Genetic algorithm Individual

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 PackageChapter2;/*** A "individual" represents a single candidate solution. The core piece of * information about an individual are its "chromosome", which are an encoding of * a possible solution to The problem at hand.  A chromosome can be a string, an * array, a list, etc-in this class, and the chromosome is an integer array.  * A individual position in the chromosome was called a gene, and these is the * atomic pieces of the solution that can be manipulated or mutated. When the * chromosome was a string, as in the this case, each character or set of characters * can was a gene. * * An individual also have a "fitness" score; This is a number, represents * how good a solution to the problem this individual is. The meaning of the * Fitness score would vary based on the problem at hand. *  * @authorBkanber **/ Public classIndividual {Private int[] chromosome; Private DoubleFitness =-1; /*** Initializes individual with specific chromosome * *@paramchromosome * The chromosome to give individual*/     PublicIndividual (int[] chromosome) {        //Create Individual chromosome         This. chromosome =chromosome; }    /*** initializes random individual. * * This constructor assumes the chromosome are made entirely of 0s and * 1s, which may isn't always being the CAs E sure to modify as * necessary.  This constructor also assumes the a "random" chromosome means * simply picking random zeroes and ones, which also may     Not being the case * (for instance, in a traveling salesman problem, this would is an invalid * solution). *      * @paramChromosomelength * The length of the individuals chromosome*/     PublicIndividual (intchromosomelength) {         This. chromosome =New int[Chromosomelength];  for(intGene = 0; Gene < chromosomelength; gene++) {            if(0.5 <Math.random ()) {                 This. Setgene (Gene, 1); } Else {                 This. Setgene (Gene, 0); }        }    }    /*** Gets individual ' s chromosome * *@returnThe individual ' s chromosome*/     Public int[] Getchromosome () {return  This. Chromosome; }    /*** Gets individual ' s chromosome length * *@returnThe individual ' s chromosome length*/     Public intgetchromosomelength () {return  This. Chromosome.length; }    /*** Set gene at offset * *@paramGene *@paramOffset *@returnGene*/     Public voidSetgene (intOffsetintgene) {         This. chromosome[offset] =Gene; }    /*** Get gene at offset * *@paramOffset *@returnGene*/     Public intGetgene (intoffset) {        return  This. Chromosome[offset]; }    /*** Store individual ' s fitness * *@paramFitness * The Individuals fitness*/     Public voidSetfitness (DoubleFitness) {         This. Fitness =Fitness; }    /*** Gets individual ' s fitness * *@returnThe individual ' s fitness*/     Public Doublegetfitness () {return  This. Fitness; }            /*** Display the chromosome as a string. *      * @returnstring representation of the chromosome*/     Publicstring toString () {string output= "";  for(intGene = 0; Gene < This. chromosome.length; gene++) {Output+= This. Chromosome[gene]; }        returnoutput; }}

Genetic algorithm Individual

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