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Game is life-book reviews in the book of doom history

This book faithfully and in detail describes how two players embark on the game Path, how to make the most influential game work so far-doom and quake-and why they part ways in the most brilliant time.   This book is the first biography of the game industry in China. Like all biographies, different readers can have different experiences: or the background inside the game, the anecdotes in the halo, the pass

Oracle tablespace query and maintenance command Book 3 (temporary tablespace) the most comprehensive history, oracle command book

Oracle tablespace query and maintenance command Book 3 (temporary tablespace) the most comprehensive history, oracle command book-- UNDO tablespace Summary-- View All tablespace namesSelect name from v $ TABLESPACE;-- Create a new UNDO tablespace and set automatic expansion parameters;Create undo tablespace UNDOTBS2 DATAFILE 'd: \ ORACLE \ PRODUCT \ 10.1.0 \ ORAD

The history of Google Web Development technology change and the history of stepping on the pit

Chrome browser. But this is not Dart's death sentence. Google still supports and uses Dart to develop large Web applications because it is more efficient and code-quality than Javascript,dart.In summary, we can see that the web in the development of two trends, the first is to improve the quality of the code from the scripting language level, improve efficiency, the second is to start from the Web standards, provide more abstract modular components, make it easier to write Web applications.And

Book: a brief history of mankind

Yao Xiang Gong Jin, who was married at the beginning, was an hero. A brief history of mankind I. Awakening of wise people-flood sweeping the world A brief history of mankind II. cognitive revolution-secret of the hand of God A brief history of mankind III. agricultural revolution-a great scam that begins with the tragedy of mankind A brief

The book to be read-Bacon said: history makes people wise, poetry makes people smart, computing makes people sophisticated, philosophy makes people profound, ethics is solemn, logical rhetoric makes people debate.

is also a good model to learn.The "headhunting board middle office" is also relatively high-level, but this book focuses on headhunting, that is, human resources, and has learned a lot. At the same time, this book has a series, which is closely related to Shen Yu's "9 to 5". The sequence is "a spring dream in Guangzhou"-"headhunting Bureau"-"9 to 5". Among them, headhunting 2 is about to go public soon, an

Book: A Brief History of the future

Get drunk and laugh. A brief history of the future I. Formation and collapse of leading forces in the world A Brief History of the Future II. Equality overturning and changing of authority A Brief History of the Future III. Three major issues that humans have never overcome for thousands of years A brief histor

Book: A Brief History of today

A few character, also look at the present. Today's brief history I. Old Stories have collapsed and new stories have not yet been built Today's brief history 3. Where there is no job, is it heaven or hell? Today's brief history III. Freedom and Equality, data hegemony and data ownership To be conti

A programmer's struggle history helps me pick the cover! -- Book-winning activity with the number of cover pages ~

Thank you for your participation. Thank you for your support and support over the past year. The answer has been posted in another post. I will not reply to you here. Thank you again ~ The csdn brothers and sisters are waiting for hello and world. In the years that have been serialized by csdn, those things-the struggle history of a programmer will finally be published! The book was published in The Peop

History of the most full python from the beginner to the Senior book information sharing!

, analyze, and manipulate large amounts of data.Python machine learning predictive analytics core algorithmPython staff to improve the machine learning Skills starter Book.Focus on two types of core "algorithm family", that is, penalty linear regression and integration method.Understand machine learning from the perspective of algorithms and Python language implementations.Write a web crawler in PythonComprehensive analysis of the implementation of Crawler t

Kindle3-the next day: the book on the shortest of economic history

The content in the book "superficial" is exactly the same as the actual problems I encountered: I found it difficult to focus on reading as the network becomes more convenient and information grows. The information becomes fragmented and jumps across links. If you do not check Weibo or emails for more than three minutes, you will start to itch. Is this a bad thing? Or will this destroy the "deep" thinking ability? It's hard to say good or bad, but thi

