer asked me something interesting. In my instant messaging system, I will feel like "well, I really like this guy ." Then, simply right-click and choose Link> 3/10. In this way, I have clearly explained the connection between me and my new China friend Chen. This link record will be saved in my central identity system so that it can serve me anywhere. At the same time, this means:

  • I recorded the basic information of my contact with him.
  • His heatmap will have a certain impact on my heatmap.
  • Our account is now connected, so I can always find his latest contact information and read his blog at any time.
  • The emails sent by him directly go to the inbox instead of the garbage bin.

In the future, I may change my attitude towards this relationship, and I may strengthen it (if I have a better impression on him ), it may be set to zero (if I find him boring ). Most importantly, I have control.

Some contacts must be acknowledged by both parties to take effect.

Let's take a look at this example. My friend wants to send me an instant message.

I may set my IM software to allow people above level 2 contact to send instant messages to me. This is good, because Chen's degree of contact is 3.

However, some social activities are based onMutual understanding.

For example, Chen has a friend, Danny, who is looking for someone to Study interactive design. He can search on the Internet, or through his IM software. If you place this search on "user-to-user", it will be very effective.

The following explains how it works:

  • His client is connected to his identification system
  • The Identity Recognition System contacts the Identity Recognition System of other contacts.
  • If the called connections know Him, they may respond to the request. In our discussion, he first contacted Chen's identity system because Chen was very interested in interactive design. Because Chen's trust in Danny is 8, and Danny's trust in Chen is 6, their trust is 6 (of course the lowest value ). Then, because Chen disclosed some of his personal descriptions to those who marked him as more than 1. Therefore, their identity systems establish connections and exchange information. Thanks to this, Danny quickly got the result: Chen.
  • Now, Chen will continue to send this request to his contacts.
  • Chen's identity system contacted my system because he knew me. (His contact with me is 5)
  • My identity system identified Chen -- the degree of contact was 3. chen's system said: I have a contact who has 6 contact with me. He is looking for people in interactive design.
  • My system immediately calculates the relationship between me and Danny: (6/10) * (5/10) = 3/10.
  • I allow contacts greater than 2 to view my personal information. So my system sent my information to Danny. So Danny quickly saw my information.

Everything above is automatically completed in an instant, and explains why some social activities depend on each other.

Future killer security features

We can use the power of interconnectivity networks to eliminate "unfriendly" behaviors on the Internet.

Phishing and cyber fraud

This system is similar to the current online bookmarkmarking site, but it does not rate your favorite web pages. Savvy users will mark fraudulent websites with "deceptive" tags.

The system can record fraudulent sites. When a person uses an email link to reach a website that looks like a bank, the system automatically compares it with the blacklist and immediately displays a big and red warning! This is not a real bank site! "


The red-flag warning also tells us that the entire network community thinks this site is fraudulent.

Automatic Logon

Automatically log on to those secure sites for users, which improves ease of use and security.

When I browse a website, the toolbar of the browser detects that the site supports automatic logon.

The following explains how it works:

  • Click "Automatic Logon.
  • This website obtains my identity from my browser and then applies for a new automatic login application from my identity system. (Hidecloud: In fact, I think this is a bit like the current openid .)
  • My identity system sends a message to my Authenticated Software (such as instant messaging software) to confirm whether I trust the site.
  • I confirm this request and allow this site to use my personal information.
  • In future visits, my browser will tell this website my identity, and then all the login processes will be automatically completed in the background.
Junk Information

The waste of resources caused by spam does not need to be repeated. The best solution is to let all email systems identify and stop it.

Similar to the method used to prevent phishing attacks, the interconnectivity network can also rate each email address.

Moreover, we can also use the power of interconnectivity networks to more precisely enhance the blacklist/whitelist formulation. This reduces the number of useful emails mistaken for spam.

Below is how it works:

  • You authorize your email server to check emails through your identity system.
  • When the email system receives a letter from an unknown source, the system will call your identity system to review the identity of the other party.
  • The identity system starts to check all your connections.
  • Your identity system will returnYes(I trust this address)Unknown(I don't know this address)No(I do not trust this address) three states.
  • Your email system will take appropriate measures based on these three responses.
Other applications of interconnected networks

The following are some applications that will obviously use the new architecture.


Dating sites obviously benefit from interconnectivity networks. Because this network can help you find people you are interested in and interested in, or people you know. In short, it will find someone who has such a relationship with you.

Boarding and sharing

Sharing is a new network-based application. Think about how many people live in a region and how many people work or study in the same place. You can use less transport to reach your destination.

What really makes the sharing plan a problem is personal security. How do you determine the identity of the person you carried or the person you carried?

The Internet connection will help you find people who are close to you and the connections between you. In the face of various contacts, your trust can be easily established.

This world is full of connections-much more than we think! When we contact someone, we say, "The world is too small! ". But maybe the world is much smaller than we thought!

Discussion Group

The structure of discussion groups and interconnectivity networks can naturally be integrated.

  • A discussion group is an entity.
  • Members of the discussion group are also entities.
  • A member relationship means a relationship that is recognized by each other. An organization trusts each individual and each individual trusts the organization.
  • The contact level can be used for group-level settings, such as logon tasks or system emails.
  • As a connected entity, the discussion group Associates each member. This shows the complex relationships in the real world.
How does an Internet connection come?

I thinkTwo channelsCan create an Internet connection:

  1. Commercial Companies
  2. Open-source community

Only time can prove who has implemented this concept.

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