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I am an enterprise staff, usually our company is through FTP this way to share resources, employees will be the resources at hand through the upload account to the FTP server storage space, while other employees in the use of this resource directly download. Recently, however, I found that there was always a disconnect problem when uploading, more than 300 m of video file transfer process to interrupt dozens of times, and in the FTP communication when repeated attempts failed will automatically mark the task as a failure, I must manually restore the task reset before it can continue to communicate, After a few good and will be interrupted by the failure. Now this phenomenon makes the author very headache, can not realize the automatic transmission of data resources. I use the FTP communication tool is FLASHFXP. I hope the experts can help me solve this problem.


FTP Transfer tool to upload the download resources have a lot of advantages, can be continued transmission of breakpoints and can also be automatically transmitted, speed is also guaranteed. But the problem that the netizen encounters is relatively rare. Access to FTP after the right to upload the data account, start all normal, but after a few seconds on the "delivery failure" prompt, while analyzing the error message FlashFXP prompts as "426 data connection Cloased,error Decompressing data Stream ". The task in the left transport list is displayed as a red fork and the data is no longer transmitted. (Figure 1)

Since we have been able to use this account to log on to FTP and transfer data, so there is no problem with the account permissions, the FTP server should also be normal operation. Next we can try to use other FTP tools or access the server directly in IE browser. Through IE browser can generally solve the transmission problem, after all, IE browser is the most basic and original FTP login and data transfer tools. (Figure 2)

If IE browser can be successfully accessed then the problem is definitely the FLASHFXP tool, then we need to start from the following aspects of troubleshooting.

Step one: Start FlashFXP, and then set the transfer mode by "option"-> "parameter Configuration" of the main menu, the default should be "automatic", but this automatic mode is likely to cause the communication decoding error, thus causing the interruption problem. Therefore, we can modify the problem in the "transfer Mode", from "automatic" switch to the use of "ASCII" character transfer, to determine the save after the attempt to upload again. (Figure 3)

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