Game Numerical planning experience: a multi-angle interpretation of game experience value design

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Gameres Hot Money Network Authorized release text/Zhang Feng

Sometimes I'm going to be quiet and wonder: what kind of thread is experience?

Players will ask: How many days do I have to play to level 100?

The main strategy: How much experience do you produce? Where did it go?

The leadership will ask: Can you return it in a few months? Can you earn XXX money in a few months?

So, experience, it is "leadership" fixed, "market" fixed, "revenue" fixed, or "player feel" fixed.

 One, from the player's point of view

I think the experience line does not peel off the game independent existence, it is and players upgrade time, upgrade feelings, solidarity. Any design around the experience value is to better upgrade the feeling and "service", if deviate from this standard, design will become pale.

In this article only talk about dry food less feel, let us see what "experience" is what, and what affect it.


  Experience value

The experience value is the reference of the character upgrade and can trigger an "upgrade" event when the experience value is greater than or equal to the upgrade experience. Upgrade is generally divided into automatic upgrade and manual upgrade two kinds. Experience bar is divided into current experience, upgrade experience and beyond the accumulated experience and many more.

For example: 1) Some pre-game (1-49 level) for automatic upgrade, that is, experience slot full, players automatically upgrade. 2) Some games in the late (50-max) for manual upgrade, slot full, you can continue to accumulate the first limit.

Start with these concepts:

 Current experience

The experience value we talk about on weekdays is specifically the current experience. For example, we always say that a task can receive a "5,000-point test." "I'm still 10,000 points from the current experience can be upgraded. "Dead 10%" current experience value.

 Experience limit

The upper limit of experience level for each level upgrade is the experience limit, in the automatic upgrade, the cumulative limit is equal to the experience limit.

Derivative concept: Cumulative cap, some games allow players to accumulate several times the upgrade limit experience, for other purposes, this limit is called the cumulative limit.

Accumulated experience is generally combined with the level seal, manual upgrade, multi-channel experience to improve the properties of the design, resulting in a variety of gameplay.

Beyond experience: When the player's current experience exceeds the "upgrade experience limit", the experience accumulated before the "Cumulative experience limit" is exceeded.

 Experience Status


Experience slots will have multiple statuses: But what the players really care about is: How do I upgrade quickly!

1) Normal experience State: can get 1 time times of experience normally.

2) Attenuation state: Due to fatigue value, activity and other factors resulting in the experience of the acquisition rate of less than 1 time times the rate

3) Energetic state: When experience is affected by team, national war, double experience card, etc., the state of the acquisition rate is greater than 1 time times.

4) When experience is exceeded, the XP head will have discoloration, start accumulating beyond experience, and the manual button will start to shine

5) Failure to acquire experience, such as full experience, fatigue value, experience slot will become gray, and enter the inability to gain experience status

6) Super God Status: Ares Possessed, special status will let experience groove on the Flame, ice, dragon-shaped effects, only play decorative role.


As the monster drops are unique attribution system, it is recommended to take the experience to the unified system, easy to understand.

By injury proportional method: There are also games using the damage proportional method to make experience attribution, when the monster died in accordance with the time limit of output proportional distribution experience.

By assist example: Damage Proportional method Upgrade version, put forward the concept of assists, but I personally do not advocate, because now the mainstream practice is to kill strange inexperienced.

Grade Seal

All the games have the concept of "level seal", the player feel is, reached the level 99 is difficult to upgrade to 100 levels. and the market on the level of the seal as a direct line out of the game to "Dragon in Heaven", "Journey" mainly. A level seal is a way to control the overall rhythm of the player while giving non-paying players the chance to catch a level. Paid players will reach the seal level when the seal time is 65%, leaving 35% of the time for non-r players to catch the level. "Other gameplay support" is required during the grade seal, and there are other ways in which experience can be turned into capacity, otherwise there will be a strong drain.

   second, from the designer's point of view

Toll points

In general, experience is not recommended to do the content of fees, do not have to do not recommend the value of the implementation of the upgrade rhythm. Otherwise the player will say:

1) VIP boost player experience cumulative limit 50%

2) Many times experience card kill strange, hang machine map revenue increase magnification

3) It is possible to obtain a wine post, but limit the number of daily use

Experience value

The value of experience is constantly changing, level 10 1 points experience is not equal to 100 level 1 points experience.

