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Alibaba choose a day listing, so that all the Chinese people greatly excited a, but also all the Chinese eye staring at Ali Baba's every move, online Ali Dad's website full of creativity, but also let netizens amuse themselves. After Ali Dad can not help but think of Alibaba peak after Ali era will be like it.

Speaking of Alibaba, summed up a lot of "1", Alibaba from the daily turnover of 1 million to daily profit of 1 million, then to the daily tax 1 million, easy to the world's largest network company Yahoo into its own, to do 102 years of business, Ali listing will raise 1 billion U.S. dollars, It is expected to become the largest technology company in the history of Hong Kong stock market, China is already the first big business-to-business, c2c, payment platform, Alibaba is about to create how many first, is also worth looking forward to. When Ali Group with Alibaba, Taobao, Alipay, China Yahoo Word-of-mouth Network, Ali Software, Ali mother to reach the pinnacle of glory, to China and even the world's internet has a huge impact on the future, after Ali era will give you what I bring?

Let the businessman into the network business era. China's e-commerce industry pattern will be changed, a new Internet application crowd is forming the mainstream, the internet will be ' netizens ' and ' netizens ' era into the ' net business ' era. China's growing network of business groups, is changing the way China's business operations, and thus shook the overall economic competition pattern. More and more entrepreneurial dream seekers to emerge from this, they in the vast network of business space to fully display, the convergence of a deeper and broader innovation wealth effect. More and more industries and people that do not have relationships with the Internet will be eliminated and transformed.

Pave the way for the webmaster. The strength of personal stationmaster is weak, it is difficult to quickly influence the trend of the network and promote the development of the network, such as the emergence of a lot of websites before the alliance, advertising exchange sites, but can become the scale of no, believe Ali Mother's promotion, advertising as a commodity, will show his unique charm, when the whole market fire, Personal webmaster Find some Alibaba depth is not very deep vertical industry, it should be easy to share their own share of the soup. Personally feel that personal webmaster should not be too much of the pursuit of the forefront of the model, web2.0, web3.0 again good, you can stick to the time of the soup, instead of more mature mode, such as Business-to-business, Business-to-consumer, c2c is not a very new model, but there are a lot of untouched plate, If the individual stationmaster also has certain understanding to this section, that uses the mature pattern, the familiar plate, does not make money is difficult. Now Business-to-business, Business-to-consumer, C2C's Web site system is also very mature, such as the use of easy to think software to build, as long as the Internet users will be easy to establish their own e-commerce site.

Let the Chinese stand upright. Competition between countries is the economic competition, in agriculture, industrial times, China lags behind the developed countries, and very much behind, to rise, make good use of the Internet era, follow Alibaba to create more myths, let us Chinese upright spine, ao the world.

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