Google Adsense fraud prevention and intentional attack prevention

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Adsenser should start with Google Adsense, a large-scale blocking and cheating Google Adsense serving websites, but it should start with cheating. This is a very embarrassing background, integrity is a high requirement for most Chinese people, especially individual webmasters. A gentleman loves his fortune and has a proper way. Our problem lies in his understanding of Tao. Many people think that revenue is mostly "Dao". In Google's dictionary, following the rules is the Tao, so there will be a story about Google Adsenser from the beginning of 2005 to the present.
To be honest, we saw that so many download sites and cracked websites are serving a variety of Google Adsense, and there is a Everywhere where "only Google Adsense on this site can be downloaded normally, too much use of iframe in modifying the keyword content in order to get more lucrative revenue, and so on. With the stimulus of income, someone will constantly create, unfortunately, these so-called technologies have been abused by early users since Google Adsense in 2003 and Google Adsense has rich experience in prevention and control.
The concept of blocking is unknown. It is called Disable in the eyes of Google Adsense, but too many Disable users in simplified Chinese are called "blocking ", if there is a ban, there will be a joint, so it can be said that the network is spread all over the time, and innocent notices are everywhere. Of course, I have no intention of commenting on Google Adsense's decision and comments on any Google Adsense's Publisher behavior and experiences. We just try to get some experience in some of the past, in order to provide some useful guidance for future behavior patterns.
Therefore, from the Disable website, Disable has two reasons: Human impact or cheating clicks. We need to distinguish these concepts:
Human impact: it refers to the impact on users' clicks through artificial factors, including many reasons, such as releasing click initiatives and providing additional rewards for clicks, the simplest and most direct way is to note: Click an advertisement, sponsor, or support us.
Invalid click: invalid click is an advertisement that does not bring benefits to you. We can also think that a public ad click is invalid. We want to talk about another type of invalid Click. Invalid click occurs in two cases of the same IP address. One is that there are more than two clicks in a day, and the other is periodic and regular clicks, therefore, when you launch a user to click your advertisement every day, it is of little significance. On the one hand, the user's IP address is similar, and there is also a click record on cookies. In this way, many users will find that sometimes one click is USD 1, and 11 clicks are USD 1. We can think that the next 10 clicks are invalid. Similarly, when your competitors click your ads maliciously multiple times, the security of your ads will not be affected, because Google Adsense is more open-minded about ineffective clicks and is not counted in revenue, of course, malicious attacks by competitors do not include cheating clicks.

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