Glossary: lower layer, lower level, multi-layer, plate level, hop layer, and duplex

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Low-rise buildings: buildings with a height less than or equal to 10 meters are usually 1-3 buildings, such as bungalows and villas. Low-rise buildings generally have simple construction structures, short construction periods, and low construction costs. They give people a feeling of cordial peace and good location. Their comfort, convenience, and spatial scale are superior to those of high-rise buildings. People especially like this house. However, low-rise houses occupy a large area and have low land utilization, especially in cities with limited land and money.

Small high-rise buildings: Generally, the buildings with 8 to 12 and 13 floors are called "small high-rise ". Small high-rise residential buildings are generally used
Reinforced Concrete Structure with elevator. Small and high-rise buildings have the characteristics of multi-layer friendly and peaceful, good room type and high room rate. They also have advantages such as high structure strength, high durability, high landscape coefficient, and low pollution level. They are very popular with buyers. At the same time, the small-and high-level management of land utilization increases, land costs are relatively reduced, very popular with real estate developers. As a result, small and high-rise buildings in the central urban area have sprung up in recent years.

Multi-storey: multi-storey houses refer to buildings above 10 meters, less than or equal to 24 meters. Multi-storey houses are generally 4-8 floors and generally adopt a brick-and-mortar structure, with a few reinforced concrete structures. Multi-storey houses generally have neat specifications (room type), good ventilation and lighting conditions, and a compact space without blocking. Compared with high-rise buildings, the public area of multi-storey houses is small, and the real-time rate increases accordingly, which is the main reason many people prefer multi-storey houses.

Panel-type small-rise buildings: as a new kind of residential buildings, panel-type small-rise buildings are not clearly defined at present. Generally, 8 to 14 floors, plate structures, residential buildings with elevators are called small plate-type high-rise buildings.

Hop layer: A hop layer residential building occupies two floors, with Internal stairs connected to the upper and lower layers. Generally, the living, kitchen, dining room, and bathroom are arranged on the first floor. It is best to have a bedroom, bedroom, study, and bathroom are arranged on the second floor.

Duplex: the duplex residence is a level in concept, but the height of the ordinary residence is higher. You can take out the interlayer in a part, arrange the bedroom or study, and use the stairs to connect the upper and lower layers. The purpose is to improve the utilization of residential space.

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