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Query for all field names in a table with known table names in Oracle, whether each field is a primary key, a foreign key, or an empty SQL statement

Tags: on as SQL type Oracle table text class ROMQuery all columns and their properties for a table:Select From User_tab_columns t,user_col_comments Cwhere t.table_name = c.table_name and T.column_name = c.column_name and t.table_name = women;To find the primary key for a table:Find the foreign key of the table (including the name, the table name of the referen

MySQL database Add new fields to table, set primary key, set foreign key, field move location, and summarize how to deploy and maintain after modifying database

1, add a new field for the currently existing tableALTER TABLE student add studentname varchar (a) not null;2, set the primary key self-increment for the fields in the currently existing tableALTER TABLE student add constraint Pk_studentid PrimaryKey (StudentID);3, set a foreign key for the

Obtain the sqlserver table structure (field, primary key, foreign key, increment, description)

. column_id) As Description From SYS. columns, SYS. Tables, SYS. Types Where SYS. columns. Object_id = SYS. Tables. Object_id And SYS. Columns. system_type_id = SYS. types. system_type_id And SYS. Tables. Name = @ Table_name Order By SYS. Columns. column_id Running Effect 3. Independently query incremental fields of the table -- Separately query the incremental field of the table Select [ Name ] From S

Query basic table field information, primary key, and foreign key in Oracle

Because the data structure design of some modules of the project is not strictly in accordance with certain specifications, the data structure can only be queried from the database. The information to be queried is as follows: field name, data type, whether it is null, default value, primary key, foreign key, and so on

Sqlserver to view the table structure field, primary key, foreign key, increment, description)

1. Get basic field attributes of the tableObtain Table Structure in sqlserver Select Syscolumns. Name, policypes. Name, syscolumns. isnullable, Syscolumns. Length From Syscolumns, policypes Where Syscolumns. xusertype = Policypes. xusertype And Syscolumns. ID = Object_id ( ' Your table name ' ) Running Effect 3. Independently query incremental fields of the table-- Separately query the incremental

Summary: MySQL (Basic, field constraint, index, foreign key, stored procedure, transaction) operation syntax

ID int (4) is not null;mysql> ALTER TABLE DEMO5 drop PRIMARY key;Summary: Primary key index, uniqueness Index difference: Primary key index cannot have null, uniqueness index can have null valueComposite IndexAn index can contain one, two, or more columns. An index on two or more columns is called a composite index43. Federated PRIMARY

2-16 mysql field constraint-index-FOREIGN key

itCREATE TABLE Table name (Column definition,Fulltext Key index name (field);)Method Two: Add when modifying a tableALTER TABLE name ADD Fulltext index name (field);ALTER TABLE ' books ' ADD Fulltext Index name (' author ')Strong note: MySQL comes with a full-text index only for data tables that are MyISAM by the database engine, and if it is a different data en

Summary of index, foreign key, and field syntax maintenance for mysql, SQL Server, and oracle databases, and SQL Server oracle

Summary of index, foreign key, and field syntax maintenance for mysql, SQL Server, and oracle databases, and SQL Server oracle Summary of index, foreign key, and field syntax maintenance for mysql, SQL Server, and oracle databases

MySQL Create foreign key error (Note database table field sort)

1. The type or size of the two fields does not match exactly. For example, if one is an int (10), then the foreign key must also be set to int (10), not int (11), or tinyint. In addition, you must determine whether the two fields are one signed, and the other is unsigned (i.e. unsigned), which must match exactly, more information about signed and unsigned, see:/http The

Original: Statement for obtaining the field name constraint name of the primary and foreign key table name in Oracle and sqlserver

I hope that I can clearly analyze the primary and foreign key tables and field information like SQL Server, use an SQL statement to write out the one-to-one correspondence between the fields in the primary and foreign key tables, and find them online for half a day, the prim

Deletes a foreign key from a specified field.

It was difficult to delete a foreign key without specifying a name. It is very complicated to delete it on different databases. A script is specially written to delete the foreign key on a specified field. It was difficult to delete a fo

[Workaround] Hibernate query Partial field (with foreign key) error, report null pointer exception

Suppose the current table structure is as follows:Food table field has foodid,name, foreign key businessid, foreign key typeBusiness table field has, name, foreign

How can I add a multi-field association with a mysql foreign key? What is this name ~ Hehe_mysql

How can I add a multi-field association with a mysql foreign key? What is this name ~ Haha Mysql foreign key Alter table 'table1' add constraint 'fk1 'foreign key ('T1', 'T2') REFE

Foreign key analysis in MySQL (What is foreign key, why use foreign key, add foreign key, primary foreign Key Association Delete)

number), Stu_name (name), Stu_gender (gender), stu_nation (ethnic), Stu_idcard (Social Security Number), Stu_chinese (language score), Stu_math,stu_ English,stu_pe (Athletic results) Without the foreign key, it seems to be able to operate normally, for example, you can arbitrarily add any information to any table, but if you have a foreign

Django Annotate: Foreign key field parsing problem

Error message:Fielderror:cannot Resolve keyword ' entry ' into field. Choices Are:xx,xx,xx,Models:Class Ami (models. Model):... class Amiadmin (admin.Modeladmin): List_display = [' id ',....]#list_filter = (...) Class Entry (models. Model): MSN = models. ForeignKey (Ami) ...Workaround:Several attempts to modify the model have been found to be unrelated to the model, the problem caused by the list_filter in Modeladmin, commented outProblem solving, pro

ALTER TABLE Add adds multiple field foreign KEY constraints

/* CREATE TABLE and set PRIMARY key */creation table table_user ( user_id INT IDENTITY () not NULL, user_name NVARCHAR (max) not NULL, last_updated_by NVARCHAR (last_updated_date), DATETIME, CONSTRAINT user_pk PRIMARY KEY (user_id) ); /*alter table adds multiple fields */ ALTER table Table_user ADD department_id int not NULL , company_id int. not null ,temp_col NVARCHAR (Ten) ; /*alter t

How does Access define a primary key in a field?

1. open your access, open the data table for which you want to set the primary key, and click start view. 2. Click design view in the drop-down menu of the view. 3. on the design View panel, right-click the field to which the primary key is to be set, that is, right-click the red arrow. 4. in the pop-up menu, select th

mysql--foreign KEY (froeign key)-----------MySQL foreign key use detailed

Tags: copy create integrity Build blog can't ble update syncIf a field of one entity points to the primary key of another entity, it is called a foreign keyThe entity that is pointed to is called the primary entity (the primary table), also called the parent entity (the parent table).The entity that is responsible for pointing, called from the entity (from the ta

Access tutorial How to define a primary key in a field

Usually the data table to define the primary key, otherwise the system will prompt you to create a primary key, then how to build it? Let's make the Nineth software small series to show you how to do it again! The specific steps are as follows: 1. Open your access and open the datasheet where you want to set the primary key

What is the difference between using a foreign key and not using a foreign key in a database

Tags: Way field operations BSP relationship optimizes access to different database servicesToday listened to a corporate technical director of the preaching, the results heard in his development system in the process, did not use the foreign key, which surprised me, hurriedly search the Internet for some information to

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