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In the age of information explosion, Internet search behavior has become the most effective means for users to find the message. At the same time, compared to ordinary network advertising, search keyword marketing through direct "response" to user needs, to achieve more accurate delivery effect. Therefore, search advertising has been favored by enterprises. According to the report, the 2008 search advertising market size of 5.03 billion, following the 07 doubling growth, the 08 growth rate remained as high as 73.4%.

Today I'm going to introduce you to the free format positioning feature in Google's advertising management system. If your site provides users with search tools and accurate positioning through search keywords, this feature will effectively help you translate the user's search behavior into ad revenue.

Free-form positioning is actually an advanced version of custom positioning, and the use of both is basically similar. Today I will focus on the difference between the two and how to use the free format positioning to achieve search keyword marketing.

If you read the previous article, you know that custom positioning achieves precision marketing by placing ads on a Web page that contains specific code. There are several features of the custom positioning described inside:

-positioning key values need to be predefined, such as tourist cities including New York, Japan Hokkaido, Indonesian Bali and so on. This means that all words need to be considered in advance and predefined in the system

-Each standard contains up to 200 key values, which means that if the category key value exceeds 200 values, you cannot use custom positioning

In contrast to custom positioning, free format positioning allows the user to not have to define the values beforehand, and the user can enter any positional value (no 200 restrictions) when creating the order item. So you can specify thousands of possible positioning values. Also, if you want to associate Free-form positioning with the search tools on your site, you can use custom JavaScript to pass search keywords to the location values. If the value matches one of the keywords defined in your order item, the system will launch a related advertisement. For more information on free form, you can click here.

Next, I'll tell you how to use the free format positioning to achieve search keyword marketing.

-Find the classification criteria for the site's user base and categorize them (refer to the settings for custom positioning)

In the previous section, we know that you can set standards based on the characteristics of the site's user base. For search keyword marketing, we can put the user search keywords location of a standard, different keywords as a different category.

-Define standard and key values in the system

Enter your Google ad management system account and click on the "Ad Resources" tab

Then click on the "Launch network Settings" on the left panel.

Click on the "Custom Positioning" tab

Enter the location category name, such as keyword

Select "The user needs to create order items or check that the AD team member is input positioning value"

Pull the screen to the bottom and click Save

-Embed code into web page source (refer to Custom positioning settings)

Note: If you want to put ads in the exact search keyword, you need to use custom JavaScript to pass the search keyword to the key value.

Find the search results page.

In the source code of the Web page, add related categories and key values, such as

-Select custom positioning in order items

Enter the system, create orders and order items (about how to create orders and order items, click here

In the Apply positioning criteria drop-down menu, select the criteria that you define, such as "Keyword"

Select the people you want this order to locate, such as users who search for "Adidas"

Click Save and follow the steps to complete the remaining settings

Note: If you are going to pass the search terms, be aware that the Google AD management system will look for content that matches exactly. Therefore, in order to be able to locate a specific keyword, you must enter all possible keyword combinations in the order item.

Through the above introduction, I believe that we have a basic understanding of how to use the free format positioning to achieve search keyword marketing. In fact, free format positioning can also be used for other occasions, such as the number of key values more than 200 common positioning criteria. More about free-form positioning

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