Golden Hill Poison PA Clean expert function Use tutorial

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  Start Jinshan Cleaning Expert:
1. Double-click Desktop Shortcuts

2. From the Start menu program group → Jinshan Poison pa 2008 Antivirus set (Poison PA 2009) → Golden Hill clean-up Experts, click the Golden Hill clean-up experts to run the shortcut.

3. From Jinshan Poison PA 2008 (Poison PA 2009) Main program Interface starts

4. In the WindowsVista under the boot need to confirm permissions, XP or 2000 is not required.

  Main function:
1. Jinshan clean-up Expert's powerful function revolves a marking system to unfold

According to the operating system patch patch, malware intrusion, system cleanliness, anti-virus software installation, and other factors to evaluate the overall system security level.

More than 80 points for health, 60-80 Sub health, 60 points below, means that your computer needs to be repaired.

2. Click to mark the system and the cleanup expert will re-evaluate your system and give advice on how to solve the problem.

Install redundant plug-ins, or too many spam files will give a hint, just follow this reference advice, step-by-step operation, your score can easily rise to more than 90.

3. Malicious software killing

Scan the installed Plug-ins, according to the evaluation, the plug-in into two categories, one is the obvious malicious virus, rogue plug-ins, such as snow. The other is to provide normal function of IE plug-ins, such as thunder. To prevent users from accidentally deleting such plug-ins, you can add useful plug-ins to the trust list.

Poison PA 2008 of the technology, the first is in the cleaning of experts, using Bootclean technology, is in the elimination of stubborn rogue, malicious software, will recommend the restart Clean, restart the process, rogue software is deleted.

4. Vulnerability Repair:

System vulnerability is a virus Trojan intrusion of an important channel, the Internet even have a one-time batch scan of the computer, the bulk of the Trojan horse tools. Have Jinshan cleaning expert to help you install patches, can effectively improve your system defense capabilities.

Sometimes, due to network or other reasons for the download and installation of the patch failed, you can click on the patch file left, the pop-up shortcut menu to choose Manual Download. When the download is complete, install it manually.

5. Online system diagnosis is the most powerful function of Jinshan cleaning expert

Trojan has an important feature is that it must be able to automatically start, the program will be starting to leave traces of the system, clean-up experts will be these load points into three blocks: start, IE add-on and comprehensive diagnostics, need to evaluate the loading point as many as thousands. Jinshan Poison Tyrant's virus analyst analyzes all add-ons, relevant data on the remote server, users visit the Internet, the local add-in will be sent some of the characteristics of the server to check, the server to determine the security of the add-in, like a professional engineer in front of your computer to help diagnose.

A) Startup Item management

b) Browser Repair

Typically, rogue software is most likely to violate the Internet Explorer's loading point, showing that the home page is locked, the search term is locked, the Internet pop-up ad is forced to browse the site you don't want to go to.

This feature allows you to perform a repair on an unsafe add-in, if you feel that Internet ie is not stable enough, speed has an impact, can also be judged as a safe add-on, not easy to disable, unless you clearly know the role of the add-in, disabling may affect the normal function of some software, but there is a chance to change to enable.

Remember, safe add-ins, please do not use fix unless you no longer need this control.

(c) Comprehensive diagnostics

Depending on the client's specific situation, as many as thousands of items, read one after another, is quite the trouble, online diagnosis, can greatly reduce vision fatigue.

If you feel that your judgment is not enough, you can generate a report of the diagnosis, please help analyze the forum users.

6. Web page anti-hanging horse

Trojan a large number of web browsing through the victim's computer, open the Web page to prevent the horse function, you can prevent the browser to open the background may have a risk of the program.

7. Security Visionary

Here is the cleaning expert box, a lot of simple and practical gadgets hiding in this, which U disk immune tools and file shredder does not support Vista.

a) U Disk virus immunization

A large number of viruses through the U disk, mobile hard disk or digital memory card widely disseminated, the root cause of the automatic operation of mobile devices, disable the automatic running, virus Trojan will be a lot less harassment of you.

(b) File shredder

c) LSP Repair Tool

d) Process Manager

e) Historical traces clean up

The new version of historical traces clean up, the function is too powerful, almost commonly used in the operation history of the software can be a key to clear clean, do not want to let others understand your use habits, fear of revealing privacy, this small plug-in is an excellent choice.

Suggestions often bubble Forum Brothers do not choose to clean cookies (of course, the default is not selected), after cleaning cookies, login related sites need to re-enter the login username and password.

f) Garbage file cleanup

The system runs for a period of time will find that the disk space is reduced, looking for the garbage file is time-consuming laborious, this work also to the clean-up expert.

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