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Build a DNS server in Linux and a dns server in linux

Build a DNS server in Linux and a dns server in linuxSystem Environment: CentOS 6.5 miniIP Address: Install related software packages# Yum install-y bind * caching-nameserver2. Open firewall ports# Vi/etc/sysconfig/iptables-AINPUT-m state -- state NEW-m tcp

DNS domain Name service and build cache DNS server detailed (2)

DNS domain Name service and build cache DNS server detailed (2)1.DNS Service Installation: BIND, full name is Berkeley Internet name Domain, this software is maintained by ISC/etc/named.conf: The main function is to define the working properties and areas of the bind process

DNS Series two: Build a DNS server

Before you build a DNS server, introduce the terminology in several DNS 1, forward lookup zone: mapping for Computer name to IP address. When a DNS client initiates a request to a DNS server

Cainiao also uses DNS to build a secure DNS Server

DNS is the basic service of the internet, and bind is the most popular open-source DNS software. Because it is very popular, it is very aggressive. Therefore, we need to build a secure DNS server. There are several measures to build

DNS Article 4 build a master-slave DNS Server

can be controlled by default; [[Email protected] ~] # Service named reload Reloading named: [OK] [[Email protected] ~] # Rndc-C/etc/rndc. conf status Whether the current host can control the remote host requires modifying the configuration file in named. conf; CAT/etc/named. conf Controls { Inet port 953 # indicates the port of the listener host; Allow {;} Keys {"rndc-key" ;};# indicates that the host is allowed for control; }; Controls { Inet port 953 Allow {1

Linux-centos7.4-dns II (Build a separate DNS server for resolution)

1D@ in SOA @ rname.invalid. (0; Serial1D; Refresh1H; Retry1W; Expire3H); MinimumNS @A addresswww in A corresponding addressSave exit[[Email protected] named]# VI extranet Zone Data profileModify the following configuration:$TTL 1D@ in SOA @ rname.invalid. (0; Serial1D; Refresh1H; Retry1W; Expire3H); MinimumNS @A addresswww in A corresponding addressSave exit[[email

Linux-centos7.4-dns (build a DNS server)

in the previous content record, return this address to the query hostSave exit[[email protected] named]# named-checkconf//Check syntax error-------------------4. Edit the reverse zone Data profile--------------------[Email protected] named]# cp-p[Email protected] named]# VI$TTL 1D@ in SOA Rname.invalid. (//Here @ variable to be changed to domain name, note the "." At the back of the You can't miss it.0; Serial1D; Refresh1H;

Win2003 Server build a graphical tutorial on DNS server configuration (more details) _dns server

First, install DNS 1. Install DNS: Start-Control Panel-Add or Remove Programs-add or remove Windows components, and the following window appears: 2. Scroll down, click "Network Services" by clicking "Details", and the following window appears: 3. Check "Domain Name System (DNS)", click "OK" 4. Then return to the "first" picture, click "Next" to start insta

Linux Learning Server build--dns Server

following and edit the main template as shown in the figure: PTR "+"-is the end of our IP address, our experimental IP is: 192.168.1. If you change to: 172.30.18. The previous one should be "the" Our newly added domain names are written in the following "" and "" Fifth step: Here four DNS files are resolved, the next step is to restart the DNS #service n

Build a free cache DNS server on the Centos Server

Tutorial Background:The company's current network environment is accessible to all users above the internet, and the DNS used is obtained through the DHCP server, the DNS address entered on the DHCP server is a registered DNS server

Linux Red Hat 5 DNS server build (a) domain name cache server

, I modified the following $TTL 6400 @ in SOA WJLMZ.VV. Root (\ \ Note that there is a point behind vv, where Root refers to the mailbox 2014111101; Serial (d. Adams) \\2014111101 serial number, can be defined, for and from the server synchronization, I here refers to the first revision in 2014.11.11, note is important, each modification must be at least +1 or master and slave can not sync 3H; Refresh 15M; Retry 1W; Expiry 1D); Minimum In NS @ www in

Build a local DNS server to speed up the network

that the computer on the network terminal can access other hosts smoothly, the best way is to create a DNS server with a buffer on the computer of the network terminal, which not only relieves the load on the DNS server of the ISP, it can also prevent Website access failures due to domain name resolution errors on the

Centos5.3 build a DNS multi-domain name resolution Server

. If the DNS server does not have the resolution information for this domain nameThe DNS Server responsible For the Resolution Service informs of the IP address of the DNS server;8. The local

Redhat Enterprise Linux 6.1 (RHEL) Build ArcGIS 10.1 for server cluster (I) DNS Server SETUP

0 Preface Starting from this article, the author will introduce how to build an ArcGIS 10.1 for server cluster in a Linux environment. Because the cluster involves Server Load balancer processing and requests need to be distributed among different machines, domain name resolution is required. In addition, machines in the cluster need to share the site configurati

Build a DNS server by yourself

Build a DNS server by yourself Preface: During normal internet access, domain names are all accessed. How can we convert domain names to IP addresses? What about accessing our server host? In this case, you need to use the DNS server

RHEL6 server build DNS Server

DNSdomainnamesystem Domain Name System features: (1) recursive query and iterative query (2) Distributed Database (3) Resolve domain names to IP addresses (4) it has three types: primary DNS server, secondary DNS server, and cache DNS se

Detailed Linux Build DNS server in A in CNAME wwwThe following four common address resolution records are used in the above configuration content,The NS domain name server (name server) records the host address of the DNS server for the current zone.The host address of the part ser

Build a master-slave DNS server and explain important transfer and recursive attributes

Build a master-slave DNS server and explain important transfer and recursive attributes 1. The main function of allow-recursion is to allow recursive queries on hosts to prevent DNS servers from hanging up or wasting network resources. For example, only recursive DNS queries

Linux Build DNS Server

DNSRelated ConceptsDNS (domain Name System), a distributed database of domain names and IP addresses that are mapped to each other on the Internet, makes it easier for users to access the Internet without remembering the number of IP strings that can be read directly by the machine. The process of obtaining the IP address of the host name through the hostname is called Domain name resolution (or hostname resolution). The DNS protocol runs on top of th

How to quickly build a local DNS server

DNS can complete the resolution of the Domain Name service, is a tour of the network "traffic Arteries", so many network operators take the opportunity to implant ads in order to win private interests, many users have to switch to a third-party DNS server. But now third-party DNS services are often affected by a variet

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