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Fusioncharts V3 update


Fusioncharts V3 has a large number of new features than previous versions. The following lists several of them:

V3.1 updates:
  • Export charts on the client and server as PDF and Images
  • The rotated text does not need to be embedded in the font. Any UTF-8 characters can now be rotated. Fusioncharts can be used in multiple languages.
  • Option specifies the text value, which can replace the values of each data item displayed on those charts.
  • You can attach a custom flag to a predefined position of the chart and then link it to the same place.
  • You can add a custom menu in the context menu of the chart and link the menu to the same place.
  • Supports titles, subtitles, and tooltip
  • The trend line can now customize tool text
  • User class defines the data item palette
  • More JavaScript events to help you better manipulate charts through JavaScript
  • Ability to export data to CSV using context menu or Javascript
  • Attackers can use JavaScript APIs to retrieve XML data from any chart.
  • You can use the javascript API to obtain chart attributes.
  • The chart has been re-edited at 36fps to solve the Firefox memory problem.
V3.0 update?
New chart type

fusioncharts V3 introduces many new types of charts, such as:

  • rolling chart-2D bar chart, 2D line chart, and 2D Area Chart. 2D bar chart is superimposed, 2D chart is combined, and 2D (Double Y) chart is combined.
  • bar chart
  • bar area chart
  • logarithm number axis chart
  • 2D multi-chart single y combination chart
  • 2D multi-chart dual y combination chart:
    • bar chart (Primary Y) + line chart (secondary y)
    • bar chart (Primary Y) + Area Chart (secondary y)
    • bar chart (Primary Y) + bar chart (secondary y)
    • Area Chart (Primary Y) + line chart (secondary y)
    • Area Chart (Primary Y) + bar chart (secondary y)
    • Area Chart (Primary Y) + Area Chart (secondary y)
    • line chart (Primary Y) + line chart (secondary y)
    • line chart (Primary Y) + column chart (secondary y)
    • line chart (Primary Y) + Area Chart (secondary y)
  • 3D stacked columnar line dual y combination chart
  • 3D horizontal bar chart
  • 3D Stacked bar chart
  • the advanced candle bar chart supports line, bar, and bar charts.
  • a drag-and-drop column chart designed for advanced simulation scenarios
  • waterfall chart
  A few of the charts listed above are not in the standard fusioncharts package. For example, gears, logarithm charts, waterfall charts, and charts that can be dragged are available in the powercharts package and can be purchased separately ..
Export charts as images

From fusioncharts v3.0.5, you can now export charts that use client-side and server-side operations.

Easy, but advanced integration with JavaScript

Fusioncharts V3 provides advanced solutions to create charts using Ajax applications or Javascript modules. You Can Update client charts, call JavaScript Functions as hotspot links, or dynamically call XML data without calling any page refresh. You can also specify a special domid for each chart and register it with JavaScript. Charts can maintain the activities after the JavaScript function is released.

Visualized XML Generation Tool
  Fusioncharts V3 introduces a new visual XML and chart generation tool to help you easily create charts for your XML data. You can manually enter data to form a grid XML or convert it to your existing data from CSV files, tables, and workbooks to XML.
Style element
  Fusioncharts V3 introduces styles to help you apply fonts, effects, and animations to various chart objects. Style provides a simple mechanism for you to easily control the visual layout of charts.
Map support

Fusioncharts V3 introduces a map in the powermaps package. The powermaps package is a set of 61 types of maps based on the flash vector to display the relevant geographic partition data. On websites and ApplicationsProgramIs very suitable. Each map uses an xml api to expand its performance. It takes only a few minutes to set map usage.Source code. All you do is provide data in the XML file.

Use Adobe Flash 8 to create an object through ActionScript 2
  Fusioncharts V3 uses flash 8 and ActionScript 2 for encoding. It makes full use of the advanced performance of Flash 8, such as dynamic compensation, filters, better speed, and object-oriented programming.
New debugging mode
  Fusioncharts V3 enables debugging mode for each chart. The debugging mode helps you find out what happened to the chart after the scenario. You can see how charts are initialized, how JavaScript interaction is used to obtain data, and various errors. Therefore, what you need to do is switch to the debug mode and fix the errors in your chart.
Gradient support
  Fusioncharts V3 supports gradient for many objects in the chart, such as the background, canvas, and Data graph. Many new charts support single attributesUse3dlightingUse advanced lighting to implement gradient effects on charts for better visual effects.
Color Palette support
  Fusioncharts V3 provides a color palette to help you quickly select the color subject of a chart. From V3, you can select five pre-defined color palette to change the chart appearance. You do not need to specify any hexadecimal color when using the color palette.Code.
Dotted Line Support

From fusioncharts V3, you can draw with dotted lines:

  • Data (column chart, line chart, pie chart, etc .)
  • Grid partition line chart
  • Trend line chart
  • Vertical Split line chart

You can also specify the dotted line attributes, such as length and interval.

Multi-display mode of data labels
  In fusioncharts V3, there are many options that allow the introduction of better X axis label control. Now, you can collapse, stagger, or rotate the labels on the X axis.


Rotation Value box and dynamic position options
  The text field of the data value can now be rotated to avoid clutter. In addition, in the case of column chart, you can choose whether to place internal or external column value text boxes. If there is no space, the fusioncharts V3 will automatically adjust the location.


Digital scaling support

Fusioncharts V3 adopts a digital scaling ratio to better control the digital scaling format.

ID of the automatically partitioned line chart

Fusioncharts V3 uses the automatic partition line chart number to place the best position in the chart

Better printing support

The context menu of the chart now includes a new project "print the chart", which provides the support for standard broken browser printing.

Better control of dynamic resizing

V3 adopts two chart size adjustment modes: exactfit and noscale. Noscale uses pixel-based Size Control. Exactfit mode. You can adjust the chart size by percentage. In addition, in exactfit mode, container objects (browsers, tables, and Div) can be dynamically scaled.

Advanced pie chart and circle chart

Fusioncharts V3's pie chart and donut chart provide end users with interactive options such as dynamic slicing, rotating, and linking. In addition, smart labels have been introduced into pie charts and donut charts.

Better description

Fusioncharts V3 provides better and forward-looking instructions for multiple series/composite charts. You can customize the attributes of each chart.

Advanced drilling

A chart project can now be linked to a new window, pop-up, frame, or self-window.

Vertical division of labor between any two data points

In an axis-based chart, you can select a vertical line of labor between any two data types. This is especially helpful when you draw 2 years of data, you want to separate the data of two years between charts.

The entire chart serves as a hotspot

From V3, the entire chart can now serve as a single hotspot.

Tooltip for each custom data item

Now you can design your own tooltip text for each data item

Multi-language support for application messages

Now, you can easily customize charts to display application messages (loading charts, loading data, and drawing charts .) Use your own language. Therefore, you need to specify the message source chart and recompile it.



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