Future prospects of WPF Technology

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Some time ago, after Microsoft announced that it was about to stop selling XP operating systems, it attracted a lot of attention. This decision is a bit suspected of forcible promotion of Vista. for consumers, Vista has never been selected because it is not as perfect as XP, and many improvements have not been recognized by consumers. But I think everything will have an adaptation process. I believe that the Vista system will eventually be accepted by the public. So what are the impacts on software developers? First of all, from the perspective of user operation interface, Vista's dazzling glass window effects and 3D Window switching give a new visual experience, however, this is also based on good hardware (with the improvement of technology and people's living standards, hardware should not be a problem ). At this time, should we consider whether the software products we developed previously can satisfy the user experience on the Vista system? For example, we developed an application on the Vista system. ProgramWhen the interface effect of the program is discovered and the system window is not eye-catching, the system and the program are two different levels, which may affect users' interest in the program. So I think the WPF technology can take advantage of it now. It is based on the performance technology of the Vista operating system, therefore, on the presentation layer, the UI and animation effects are highly customizable, so there is no need to worry about technical restrictions. I personally think that Microsoft's decision is not only as simple as updating an operating system, but may also lead to a change in the software development model. After all, this may require a long adaptation process. Considering stability and other factors, half past one may not replace the previous model, but in the long run, the future of WPF is still considerable. These are my personal opinions. I hope you will give me more advice.

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