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Moving tool [V]

Direct Selection Tool, group selection tool [A]

Pen, add anchor Point, delete anchor point, change path angle [P]

Add Anchor Point tool [+]

Delete Anchor Point tool [-]

Text, area text, path text, vertical text, vertical area text, vertical path text [T]

Ellipse, Polygon, star, Helix [L]

Increase the number of edges, chamfer radii, and spiral Laps (drawing in [L], [M] state) [↑]

Reduce the number of edges, chamfer radii, and spiral Laps (drawing in [L], [M] state) [↓]

Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle tool [M]

Brush tool [B]

Pencil, sleek, erase tool [N]

Rotation and rotation tools [R]

Zoom, stretch tool [S]

Mirror, Tilt tool [O]

Free deformation tool [E]

Hybrid, auto-hook tool [W]

Charting tools (seven charts) [J]

Gradient dot tool [U]

Gradient Fill tool [G]

Color Sampler [I]

Paint Bucket tool [K]

Scissors, knife tools [C]

View pan, page, dimension tool [H]

Magnifier tool [Z]

Default foreground and background colors [D]

Toggle fills and strokes [X]

Standard screen mode, full-screen mode with menu bar, full-screen mode [F]

Toggle to color Fill []

Switch to no fill [/]

Temporary use hand tool [space]

Precise mirror, rotate, etc. select the appropriate tool and press [ENTER]

Copy objects in [R], [O], [V] and so on [alt]+[drag]

File operations

New drawing file [Ctrl]+[n]

Open an existing image [Ctrl]+[o]

Close the current image [Ctrl]+[w]

Save current Image [Ctrl]+[s]

Save As ... [Ctrl]+[shift]+[s]

Storage copy [Ctrl]+[alt]+[s]

Page Setup [Ctrl]+[shift]+[p]

Document settings [Ctrl]+[alt]+[p]

print [Ctrl]+[p]

Open the Presets dialog box [Ctrl]+[k]

Revert to the state before the last disk [F12]

Edit operation

Restore the previous action (steps can be in the preset) [Ctrl]+[z]

Repeat operation [Ctrl]+[shift]+[z]

Cut-and-drop the selection to the Clipboard [ctrl]+[x] or [F2]

Place a selected copy of the content on the Clipboard [Ctrl]+[c]

Glue the contents of the Clipboard to the current drawing [ctrl]+[v] or [F4]

Glue the contents of the Clipboard to the front [ctrl]+[f]

Glue the contents of the Clipboard to the last face [Ctrl]+[b]

Delete selected Object [DEL]

Select all objects [Ctrl]+[a]

Cancel selection [Ctrl]+[shift]+[a]

Convert again [ctrl]+[d]

Send to front [ctrl]+[shift]+[]]

Send forward [ctrl]+[]]

Send to last Face [ctrl]+[shift]+[[]

Send Backward [ctrl]+[[]

Group selected objects [Ctrl]+[g]

Cancel the group of selected objects [Ctrl]+[shift]+[g]

Lock the selected object [Ctrl]+[2]

Lock an object that is not selected [ctrl]+[alt]+[shift]+[2]

Unlock all [ctrl]+[alt]+[2]

Hide the selected object [Ctrl]+[3]

Hide objects that are not selected [Ctrl]+[alt]+[shift]+[3]

Show all hidden objects [ctrl]+[alt]+[3]

Join a broken path [ctrl]+[j]

Align the path point [Ctrl]+[alt]+[j]

Blending two objects [ctrl]+[alt]+[b]

Cancel blending [Ctrl]+[alt]+[shift]+[b]

SELECT [W] to adjust the options and press [Enter]

Create a new image matte [ctrl]+[7]

Cancel image matte [ctrl]+[alt]+[7]

Union path [CTRL]+[8]

Cancel Union [Ctrl]+[alt]+[8]

Chart type SELECT [J] and press [ENTER]

