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Magnolia is the first open-source JSR-170 compatible content-management-system (CMS ). its main goal is invalid of use for all parties involved in running a CMS. it features a very flexible structure, platform-independence through the use of Java and XML, a simple to use API, easy templating through the use of JSP, jstl and a custom tag library, automatic Administrative UI generation, transparent and uniform data access to multiple data repositories through JSR-170, easy configuration through XML, easy application integration and easy deployment as a J2EE Servlet
Cocoblog is a free weblogging Software Tool Based on Apache cocoon and Apache xindice. at the moment it is able to manage a single-user weblog, stored in an XML repository and publish it via cocoon. the use of cocoon allows to obtain a nice separation of content and presentation, so that the appearance of the pages is entirely determined by XSLT stylesheets
Roroller webllogger
Roroller is server-based weblogging software, a Web application that is designed to support multiple simultaneous weblog users and visitors. roroller supports all of the latest-and-greatest weblogging features such as comments, wysiwyg html editing, page templates, RSS syndication, trackback, blogroll management, and provides an XML-RPC interface for blogging clients such as W: bloggar and NNTP // RSS
Small tool to manage blog
A wiki plug-n-play set up using integrated internal Java Database (HSQLDB)-or MySQL db. HTML-subset editing. no weird wiki-syntax to learn. page previews and full archives of all changes made. integrated basic searching. automatic sign-up of users with email confirmation and forgotten password notification. file Uploads to be used on the page (for images mostly) pings when users make an update RSS file of latest updates for news aggregators and email to admin notification. userland radio opml document conversion (browse the wiki using your instant outliner)
Xml2blog is a small Java package designed to simplify the process of converting XML documents to blogger templates, getting around the problems with blogger's
Cocoon Apache
Apache cocoon is an XML publishing framework that raises the usage of XML and XSLT technologies for server applications to a new level. designed for performance and scalability around pipelined sax processing, cocoon offers a flexible environment based on the separation of concerns between content, logic and style.
Cofax is a powerful web based Content Management system used to edit and manage the online editions of 16 + newspapers. it was developed as open source software. majority of the Code was written by Knight Ridder employees, with additional code contributed by others under an open source license
Opencms is a Java based website content management system. It ist developed by the opencms group and uses the lgpl open source license.
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Open-source CMS system in Java
Infoglue is an advanced, scalable and robust Content Management/portal platform written in 100% Java. it is suitable for a wide range of applications and organizations. typical uses include public websites, portal solutions, intranets and extranets. the platform is released under the GPL-License and it can be run on almost any platform and most known databases.

Magnolia is the first open-source content-management-system (CMS) which has been built from scratch to support the upcoming standard API for Java content repositories (JCR ).

The ion project is an effort to provide a very simple but powerful content management system based on the most recents technologies. ion is 100% compliant with J2EE standards, uses XML to define contents structures, XSL to provide rendered contents in character format (HTML, XML, PDF, txt ,...), and JSP with jstl as a template system.

Opencms is a professional level open source website content management system. opencms helps to create and manage complex websites easily without knowledge of HTML. an integrated WYSIWYG editor with a user interface similar to well known office applications helps the user creating the contents, while a sophisticated template engine enforces a site-wide initialize ate layout. as true open source software, opencms is completely free of licensing costs.

Jahia is a mid-range content management and your ate portal framework. It integrates in one single package a full web application platform suite.

JBoss nukes
Nukes on JBoss is a full fledged Content Management System (CMS) with advanced user/group management, security rules and pluggable components. components can be deployed at runtime while the application is running. it is all written in JBoss

Java JSP based siteeditor, CMS, list generator software. It includes des: modules, XML config, struts, own API, components, WYSIWYG, multilanguage, multiuser, Webbased manager.

Mmbase is a web content management system with strong multi media features. mmbase has a large installed base in the Netherlands, and is used by major Dutch broadcasters, publishers, educational institutes, national and local governments. mmbase is written in Java, it is open source software (MPL) and all standards used are as 'open' as possible.

Apache lenya
Apache lenya is a Java-based open-source content management system. It is based on open standards such as XML and XSLT. One of its core components is cocoon from the Apache Software Foundation.

RedHat CMS
Red Hat Enterprise applications is an open-source suite of products that includes des content management, portal, and web development software, all based on the J2EE standard.

Cofax is a Web-based text and multimedia publication system. It was designed to simplify the presentation of newspapers on the web and to expedite real-time web publication.

Webman is a professional content management or website production system. It was used in more than forty big websites in Germany.

Webeditor is born with the intention to become a helpful tool for the web content management.

The slide Project main module is a content repository, which can be seen as a low-level content management framework. conceptually, it provides a hierarchical organization of binary content which can be stored into arbitrary, heterogenous, distributed data stores. in addition, slide integrates security, locking, versioning, as well as other services. it can integrate and manage data stored within external repositories, requiring only small wait action layers to be written for each repository. that way, slide can integrate the data from varous physical locations in a hierachical and unified way. slide uses can range from managing intranet application content to using it as a file server. slide also offers a WebDAV access module (implemented as a servlet ). webDAV is an IETF standard endorsed by companies like Microsoft, IBM, Novell, Adobe and other others. it makes slide an ideal choice for web-based content management. all the data managed by slide can be accessed through WebDAV, and enable remote administration and manipulation of the data managed by slide using standard third party tools, along with the custom ones provided in the slide distribution as additional tools.

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