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What are the reasons why we should not do so, as the environment of development is getting better and the profit outlook is expected to stay?
By the end of 1999, the number of Internet users in China has exceeded 8.9 million, and is growing at an alarming rate of about doubling every year, with more than 15,000 Chinese sites, 2,300 registered government websites at all levels, and about 300 ISPs, with ICP about 1000; The number of computers on the Internet is 3.5 million; Of course, for now, all these numbers have been quickly refreshed and growing faster than people expected. Internet international export bandwidth is 351M and is expected to reach 1G to 2G by the end of 2000.
Admittedly, there are still many restrictions on electronic payment systems, but according to incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 100 million forms of credit and debit cards circulating among Chinese residents. Banks such as BOC and China Merchants Bank are also actively introducing new online payments, and the pace of electronic financial computerization is accelerating. At the same time, CA certification system is also under construction, and some relevant enterprises and departments have been led to the "online payment ID card."
For SMEs, E-commerce has brought many new opportunities and challenges, the use of the Internet to win new markets, to create new marketing tools, to participate in the competition with large enterprises, is increasingly becoming a new strategic development goals for SMEs.
As we all know, the development of E-commerce will enhance the competitiveness of SMEs market, expand the business area and achieve global development; At the same time, including manufacturers, suppliers, buyers, direct users of the market supply chain to be further optimized, the supply chain between the companies will be more closely linked; Online transactions speed up user feedback, And then improve the user's loyalty; with the development and application of information technology and system integration technology, the communication and cooperation within the company will be greatly improved, and the popularization and use of automation manufacturing technology can provide greater opportunities for integrating external data and internal operation. The internet provides customers with uninterrupted, Personalized services to improve service quality; As a commercial asset, information is an important selling commodity in itself, and corporate internal data will play an important role in decision-making, and internet companies will have more and better opportunities to access useful business and technical information extensively.
• steps
Identify the needs of the enterprise, follow the basic principles, and embark on a test opportunity.
Of course, there are questions to be answered to clarify the many "hidden" tasks and unspecified requirements that are included when selling products online:
• Who is your target customer? Do you know what they need?
• What services can you provide to your customers over the Internet?
• What if you entrust a third party to develop e-business applications but need to customize them?
• Does the amount of traffic cause the system to be unavailable?
• Can you integrate with your internal management and your business partners ' systems?
Enterprises to expand online business, it is bound to consider the coordination of their distribution of customers, new customers, customers and loyal customers of different needs, consider the coordination of their distributors, suppliers, buyers relations. For manufacturing enterprises, the role of middlemen can still not be underestimated, at this stage, they are the most direct understanding of end-user needs and provide appropriate services to the group. Therefore, before e-commerce, enterprises need to follow the basic principles for the sake of customers, to understand the needs of each customer, to maintain their brand loyalty, so that customers in the shortest possible time to get their personalized needs, this deal is not good, the risk of the internet is undoubtedly a suicide.
If the enterprise has identified the above series of problems and found a solution, you can try to follow the steps below to conduct an e-business trial run.
The first step: Establish the Enterprise website
The process of establishing a corporate web site is very similar to the process of applying for a company in real life: first you should register the enterprise domain name, and then choose the site where you want to start (by selecting a network platform service provider) and the way (such as using a virtual host or hosting); And on the site to provide the corresponding functions (such as the Internet to increase user feedback form, e-mail and other functions), and the site on the enterprise and its products and services to promote. After a few steps, a basic enterprise website is initially established.
Step Two: Develop business application and organize marketing
If the company's goal is to use their own web site to carry out business activities, the implementation of E-commerce, then on the site also need to establish a business-friendly application system. such as a product sales site, the need to establish a special product search, procurement, payment, order Processing and customer service systems, such as copying the physical manufacturing process. In addition, the website also needs to promote marketing, improve customer awareness of the site brand. such as the enterprise Web site login to the search engine, the release of enterprise product information and recruitment information.
Step three: Improve business operation steps, accelerate enterprise informatization construction
Not that the enterprise has a website, can be online sales of goods even built e-commerce. E-commerce is the implementation of the entire trade activities of the electronic, is the application of electronic tools in the production, sales, customer service and the entire application chain process. According to incomplete statistics, the current computer ownership of 15 million units, the removal of 1995 before the installation of the computer can not be networked after about 10 million units, if the average of less than 1 per enterprise, and other network equipment such as servers, switches and so on less. The informatization degree of Chinese enterprises is low and the application level is not high, which will seriously restrict the development of e-business application in the future.
Let's take a look at Hewlett-Packard's rapid response capability as it completes its 20 million dollar order with CCB.
HP does not have an advantage in terms of the prices of similar machines and equipment at the time. But it negotiated the supply issue directly with the US headquarters and its product line supervisors through its own dedicated enterprise network, while others were assembled by an in-house emergency engineer to combine non-standard configuration equipment, and HP quickly and successfully provided the entire equipment portion of the contract list. How can such a fast service be unsatisfactory! Second, HP attaches great importance to financial customers. When security issues were put on the agenda, Hewlett-Packard immediately summoned Hewlett-Packard cyber security experts working all over the U.S. to Beijing, and was on leave to start work on the job. From April project to the end of June installed, more than 3,000 points, tens of thousands of engineers in one months traveled all over China.
It can be seen that Chinese enterprises to carry out e-commerce at the same time, improve business operation steps, accelerate the enterprise information construction is imperative. This is the most basic demand, but also the smooth and healthy development of e-commerce protection.
• Thinking
Start link selection, Benefit return evaluation, SME Advantage show.
The small and medium-sized Enterprises ' manpower, financial resources and information technology are weak, so there are some problems to be paid special attention in the process of implementing e-commerce.
Starting an e-business process from anywhere in the enterprise system can take advantage of the enterprise's original business or technology, or you can plan and design the system-level e-business from the beginning. If some enterprises may be in the solution of how to deal with the inventory of multiple quality products to use E-commerce, while another enterprise may first choose to implement E-commerce strategy to improve customer service level. This is a flexible advantage of SMEs, and large enterprises are different, in order to carry out e-commerce must be the overall rules of the system level.
It is necessary to evaluate the business consequences and technical feasibility of the profit return that E-commerce may bring to the enterprise. These two aspects will affect the enterprise implementation of E-commerce attitude and determination. A company that is confident in its own market competitiveness may not be able to apply its E-commerce technology well, it should focus on the risk of investing in e-commerce while making decisions, while another company that wants to expand its competitive advantage by using new e-business tools may step up in the implementation of E-commerce.
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