Apply the last filter used again [Ctrl]+[e]

Apply the last used filter and adjust the parameters [Ctrl]+[alt]+[e]

word processing

Text left-aligned or top-aligned [ctrl]+[shift]+[l]

Align text [ctrl]+[shift]+[c]

Text right-aligned or bottom-aligned [ctrl]+[shift]+[r]

Text dispersion alignment [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[J]

Insert a soft return [shift]+[carriage return]

Exact input kerning value [Ctrl]+[alt]+[k]

Set the kerning to 0 [ctrl]+[shift]+[q]

Restore the font aspect ratio to 1:1 [ctrl]+[shift]+[x]

Left/Right Select 1 characters [shift]+[←]/[→]

Down/Up Select 1 rows [shift]+[↑]/[↓]

Select all characters [Ctrl]+[a]

Select the character from the insertion point to the mouse click Point [Shift] Click

Move left/right 1 characters [←]/[→]

Move 1 rows down/up [↑]/[↓]

Left/Right to move 1 words [ctrl]+[←]/[→]

Decrease the text size of the selected text by 2 dots pixels [ctrl]+[shift]+[]

Decrease the text size of the selected text by 10 dots pixels [ctrl]+[alt]+[shift]+[]

Reduce line spacing by 2 dots pixels [alt]+[↓]

Increase the line spacing by 2 dots pixels [alt]+[↑]

Reduce baseline displacement by 2 dots pixels [shift]+[alt]+[↓]

Increase the baseline displacement by 2 dots pixels [shift]+[alt]+[↑]

Decrease kerning or tracking 20/1000ems [alt]+[←]

Increase kerning or tracking 20/1000ems [alt]+[→]

Decrease kerning or tracking 100/1000ems [ctrl]+[alt]+[←]

Increase kerning or tracking 100/1000ems [ctrl]+[alt]+[→]

Move the cursor to the front [HOME]

Cursor moves to the last face [end]

Select to the front [Shift]+[home]

Select to last face [Shift]+[end]

Convert text to path [Ctrl]+[shift]+[o]

View Actions

Display image as Border mode (toggle) [Ctrl]+[y]

Generate a preview of the selected object (in border mode) [Ctrl]+[shift]+[y]

Enlarge view [ctrl]+[+]

Zoom out view [ctrl]+[-]

Zoom to page size [ctrl]+[0]

Actual pixel display [ctrl]+[1]

Show/Hide the control points of the path [ctrl]+[h]

Hide Template [Ctrl]+[shift]+[w]

Show/Hide ruler [Ctrl]+[r]

Show/hide reference lines [ctrl]+[;]

Lock/unlock reference line [ctrl]+[alt]+[;]

Turn selected objects into guides [ctrl]+[5]

Objects that will become reference lines are restored [ctrl]+[alt]+[5]

Snap reference line [ctrl]+[shift]+[;]

Show/Hide Grid [ctrl]+[]

Snap to Grid [ctrl]+[shift]+[]

Capture to the point [ctrl]+[alt]+[]

Apply agile references [Ctrl]+[u]

Show/hide the fonts panel [ctrl]+[t]

Show/hide the paragraph panel [ctrl]+[m]

Show/hide the tables panel [ctrl]+[shift]+[t]

Show/Hide Brushes panel [F5]

Show/hide the colors panel [f6]/[ctrl]+[i]

Show/Hide Layers panel [F7]

Show/hide the info panel [F8]

Show/hide the gradient panel [F9]

Show/hide the stroke panel [F10]

Show/Hide Properties panel [F11]

Show/Hide All command panels [TAB]

Show or hide all palettes except the Toolbox [Shift]+[tab]

Select the last used panel [ctrl]+[]

Another: toolbox (a variety of tools to share a shortcut key can simultaneously press [Shift] plus this shortcut key selection, when the [CapsLock] key is pressed, you can switch directly with this shortcut)

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