Google Chrome OS installation experience

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Google Chrome OS installation experience

Chrome OS is an open-source operating system developed by google. It provides a faster, simpler, and safer online experience for cloud users on the network! Next we will try the latest Chrome OS.
1. Initial System Logon Settings

2. Google account logon System

3. Main system interface and Application List

4. chrome online App Store

5. chrome browser interface

6. chromeOS system settings page

7. Chrome browser settings page

8. ChromeOS System Task Manager

9. chromeOS screen lock

10. ChromeOS multi-user logon Interface

11. Chrome OS Download Page
Google's notebook operating system Chrome is faster to start, and all applications are based on browser Chrome. Most of the applications require network support. The design concept is based on cloud computing, which is relatively advanced, however, this is an obvious trend, including firefoxOS, UbuntuOS, TizenOS, and other new-generation operating systems. All of them use html5 and other web applications as their main application models. We hope that ChromeOS will be as red and red as its brother Android, giving consumers a pleasant choice.

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