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Recommended overseas VIP website and part-time website

1. freelancer. WeikeThe website pioneers are well-known around the world and also the world's largest Weike websiteIf it recognizes second, no one dares to recognize first. Now, we have more than 3 million VIP users, launched more than 1 million projects, and granted more than $0.1 billion in rewards. Sub-stations in multiple countries and regions, including those in Hong Kong, China. It provides a wide range of projects, including software development, writing, design, data input, and marketing. On average, the reward for each project is more than 200 US dollars, which is the first choice to earn US dollars. 2. vworker provides a platform for entrepreneurs, employers, and workers around the world, where employers and entrepreneurs can save a lot of cost while working by hiring online employees, after the solo family completes their excellent work, they will be able to get the appropriate rewards and can freely choose where to work and when to work. 3. scriptlance is a popular part-time website for comprehensive foreign projects. More than 100 part-time projects are released every day, mainly for four categories of projects, including program development, writing, design and network marketing (SEO, external chain specialists, etc ). 4. designcrowd, as its name implies, is an online market dedicated to providing job opportunities for graphic designers and design studios. More than 60 thousand designers have registered as WITKEY to earn US dollars. 5. getaco der

A programmer's goldmine, the main program on this part-time website is a part-time software development project. A friend engaged in software development has a lot of opportunities to earn US dollars.

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