Global illumination Technology Evolution History 1-ray tracing

must have a more comprehensive understanding of the approach: its origins, history, mathematical models, the advantages and disadvantages of the new approach, its tradeoffs in computing performance and image quality, and so on, and often each approach is not as independent as a software module. Each GI algorithm often involves CPU/GPU data structure representations, memory layout and access, and the collaboration of other stages of the rendering pipe

[Java core technology volume I (the ninth edition of the original book)] Chapter 1 collection, the ninth edition of core technology

[Java core technology volume I (the ninth edition of the original book)] Chapter 1 collection, the ninth edition of core technology This chapter describes how to use the Java class library to help us implement the traditional data structure in programming. Here, we only introduce how to use the collection classes in the standard library. 13.1 collection Interfa

Oracle Core Technology notes (this book is not carefully read, so you need to read it later ~~), Oracle Core Technology

Oracle Core Technology notes (this book is not carefully read, so you need to read it later ~~), Oracle Core TechnologyOracle Core Technology jump to: navigation, search Directory Start 1 2redo and undo 3. Transactions and consistency 4. locks and latches 5 cache and copy 6. Write and restore 7. Analysis and Optimi

The history of development of web development technology

The history of Web discussions on Web development technology, of course, is to start with the origins of the Web. As we all know, the most popular application architecture on the internet is invented by Tim Berners-lee. The web was formerly the enquire (enquire Within Upon Everything) project by Tim Berners-lee in 1980. The first Web server, nxoc01.cern.ch, started running in November 1990, and Tim Berners-

Delphi Database Technology ups and downs--to be the history of the BDE

Tags: style color io os using AR strong for dataSeptember 2014, Delphi Xe7 out, this time in the database technology, completely cast off from 1995Delphi 1.0 comes with the Borland database access technology. Thus declaring this continuingMore than 20 years of Delphi access to database technology into history.Throughout the 20 years of Delphi Database

Understand the development history of Data Exchange Technology

The data exchange technology plays an important role in the exchange technology. Here we mainly introduce the development history of the Data Exchange Technology. As an important implementation of human information interaction, switch devices play a role in Intercommunication. The development of data exchange

Book Music said: Foreplay is the door technology live Adidas's explosion of magic

volume, but also to maintain hunger, while ensuring that the small circle is not saturated, for ADI can also be assured of stability.Let the explosion is no longer a popular commodity, and to meet the needs of different consumer single-person favorite, from the simple functional sneakers into a personalized fashion maker, is the game with rhythm, feelings and hunger and other foreplay to create the magic show, the final spoiler, but also Nike Battle magic.Of course, the choice of such tactics,

Java Core Technology Volume 1 basic Knowledge (original book 9th edition) (complete Chinese version). Pdf__java

Download address: Network disk download Introduction to the content One of the most influential and valuable works in the Java field, with more than 20 years of experience in teaching and research of senior Java technology experts to write (won the Jolt Award), and "Java Programming ideas," the same as the more than 10-year global best-selling not decline, popular acclaim. The 9th edition is completely updated according to JavaSE7, at the same time c

The history of exchange technology from the traditional Layer 2 to layer 7th

There are many things worth learning about the layer-2 exchange technology. Here we mainly introduce the development history of the exchange technology from the traditional layer-2 to layer-7th. Network technology is developing rapidly, and Ethernet occupies a dominant position. In order to adapt to the challenges brou

The principle of 3D stereoscopic display technology and the game application history Introduction "Go"

right eye, and this difference is called " Parallax (Parallax), the brain interprets the parallax of the eyes and determines the distance and the resulting stereoscopic vision of the object.DisparityWhen viewers only look at the scene in one eye, because there is no parallax, so the three-dimensional sense will disappear with it.  Fundamentals of 3D Stereoscopic displayBecause stereoscopic vision is based on Parallax, so the basis of 3D stereoscopic display is to reproduce the parallax by artif

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