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In the dotcom boom, the advertising fee for personal websites is surprisingly high, making it a choice for many people to make a website. But with the whereabouts of the Nasdaq index, online advertisers have been losing money, relying solely on advertising fees to make it. So many personal site webmaster or choose to give up, or to go to the other.


Fat is an old net worm, as early as 1998 in the unit on the net. By 1999, Fat himself had made a music website. This music site has a certain characteristics, after several months of accumulation, Fat website daily visits have broken through 20,000 times. When the internet economy is booming, fat on their own website to do advertising not only can earn the renminbi, when the harvest is good can also earn dollars. Then by a friend introduced, fat and in a website to do part-time web page maker, monthly income is good.

But with the collapse of the Nasdaq index, Xuhuo's advertising suddenly lost its clout. Slowly, the FAT website's advertising revenue is getting less. Although later NetEase, Tom has launched a text messaging agent, Fat also tried to make money, but these income for fat can only be regarded as chicken. Site 2~3 million visitors a day to make the server unbearable, and the server rented the database, a year down also need not small cost!

It is really the night of the rain, fat part-time that the site also suddenly had a body adjustment, fat blink of an eye lost that part-time job. In the face of their own hard to build up the site, fat fell into meditation. After all, it is a few years of their painstaking efforts ah, a sudden give up too pity, but their energy invested in this no harvest of labor is also boring. Finally, Fat decided to transform the site into a BBS, so that netizens themselves to communicate well.

How do you make money when the Internet is in a pragmatic era? Fat began to ask himself.

Point of view: when it comes to making money on the internet, many netizens first think of doing web ads. In fact, this view is very narrow. Too rampant web site advertising can only be a beautiful bubble, no matter how gorgeous it was, eventually dashed. The network is pluralistic, she contains the opportunity to make money is also rich and colorful, out of the narrow circle of thought, your vision will be extremely broad.


One day, fat free to do nothing, picked up a sister's magazine looked up. Looked at, Fat found that the magazine is basically advertising, such as introducing some of Beijing's bars, some fashionable clothes and so on. Is this purely consumer magazine actually being looked at? At that time, in the Fat view, this is simply money to buy ads!

Fat in the local have a lot of netizens, but also often and these netizens go out to gather together. One day a netizen inadvertently came up with an idea, if there is a local website can tell us where the idle more fun is good. The speaker has no intention, and the smell is intentional. Fat linked to the consumer magazine, the brain as if a light flashed: "Why I do not make a guide to local consumption of the site?"

In order to prove the feasibility of their own ideas, fat use search engine on the Internet conducted a small survey, sure enough to find a few similar consumer navigation sites. There are local bar listings on those sites, as well as a description of the latest fashions in fashion boutiques. Fat Place is a relatively small city, similar sites have no one to do! So fat decided to set up a home, do a guide to consumption of the website.

Seek and then move.

With their own years of experience in the production site, fat and did not immediately launched the site, but first a good look at the other areas of similar sites, roughly understand the direction of the production of these sites, and then make their own site goals are detailed list. After systematic consideration, FAT decided to do the site first from friends. His idea is to start with local friends, gather some popularity, and then organize AA activities, through activities to contact some of the venues, to get discounts or something, such as the members of the station in these venues can enjoy discounts. Finally, publish their consumer information on the website, such as specials, promotional activities and so on. First of all, let them release the consumer information, and then gradually consider charging a certain amount of advertising costs.

When the idea matures, the fat starts to move. Fat himself will not be programmed, so he found a will be a friend of PHP programming, ask him to make a dating program first. In order to make this dating program has a relatively good function, fat first to NetEase's dating site to see the registration to fill in the project, and then recorded, after their careful selection and analysis, and then consider good dating program database design and functional design mode to the programmer. A few days later, a decent dating program was introduced. Then, Fat invited a group of netizens to register for trial on the website.

After the rigorous testing of fat and the careful preparation of programmers, Fat website finally completed! Fat High-profile to start in the local netizens to promote their own website, in a few days, the site gathered a lot of people. In order to further improve the popularity of the value of the site to increase the attractiveness of netizens, fat carefully selected a moderate price, good environment for entertainment, where organized a netizen gathering. As a result of the implementation of AA system, fat carefully planned immediately saw the effect. Many netizens in this party and then to their friends recommended a FAT website. After a while, the number of registered members of the FAT website is more and more.

Because fat can bring a lot of friends to a tea bar to consumption, fat nature also by tea bar bosses welcome, some bosses also lose no chance to give fat webmaster some kickbacks, hope he can bring more guests to their own place to spend. Fat see their site for such entertainment advertising time has become increasingly mature, on their own website to guide the local consumption of the column. Fat in the site created a BBS, have "Tea reviews", "New Product Introduction", "Game vs" and other columns. Some netizens in some tea bar (bar) after playing, will place the price, service quality and suitable consumer objects are posted out. Fat every day to go to the BBS to turn a circle, will be some good posts grabbed down, after a period of time to organize into articles on the site. This kind of experience post is very popular with netizens! Sometimes, fat go to a tea bar play, will also give visitors feedback to the boss, the boss of this information is also very welcome. In this way, these local netizens can immediately find their own entertainment, no longer have to worry about where to play.

Then, Fat began the next move. Fat put a sum of money for his website design a set of promotional materials, and printed their own business cards. Then, fat run every internet café in the city, distribute their website propaganda material. At the same time, fat use their computer knowledge free of charge for some Internet cafes boss to solve technical problems, so that the Internet café boss gradually to fat generated trust.

With the increase in publicity, fat site visits more and more, in the local consumer market and netizens also have a certain degree of visibility! Fat decided to proceed to the second step-contact the merchant, advertise for the merchant! Fat and carefully designed a database, have shop name, type, commodity and other fields, let programmers make PHP system program, so that the store data can be used in the form of a database to add in, to avoid the trouble of making Web pages. Fat recruit a few salesman, go to some fashion shops and bars to recruit business, first let these consumer sites to provide some of their own data, on the fat site for free, if the store to launch what business activities, to be in the fat site of the prominent position, so fat will charge 100 yuan advertising fees. At the same time, Fat also on the site to organize users to conduct the latest fashion products discussion, so that others like their own website. For some of the more obscure products, it is on the website to tell others which stores have to sell. For the fans, fat himself into a number of game cards on the site to sell, sales also pretty good.

In the face of their own "two Times Network Entrepreneurship", fat is not filled with emotion. The previous time to do the site is to attract visitors to earn the attention of the money, now the site is to make money on its own a little to do. Fat heartfelt sigh, or do their own more down-to-earth Ah!

Viewpoint: In the era of the dotcom bubble, many websites, including portals, are more "retreat". Everyone is "live Lei Feng", free for many users to provide services. Many websites are propped up by the venture capital, so the network economy presents a virtual heat. Later, the network economy entered a pragmatic era, many personal sites have entered the era of self-reliance, relying on a number of special services to increase revenue. The change of the fat stationmaster indicated many personal website Stationmaster's one viewpoint Now: "The utility only has the profit point"!

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