Bias Sex

Empirical numerical output is biased.

1) Group activities: National War exploits, family rewards, team members, country gains

2) Individual behavior: task, hanging machine

3) Once access: main task

4) repeatable access: wine and fruit, experience dan, copy reward, National war

5) Paid access: Multi-fold experience card, lottery (wine and fruit paste)

6) Guaranteed: World prosperity, offline experience, forced hanging machine


Experience flowchart

Experience of killing monsters


Killing the strange effect: the effect of the killing efficiency of several values, generally in accordance with the first gain and then reduce the benefits of the practice.

For example gain: Double experience Dan, team experience, mentor, energetic, etc.

For example, reduced benefits: Grade penalty, fatigue value attenuation

Task Experience


Task impact

Gain: World prosperity, national war, national exploration, national Thorn, fortunes, etc.

Debuff: Level exceeds attenuation

Note: The formula is not unique, this article only makes the intentionality explanation, the numerical value, the formula only makes the reference

Experience penalty


Phased target

Phased target is also called target management, players should be in the same period, long-term goals, medium-term goals, short-term goals exist simultaneously, and should not be confused. You should know what to do every day when you go online. Do not appear flush level, do not have the power to do full equipment. Generally speaking: The stage goal, the player feels, the excitement point arrangement, the level plan, the numerical plan is a system demand, needs to undergo the careful ponder.

In this paper, we take the grade planning as an example to illustrate, we hope to plan a reasonable phased goal and the pursuit as far as possible.

Three, how to give experience to add a flower

World Prosperity is a strategy and means for some end-travel to strike the balance of the world, and for the players who enter the server to catch up with the level of the benefits, In some long-term do not open new clothes, do not have the intention of the game, the world's prosperity plays an important role, can greatly shorten the upgrade time of the backward players. But the times in the development, this double-edged sword, the author does not agree:

1) It will disrupt the game's original upgrade rhythm, especially the fine-level settings players feel the game damage is particularly serious.

2) The current game to open new clothes, the main, the player mainly into the new service, the world's prosperity has become meaningless.

Summary: The development cost, project efficiency, with the design awareness of the times, and other reasons, the world's prosperity has not been set up to meet this era.

Iv. leadership perspective

beginner stage (level 3-10)   


1. Upgrade growth Supplement

2. Familiar with basic game Operation

1) joystick, mobile, automatic fight etc

2) tripled task

3) operation fashion, wearable,

4) Using skills, learning skills, upgrading skills, dragging skills, understanding common skill positions,

5) Mounts for Mount

Design ideas:

The rhythm of the novice should be more compact, the player only need to follow the main line of the task to go through the scene, Difficulty on any threshold, novice guide as appropriate as possible, warm. Novice is the first hurdle to keep players, scenes, NPCs, monsters, and novice outfit, should try to the best art resources presented in order to attract and retain players.

Excitement point:


Fragmented achievements increase consumption desire, performance tension to improve game evaluation, adhesive trade-offs to improve the next day retention, the user divided into different induced consumption.

Reduce the loss scenario:

High Pay: In addition to the equipment, riding pet on a large degree of consumption, but also the pursuit of fashion consumption (the pursuit of high value, special image to distinguish with ordinary players)

Low pay: The same point of consumption in the mid-end equipment enhancement, and can through the daily accumulation of pyramid in the bottom-end consumption of the total number of online benefits. (You have to pay more online time on the premise of low consumption)

   Growth Stage


1. Ability to improve, continue to upgrade

2. Familiar with each functional area

3. New Skills Learning and upgrading

4. Replacement of high-quality equipment, equipment strengthening

5. Experience the island of tournament

6. Find like-minded friends

  level 10-25 (acquisition of equipment and roles) stage:

Design ideas:

1. For high-quality equipment, this set of equipment should be in the ability to equip and the appearance of the player to give a great stimulation, equipment is gradually distributed through the task to the players, can stimulate the player step by step follow the main task walk, reduce wastage rate.

