Good photos, simple steps to build your old photos.

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When I was little, my family always had some old photos, with mottled traces of time. When you grow up, those old photos are intriguing. How to treat your photos as an old photo? Now small knitting to teach you, simple steps, with good photos to create your old photos, take you back to the old time

Before processing: The original film is very beautiful, permeated with a thick sense of modernity, lack of time traces.

After processing: After the processing of the photos with the feeling of the times, as if back to the old time.

Good photo is a simple and useful image processing tools, currently in addition to the Windows version, there are Apple Mac version, as well as mobile client Android and iOS version, ideal for photography enthusiasts.

The first step, open the picture, select "Crop/adjust" in the "basic adjustment" to reduce the saturation of 100, the whole picture to color. Then select "Blur and Sharpen", fuzzy reduced by 20, so that the lines of the picture more mellow, the texture of the picture closer to the old photos.

The second step, open "Filter/Border", select Retro Filter, strength of 50%, so that the photos appear mottled traces.

The third step, switch to "crop/adjust", select "Color Adjustment", black dot increase by 10. After the first few steps of processing, hair slightly yellowing, black dot adjustment, so that the color of the hair more natural.

The fourth step, plus the "retro white wall" border, makes the edge of the photo look like a baptism of time, with a little bit of shabby feeling.

After the treatment of the photo with the old era of the breath, the image of the character clothing in the moment to improve the texture, and the Republic of women's gentle temperament just blend. If you are in love with this old picture feeling, may as well take own picture to try!

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