Ghost the hard drive is missing, cannot start, and cannot find the hard drive solution

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Today to help a friend to reload a notebook computer (ASUS x401a) operating system, is the Win7 back to WinXP, originally it, because of the emergence of ghost, feel that the system is a piece of cake, is going to end the fight in 30 minutes, so the rush to start.

Start very smoothly, into the ghost, and then choose XP SP3. gho file, and then the original C disk to write the file cover, and then restart, everything seems to be in control ...

Then the cup came. Copy the file to C after the reboot can not enter the system, the original description is not clear, presumably means that there is a hardware change can not start it, and then I was depressed.

The first reaction is to think that the previous use of the Gho file damage, resulting in the write to C disk itself is not complete, so can not start, and then intend to change another one. gho file come over and write it again. So, with a U disk to start, into the win PE system, is going to put. gho files from the U disk copy to the hard drive, I found that the hard drive was gone, I was shocked, never encountered the situation, can not help but sigh that the accident is really everywhere.

In the past to help others to reload the system also encountered a variety of situations, file corruption, hardware compatibility, failure to boot, and so on, but the hard drive directly missing is really the first time see.

The first reaction is the wiring loose? Although the simple analysis at that time, feel so clever in the flash line on the probability of loose is very low, but it is really unexpected that there are other possible, so only to find tools to the notebook dismembered, the hard disk seriously again, continue to boot, or the same result, which let me into a meditation, there are other possible?

Thought for a while and didn't have a clue. Intend to go into the BIOS to see if there is no clue, in the system setup bar, see the working mode of the hard drive is currently set to AHCI, do not know what the difference between AHCI and the IDE, but take a chance to switch it into the IDE, save restart, unexpectedly can start into XP, Everything is back to normal.

Simply checked, it seems that AHCI is a higher transmission rate of work mode, but need to update the support of the system, such as Win7, so before the installation of Win7 may be the hard disk work mode switch over, reload back to XP, directly do not support this mode of work, so there is no hard disk found , to explain this situation, I hope to meet this problem in the future netizens help.

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