Graph deduction strategy in FW (3)-send to FW beginners (single background wedding dress map)

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Continue to deduct the figure. Today, the status is good. After playing the word for half a day, the head is not dizzy, and the eyes are not spent. Then I will learn to buckle the wedding dress! From the very beginning, deduct the wedding dress map of the monochrome background.
To put it bluntly, the key to deducting a wedding dress is to ultimately handle the transparent effect of the wedding dress. To this end, this example uses the tool that we usually seldom use in the FW tool group-the lighter tool.
Before starting the procedure, let's take a look at the material diagram used in this example.

1. Because it is a monochrome background, we can directly use the magic wand tool to select the background.

2. After obtaining the background selection area, press Ctrl + Shift + I to select the inverse selection area to obtain the main selection area of the character. Press Ctrl + C to copy the selected area, open a new background image, and press Ctrl + v.

3. On the layer panel, quickly create a copy of the character layer. Then, hide the following source image and lock it to avoid misoperation.

4. Because the transparent part of the wedding dress is almost the same color, the magic wand tool is still used to select the transparent part of the wedding dress.

5. To avoid accidental damage to the hard-earned constituency, we can select the "select | Save the selected bitmap" command in the menu to save the selected constituency.

6. Similarly, you can adjust the details of the selected area with the "shift" key, "Alt" key, and the plug-in tool.

7. After processing, press the "Ctrl + X" shortcut key to cut the selected area, press the "Ctrl + D" shortcut key, cancel the selected area, and press "Ctrl + V ", paste the content of the selected area. A new layer is automatically created on the panel.

8. Select the new layer and set the mixed layer mode to "average". The value is not adjusted.

9. You can see that the transparent effect of the wedding dress has initially appeared in the editing area.

10. Next, we will use the tool to reduce the amount of traffic. Select the "Fade-down" tool in the toolbox and set the tool on the property panel. The size setting is not described. This is based on the actual situation. The focus is on setting "exposure" and "range". The "exposure" value should not be too large, otherwise it will be too white. There are three options for "range, select "Intermediate tone" as the benchmark. Specific settings,

11. All right. After the settings are complete, perform the fade-down operation on the layer of the transparent wedding dress! Let's estimate who else will move your mouse around ~~~

12. Wipe it again, and the effect is shown as follows: (Note: Do not always wipe it in one place. Pay attention to the overall effect, so as not to get off unevenly)

13. After the lighter tool is used, I feel that the local effect of the wedding dress is not very good, the color is too deep, and it is not in coordination with the overall situation. What should I do? First, the layer where the transparent wedding dress is located is hidden and the cause is found. It turns out to be the sequent of the previous cut operation:

14. Don't worry. Use the fade tool and then wipe the folding part. But this time, make some changes on the attribute panel, the key is to set the "exposure" value and "range" options. The specific settings are as follows ,:

15. The settings are complete. Wipe them! After the wedding dress is wiped, the effect is as follows:

16. unhide the transparent wedding dress layer. The overall effect is displayed!

well, the figure deduction in this example is over. If you have any suggestions or ideas about this method, please join the zhimeng forum to discuss it !!

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