Ubuntu Disk Partitioning issues

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1. System Installation Order: Install the Windows system First, then install Ubuntu system this is win7+ubuntu14.04)
2.ubuntu default installation is in the original Win7 partition to choose the largest disk space to install, so the installation can consider a large space for the installation of a disk, but only a completely empty disk can be installed in Ubuntu custom partition, otherwise the default partition installation 7. Win7 partition of Disk Management in advance can be considered by Paragon Partition Manager (hard disk partition magician), the individual feel more convenient than in the system's own Disk Management division.

3 ready to Win7, make Ubuntu u disk boot disk, with UltraISO open ubuntu14.04 Mirror selected in the production can
4 Insert USB drive boot disk, press F12 to reboot from USB

Go to the installation screen, select Chinese (Simplified) and install Ubuntu

can choose to network Update software or not network, this article is not connected

Since the disk has already been vacated under Win7, it is possible to meet at least 6.3G Click to continue the installation

When installing, you can choose the first option (the default mode is installed, but you can create a lack of space when you install large software under Ubuntu), or choose a different option to customize the installation because you want to achieve a dual system.

Below is an important part of the partitioning problem!!!
Enter the following surface, you can see a disk is written to install the system Windows7, do not move the disk, the disk should be the original C disk system disk, the original empty disk (empty disk size you must know) into the free disk, the method is to select the disk and then dot minus, you can release the disk as free space (divided the wrong, You can also click the minus sign to re-release.

Select the free disk click on the plus sign, fill in the size, determine the partition, swap space for example:
(1) Select logical partition, space start position, for: Select Swap space (Swap area), swap space do not select mount point, so mount point is gray is not optional, swap space is generally not more than physical memory on the line (I chose 1G)

Other zoning requirements are as follows:
(2) Create a "/boot" partition
Continue to select free space and click the Add button.
Type of new partition: Logical partition
New partition Capacity: 200M (only used to boot the boot partition, similar to WIN7 C, 200M is enough)
Location of new partition: Start
For: Select "EXT4 log File System"
mount point:/boot.
Click the OK button.
(3)/home for personal document partitioning
Continue to select free space and click the Add button.
Type of new partition: Logical partition
New partition capacity: Generally large, usually separate the rest of the rest to home/home, I divided the 70G
Location of new partition: Start
For: Select "EXT4 log File System"
Mount point:/home.
Click the OK button.
Continue to select free space and click the Add button.
New partition type: logical partition (or primary partition, select Primary partition in this article)
New Partition Capacity: 10G
Location of new partition: Start
For: Select "EXT4 log File System"
mount point:/.
Click the OK button.
Important NOTE: When installing Ubuntu partition with U-disk, all disks must be set to logical partition, or the previous one is set to logical partition, and the last is the primary partition. Include the root directory/partition, or you will not be able to continue partitioning. The real reason: in the Windows system to install the Ubuntu system, the primary partition has been occupied by the Windows system (up to four primary partitions), such as more than one primary partition in the window system, when the Ubuntu system is created, cannot be set to four (/,swap,/ Home,/boot) Primary partition, so it is not possible to continue partitioning when it is set to primary partition, it is recommended to set to logical partition.
5 Click now to start the installation, select Chinese, set the user name password, etc. into the installation interface installation can

6 after installation restart, Ubuntu boot boot selection, start Win7 or Ubuntu, you can also enter the Win7 under the use of EASYBCD to manage the startup items, you can start Ubuntu from Win7, you can also choose to start from Ubuntu Win7, The benefit of booting from WINDOW7 is that when Ubuntu is removed from the Win7 it does not affect the system boot,

Note: If there is a loop boot when entering the USB drive installation system, press tab--"L input ive can enter the flash drive temporary system.

Ubuntu Disk Partitioning issues

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