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The recent work has been the development of school design tutorials, they are based on theoretical knowledge and some practical work experience combined with the tutorial, so will not be the wording, writing is not necessarily very professional and fluent, or even write some too popular, although accumulated a lot of this kind of tutorials, but feel that some do not get shot, Like a friend to support, do not like to skip. Most of the design cases are designed by me, just to achieve results, not necessarily the actual enterprise, only for teaching use, not as a commercial use.

First, the foreword :

What is simplicity? Through the most streamlined performance means (the least element) to achieve the best results, this is the minimalist design!

The most concise means of expression to achieve the best expression effect has been the creators of various areas of the purpose of the creator, is a higher level of design.

Simplicity is a design pursuit that combines all messy or unknown elements together, removing any extraneous elements and achieving the best results, a process that is shocking because you have completed a wonderful design;

Combination or clear elements do not want you to simplify, the design is not simple to determine the content of how much, but in the design of the elements to use, whether there are superfluous elements, whether it is extremely concise;

Second, the case analysis :

First of all, we must determine whether the project theme is suitable for the use of simple fashion style to express, because the clothing site, most of the material is the picture taken by the model, the picture style to a certain extent affect the layout effect, such as the following clothing style, give people leisure, sports feeling, If you have to use a minimalist style of design to express it will only appear to be neither fish nor fowl:

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