2. At this stage the player is generally familiar with all the basic operations, the maximum power is still upgraded, enhanced, which is one of the important game consumption system, should give the player a good experience. For example, the reinforcement effect this piece should give the player visual impact.

3. Task bonuses and drop feelings have a very big impact on the player's willingness to remain inactive.

Reduce the loss scenario:

High pay: High paying players are still focused on the enhancement of new equipment and the purchase of fashion props. The restriction of the acquisition of the suit and the way of the gods point can guarantee the online duration of the group and increase the consumption opportunity.

Low pay: The main behavior of low-paying players is focused on the level of training and equipment and reinforcement, in order to meet the low-paying players to access these items are not too difficult, you need to go through the auction system or spend more time to participate in various play. Achieve the purpose of lasting online.

   level 25-35 (Acquire mount, enter copy) stage

Design ideas:

1. This stage players will be exposed to a large number of PvP content, tournament islands, guilds, new mounts reasonable arrangements for the timing of these systems, will have a huge impact on the player experience, and directly improve the retention rate.

2. This phase of PvP will be gradually fierce confrontation between players (resource contradiction, guild contradictions, ranking conflict), will be equipment, riding pet charges provide a great opportunity.

3. At this stage, the player will first contact the tokens and the concept of the token store (the Battle of the island Hercules point output)

Excitement point:


Reduce the churn scenario:

High Pay: The advent of PvP has made it possible for high-paying players to have new pursuits in the stable phase, while reducing the absence of a single high-end outfit with no difference in equipment gameplay. Improve high-end continuous consumption

Low pay: low-paying players through the auction system to expand the access to equipment, while also having to spend a lot of time on the new play, then the corresponding increase in the fun of these games to ensure that the low-paying players play time. At the same time the national war also to low-paying players to bring the killing big R heart Desire.

stable phase (above level 40)


1.PVP activity slowly unfold,

2. Understanding main city Functional Area

3. Re-equip, Mount

4. National war, Battlefield experience

5. Join the Guild

6. Soul Stone inlay, synthesis, demolition

7. Change mount (Advanced)

Design ideas:

1. Game rhythm into a stable training session, the main task experience has gradually failed to meet the needs of the upgrade, players need to start to supplement the daily activities, hang machine, wine, fruit, post to meet the upgrade experience, this stage needs to make some more interesting activities, the copy to retain players.

2. At the same time, guide players to join the guild, to interact, from the design to give the players to join the guild a generous reward.

3. The next day landing type of reward, pulled up the next day.

Reduce the churn scenario:

High Pay: After the version is stable, high paying players start to pursue the equipment breakthrough, the consumption in this segment will be greatly improved.

Low Pay: Low-paying players can also spend on other existing functions while spending on character growth while guaranteeing online.

Final Chapter, Conclusion

100 planning can be made to 100 different values, planning cases, but we are in a impetuous market, greedy leadership, endless overtime to survive. There are indicators, there are dreams, there is life in between, I am powerless to tell you what is right, what is wrong. Can only say, positive push, counter-push, open test and adjust can make very good, excellent value, but do experience-related content, with the player feel, bear operational indicators, know how many days your game live, fire how many days, fun how many days, can write. Draw the perfect spark!

This article is accompanied by the author of an experience generator can simulate a variety of game types under the experience line, dare not say accurate, but hope laugh a smile.

Experience Simulator version 1.1 by Zhang Feng. xls


Copy open link can be downloaded directly

Game Numerical planning experience: a multi-angle interpretation of game experience value design

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