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Foxmail server (hereinafter referred to as the "MS") can be used to build a powerful email server. This article takes the Microsoft Windows 2.0 as an example to briefly introduce the usage and precautions of the software from the aspects of its settings, management, and sending and receiving emails.

★Install and set up an email server

Fms2.0 requires the support of Windows NT4.0 (Service pack4 and later), iis5.0 and later versions to implement all functions, and should also log on to the computer as administrator. Our discussion is based on the test environment of Windows Server 2000 + iis5.0. The installation process is relatively simple. I will not go into details here. We will focus on the setup process.

1. Set the domain name and administrator password

ProgramAfter the installation is complete, the setup wizard is automatically displayed. Click "Next" to go to the "application settings" window. Here, we can set the domain name of the user's mailbox (that is, the suffix of the @ character in the user's e-mail address) and the administrator password. You can apply for a valid domain name from the domain name management agency. However, if the communication scope is only within the LAN, you can also create a domain name dedicated to the email server through the internal DNS server. To facilitate the description, we use the machine name of the local machine as the domain name (enter the "hostname" command in the command line window to get the machine name of the Local Machine). In this example, the machine name is chhuian. Then, set the system administrator password, email password, domain administrator password, and email password. In the future, two administrator passwords will be used in the management system and domain (figure 1 ).

2. Set Network Parameters

After setting the domain name and administrator password, click "Next" to enter the "Network Settings" window. You can set the DNS address, SMTP port, POP3 port, and other information here. In the DNS address bar, enter the DNS address provided by the local telecommunications department or your ISP. Of course, if you only communicate within the LAN and use the machine name as the domain name, you only need to enter the Server IP address. In this example, the DNS address is the local IP Address " ". The default parameters should be used for SMTP port and POP3 port, but the SMTP port or POP3 port may be occupied here. As prompted, we should stop some programs occupying the port and ensure that these applications will always be disabled when running the FMS. At the bottom of this window, there is an option about ESMTP, which is an identity authentication function, used with the client's "SMTP server requires Identity Authentication, this prevents spam attacks (figure 2 ).

Tip: Generally, it is easy to use SMTP ports because the SMTP service provided by IIS is enabled. In this case, you only need to stop the SMTP service in the IIS Properties dialog box.

Iii. IIS settings

Then, click "Next" to go to the "IIS settings" window. You can set IIS to support webmail. To simplify the operation, select "default website" as the website to which webmail is attached, and use the default "webmail" as the virtual directory name. Click the "finish" button. The program automatically configures the FMS, ends the setting as prompted, and restarts the server (Figure 3 ).

Send and receive emails from the client

After the email server is configured, we can use webmail or the mail client software to send and receive emails. Start ie on the client or server, and type "http: //" in the address bar ". Enter and the webmail portal appears. If you are a new user, you must register an account before using it. I am sure you are familiar with the methods for registering users and sending and receiving emails using webmail. I will not discuss them here. If you use Foxmail to send and receive emails, you only need to create an account and enter the corresponding email server name (both POP3 and SMTP servers in this example are chhuian) and the registered account and password, after that, you can communicate with the users in the LAN (figure 4 ).

★Manage email servers

You can manage the email server in two ways. One way is to manage through the webmail interface. In the address bar of the browser, type "http: //

Min "or" http: // "and enter the corresponding password to log on to the system administrator interface or domain administrator interface. Here, we can manage the "System" and "domain. The permissions managed by the system are "Domain" and "system filter". You can add or delete a domain or change the administrator password of a specified domain, however, the name of the specified domain cannot be changed in WebMail mode. The "Domain" Management permission is limited to a specific domain. You can add or delete an account in the domain, view the password and personal information of an account, and manage the public address book of the domain. Similarly, the domain administrator cannot change the account name in WebMail mode.

Another way is to manage through the local management program, you can start the management system through the program group. In addition to all the management functions in WebMail mode, this method also provides functions such as changing the domain name and account name, changing the account mailbox capacity, and so on, the "system" and "Domain" can be managed in a more comprehensive manner ". However, the test version does not provide the second management method.

The above content introduces the usage of the FMS in a general sense. As a powerful enterprise-level mail service platform, it also has many practical functions such as secure mail settings, calendar management, and wapmail. If you are interested, you can study it in depth.

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