[git]2018-10 solve Git cmd Chinese garbled problem

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October 12, 2018

Inexplicably appear cmd under git log Chinese garbled problem, show a bunch of <E4><A8> and other garbled. Git bash is fine.

Suspicion is an incompatibility issue with Windows system upgrade.

Upgrading git to the latest version does not solve the problem.

Reference online Settings

git config--global i18n.logoutputencoding GBK

No fruit, but Git bash also appeared garbled problem. Probably judging is the code configuration problem of CMD.

Configuration reset to: Git config--global i18n.logoutputencoding utf-8

Search for CMD encoding configuration, there is a reference to use the CHCP command to modify the page encoding to UTF8 (encoded as 65001)

CHCP 65001

Git log still has no effect. The feeling should be the wrong plan, after all except git log, other Chinese display normal.


Add environment variable: lesscharset=utf-8

Git log is displayed as normal after modification.

[git]2018-10 solve Git cmd Chinese garbled problem

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