Front panel audio does not sound how to repair after reloading Win8 system

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Front panel audio does not sound how to repair after reloading Win8 system

The specific steps are as follows:

1, before we solve the problem, we can eliminate the headset fault, new installed friends to check the motherboard front panel audio jumper connection is correct;

2, WIN8 system installation is completed, first look at the installation of Realtek sound card is not the latest driver, not to the official website download the latest driver installation;

3, General Drive after installation, the status bar should have a small bottom right corner icon, double-click the icon to open the "Realtek high-definition audio Manager";

4, in the driver correct case, if found not this icon, you can search this file RtHDVCpl.exe, and then start it also open High-definition Audio manager.

Instructions for using the HD Audio Manager

1, physical connection allocation settings: In the High-definition audio Manager to the right can see the front and rear panel "hole" settings, the back panel has 6 holes to indicate that the motherboard after the chassis provides 6 channels of audio holes (if 3 is 3 channels), the hole is lit with a color indicating physical connection, by double-clicking the hole you connect can be allocated its use, For example, the allocation of headphones, front speakers, audio input (do not want to let the device sound can choose this) and so on.

2, open "Realtek high-definition Audio Manager", click on the upper right corner of the "Analog, back panel," The yellow folder on the right, and then check the "Disable front panel jack detection" click "OK".

3, generally through the above operation can use the front panel interface to plug headphones or microphones.

Sometimes we're going to run into a little horn. It's an X, and you can determine that the driver is not a problem, prompting that "one or more audio services are not running", "The Windows Audio service and the Windows Audio Endpoint Builder service must be running to work properly." At least one of the services is not running. "How can such a problem be solved?"

In fact, we only need services to open the following services to solve the problem.

Windows Audio Endpoint Builder

Multimedia Class Scheduler

Windows Audio

If the driver cannot be installed, try installing in compatibility mode:

1, if the driver has been installed, uninstall it. Then, when you install or reinstall, right-click (or touch) the driver and choose Compatibility Troubleshooter.

2. Click "Try recommended Settings" and click "Start Program" in the subsequent window.

3, after installation, see if you can work properly.

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