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Basic go programming: few built-in keywords (25)

Break default func interface select
Case defer go map struct
Chan else goto package Switch
Const fallthrough if range type
Continute for Import Return VaR

Go annotation method (same as JS)

Single line comment ://
Multi-line comment :/**/

The general structure of the Go program is common_structure.go.
  • PassPackageOrganize code structures (similar to Python modules)
  • OnlyPackageName:MainThe package can containMainFunction
  • One executable program has only oneMainPackage
  • PassImportTo import packages
  • ConstUsed to define constants (similar to C)
  • External Use of function bodyVaRTo declare and assign values to global variables.
  • Complex typesStruct,InterfaceTo useTypeKeyword to declare
  • FuncTo declare a function

Simple demo

/*title: common_structure.goauthor: orangleliudate: 2014-08-05des: the simple demo of erlang*/// a package only have a mainpackage main// use “import” import other packagesimport “fmt”const Lzz = “Orangleliu”var name = “erlong”type age inttype golang struct{}func main(){    fmt.Println(“I love Erlog!”)}

1. How to import multiple packages

import (    “fmt”    “os”    “time”)

2. use aliases

import (    std “fmt”)
Naming Conventions

Case SensitiveConstant, variable, type, interface, structure or functionPublic or private

For example:
1. The first letter of the function name is lowercase: Private
2. function names are capitalized: Public

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