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With the computer is using software, with FreeBSD, in addition to the service, there are thousands of compiled package, which are baby, because of the lack of relevant introduction, so many people want to implement some features but do not know what software is available. In order to promote the application of FreeBSD in China, Onion will introduce some software, which is expected to be completed in several installments. In order to understand what these software is, the Onion looked at the English instructions and some information on the Taiwan motor and made a collation and screening. I introduced is only the tip of the iceberg in the package, some software I do not know what, if you know, or found I wrote wrong, you can write to me.

Archivers: Compression/Decompression Program

bZIP: A compression program that uses block-sorting (don't ask me what), the compression rate is better than the traditional program.

Freeze: A commonly used compression program under QNX.

Sharutils: can generate/decompress self-extracting (. Shar) program,. Shar can be extracted directly under the shell.

Lha:lha, a DOS-common compression program.

P5-compress-zlib: This module provides a Perl interface to use the Zlib compression function library.

UNARJ: You can extract ARJ files, ARJ is a common compression tool in the DOS era, I used this more than zip.

Unrar: Unpack rar, needless to say it.

Unzip: Can extract pkzip/winzip zip compressed file

Zip: Production Zip compressed file, the earth people know:)

Zoo: Can handle zoo compressed files in the early DOS era. Strange, how zoo have provided, instead of onions like limit?

Astro: Astronomy/Universe

Ephem: An astronomical star Cycle program based on terminal interaction, which can show the cycle of All Stars, and can also customize various orbital parameters to simulate asteroids or comets, astronomy enthusiasts must like it!

Luna: A program about the moon.

Sattrack: Real-time satellite tracking and orbital procedures. The program can operate in X11 or text terminals, and will show the operation of the space station in addition to the satellite display. In X11, the sattrack-g can see the color satellite real-time tracking map.

Sunclock: Show those parts are being illuminated by the sun, which is a graph based on time zones.

AUDIO: Voice Applications/Processing

Amp:mp3 player.

CAM:CPU (is a person's name) written by the mixer.

Maplay: A MPEG player/decoder that decodes layer i&ii MPEG.

Mpegaudio: Similar to Maplay, but can be encoded.

Radio: A network radio that can either be tuned or broadcast.

Rosegarden: Note Editor.

Rplay: It is also a network radio software.

Rsynth: Converts text to speech and does not currently support Chinese.

Splay: another MP3 player.

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