Google's PR value is more and more worthless when you change the friend chain can be directly ignored

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We know that some time ago Google updated the site's PR value, I have several sites have benefited. Even the latest two months of the new station has soared to the PR3, I was really feeling ah. Think about three years ago, mixed to PR1 are very difficult, and sometimes a website for two or three years, the site rankings are pretty good index, but how can not mix PR value. At that time the PR value can really be countless people for links to reference the most important index, I remember at that time when exchanging links with other people when a site without PR can be changed to PR1 site is quite exciting, those have PR site to exchange links to the cattle coax.


But since 2011 seems to be in July when the PR value released, PR is crazy. Casually do some garbage station in a short time can be mixed to a pretty good PR value, remember that I was in the hands of several sites are mixed in the PR, the current general site to PR4 or very simple, as if some small site PR5 became a threshold. Give me the feeling is like this, I have done many small websites, mixed to PR4 or relatively simple, but mixed to PR5 is very difficult. Estimated to have a certain scale of the site to do so, if it is natural to get PR5 such a site is also good, PR5 above the site's PR is worth reference.

In fact, the PR can be exchanged links can be referred to is a false proposition, because Baidu and Google is not a search engine, in the domestic Baidu accounted for the largest market share, today's Google is even worse than the Sogou. Baidu ranked as a friend in fact, there is no need to refer to Google's PR value, in fact, Google's own rankings do not press this to, so some novice friends do not change links when to see the PR value of the other site. Some time ago I in exchange for friendship links often encounter such a problem, say what your site has no PR, in fact, as long as it is this situation I do not explain, but my site now has PR, and the novice friends exchanged with each other also relieved.

Because some are still looking at PR for Friendship Link friends are just getting started soon, a little experience of friends will not be PR for reference. In particular, the current era of PR flooding is even less important, now it seems that Google has less and less attention to this, the standard of auditing is getting lower, in fact, the most important to change the link to a reference standard or the other side of the site rankings, if the other site ranking is good, it is obvious that the weight of their site should be good. Google's PR is worthless, sogou Sogou value also does not matter, Baidu did not come out, 360 is not perfect at this time, we actually want to go very intuitive to judge the quality of a website is really not easy.

We need to analyze each other from a number of dimensions of the site's good or bad, in fact, a few more intuitive is the weight of Baidu, the general Baidu is the weight of the site are ranked, of course, to see if the others are brushed out. Also need to see if there is a timely update over, such as Baidu snapshots, included in the aspect can be a little reference. If you want to further analysis of each other's site need to see the other side of the link to do how, how to do the content, page design has no intention and so on all aspects of the factors to come to a combination of judgment, friendship links are the most important source of high weight of the general Web site, so we must pay attention to the exchange of links in all aspects of the problem, Of course not only today said Google's PR. Hope that this article to the vast number of novice seo friends a little revelation, Master floated bar, the article content by the nine-door stone Fish Restaurant share, if reproduced please keep the source of the article, thank you.

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