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Based on web design, both front-end technology, plane, vector, photography and material. The sources are all foreign blogs. Although all are in English, but the basic image can explain everything, so the English poor students also do not have to bear.


Interview with Digital Artist Ferdi Rizkiyanto aka Pepey

Pepey, a well-known graphic designer from Indonesia, has a worldwide reputation for the global warming poster design (the one with the hourglass). His work has both exciting creativity and unparalleled detail. In some advertising design used in three-dimensional + lighting modelling, the production of liquid modelling quality is the best of the same approach. He was born in an island, obsessed with science fiction, always with fascinating magical temperament

Web Designs with amazing Attention to Detail

The details of web design that deserve special learning. The use of gradient and detail modification is a begotten that gives a sense of texture and level to the page. It is rich in three-dimensional folding angle, subtle gradient and edge processing, imperceptible shadows, single pixel high light. , these may not be noticed by the details of the design at any time to affect the user's sense: the site brand understanding of the design quality of enjoyment.

Comic sans:the Font Everyone loves to hate

Interesting article: Conmic sans--a kind of font that everyone hates. The author analyzes why Microsoft's default font Comic Sans has become so much hated by many designers, because it is naïve, unprofessional, unsuitable for most occasions ... (with a dedicated anti-Comic Sans website, like anti-IE6), its history (originally designed for comic dialogue), typical error usage (formal, text, slogan), and suggested alternatives (it was the worst one).

Fresh & Outstanding Portfolio Websites for Your design inspiration

Protfolio site refers to the company, creators of the works and personal information display website. This is the designer's own site, of course, promising. Fewer restrictions bring more personal flavor. This series of 35 new designs, which bear less burden of content display, are very lightweight and elegant.

Textured Websites for design inspiration

Apply a texture background in web design? Looks like a 15-year-old old fashioned approach? No, don't be a outman. Textures are already back in vogue, adding texture, fun, change, and personal color to the page. The trick is to use it more naturally, more subtly, and more obscure.

Plus Fresh Typography Designs

Typography Designs is a history of a very long design category, accompanied by the birth of books in the form of pure hand-drawn, of course, now has the digital art of support. To the text for the absolute protagonist, supplemented by decorative patterns, three-dimensional, deformation, texture, arrangement, etc., this is a pursuit of aesthetic game, simple rules, extraordinary strength. is a site that has long been concerned about this type of design.

Bodacious Folded Brochure Designs

34 Outstanding Folding design. Well-printed, oddly shaped color folds can always be put down, but also reduce the chance of being thrown into the dustbin as an advertiser. Folding with natural symmetry and three-dimensional, in contrast, material, space transformation magic tricks, always great article can do.

Typography Inspiration Showcase

Amazing typography design works. The first two days have been introduced typography design. The series is stronger. Interested students can keep an eye on

Premium like But free, fresh Wordpress themes:year 2009

A more astonishing series. The authors spent a lot of time selecting the top 100 of the 2009-year free template. There are many designs and frameworks that are unconventional. Use WP template of the students to bookmark it as soon as possible.

Amazing Flash Portfolio Sites

25 Shocking flash Portfolio website design. Good flash sites is always not outdated, designers and customers have endless reasons to like it. Can be comparable to the graphic design of the big open Dahe layout, so that web designers envy the whole picture, interactive and animation in the speed, physical buffer and countless possibilities, bring users unlimited surprises and impact. So the long load buffer and the embarrassment of not being able to find the clickable area ... Hold on.

Examples of Mega Menus in Web design

25 cases of mass pull-down menu design. E-commerce Web site often encounter a menu item below the level two menus have an astonishing number of categories, how to deal with tricky menu items, I hope this article will enlighten you.

35+ free Photoshop brushes for Christmas Season
35 free PS brushes designed for Christmas. To help you easily face the occasional theme, Flash, their own beautiful snowflakes, as well as the traditional image of Christmas decorations, see them you will want to try.

Ultimate useful free Mac Apps for Graphic and Web designers

50 Ultimate applications for web and image designers on the Mac platform. A very powerful menu, and the key: These applications are free (except for the very individual)

Principles of effective Search in E-Commerce

Comprehensive guide-How to effectively design an E-commerce Web site search. Search is the key factor of the success of the electric quotient, this paper discusses the barriers, validity, classification, information architecture, advanced search, communication, grouping, control ... The problem

Marvelous Sites powerd by Drupal 44 incredible Web sites built using Drupal systems.

Drupal is an open source CMS system similar to WP but much larger than it. has a flexible architecture that can be used to build any type of Web application. But it's also a complication that suppresses it.

Audrey Kawasaki ' s Creative Workspace

Audrey Kawasaki, a Japanese artist who grew up in Los Angeles, was inspired by Japanese comics and painted on wooden boards with Japanese-style young girls who were sexy, beautiful, graceful and sad. Surrounded by flowers and flocks of birds in moist, warm air. The texture and color of the wood and the Asian ivory yellow color blend together, natural.

Famous redesigned Logos of 2009–a huge roundup!!

2009 made a major change logo design. You can see how these long history logos are sensing new design trends. They modify the direction: More light, more clear and concise, the performance of the real three-dimensional, metallic texture became popular, the use of more gentle gradient. Personalized color is more strong.

A Collection of HTML5 and tutorials

HTML5 's resources and skills concentration camp

Inspiring Red Logo designs–it ' s Christmas time!!

Logo design with 34 red colors. Christmas near, I hope you can from the red this festive color to find the holiday theme design inspiration.

Logo design inspiration:70 Creative Fresh Designs

70 Inspirational Creative logos. Logo design should not be cold and abstract, more and more logo design has a human face, and use a specific image to facilitate people remember the brand name. The concept and image of grafting and transplantation embodies a very superb creativity

The funniest T-Shirt Designs of the Decade

10 of the most interesting t-shirts pattern design. Most of them are geek, and many of them have the spirit of irony.

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