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I want to help my dad print the report, but I am too lazy to print it out, so my dad turned out the canno s100sp which had been idle for a long time. This printer was bought for about 03 years, at that time, the figure was fresh, and it was actually never used several times. I remember that there was a problem with the last time I used it, and I never care about it.

No matter how much it is, wipe off the dust, power, the printer sound, it indicates a great possibility, and then connect the USB data cable, huh? Why didn't we respond? I was thinking that if the computer couldn't identify it, it would be too much trouble. I checked out whether there was a problem with deprecation. When I unplugged it, I saw a prompt on the system tray that "the driver is being installed". I changed the port and inserted it again, but I still didn't respond, when I thought of the situation, I pulled the USB port a little out, and the system tray showed the same prompt.Poor contactCause ~

Because it is Server 2008, it comes with the Canon driver, and I don't need to find a 64-bit driver. It saves a lot of trouble and it is hard to find things for a long time. I have a deep understanding of this. Then print the sample, which is always stuck in the no response phase of the printer and displays: "Printer not responding". Isn't the driver correct? It may also be the port or the wiring is wrong. Baidu once, the issuer can automatically clean the print head by pressing the reset key for more than 2 seconds. Maybe it is a bit useful. After a long press, there is still no response, So I open the front cover,Drag the ink cartridge to the center, dial the button on the ink cartridge, and reset the printer., I tried to print the sample ~, I printed other reports and found only some ink. It seems that there is no ink. So I went straight to the Computer City and looked for bc21 ink cartridges, which was also good for RP. I was the first to ask, and there were two original boxes, but the dust on it reminded me that it was really an old thing, and no color ink cartridges can be found.

Install the ink cartridge. Although the color ink cartridge is empty, it must be installed before printing. The printing report ends.

Appendix: FAQs about Canon s100sp

1. During each printing, the computer always prompts that the wrong ink cartridge is used.What should I do?
A: 1) in the printer properties of the driver, there is a color mode setting (graphics) setting with 2 options: Color and monochrome, corresponding to the BC-21E and BC-20 cartridge respectively. Select the appropriate options based on the ink cartridge you are using. 2) In some software, such as the page setting of MS Word, you also need to make corresponding settings.
2. Can the s100sp be used in DOS??
A: No. The built-in control mode of the s100sp printer is only the Canon extension mode and cannot be used in DOS or single-chip microcomputer systems.
3. How to save printing costs?
A: To save ink, consider the following. 1) do not open the front cover of the printer at will. Because each time the front cover of the printer is opened, the ink cartridge is replaced. At this time, the printer will automatically clean the Print Head, resulting in a waste of ink. 2) Do not frequently unplug the printer power. When no print is available, the printer cleans the print head every 24 or 72 hours to ensure the print quality. However, the printer may clean the print head every time the power cord is plugged in. Frequently plugging the power cord of the printer may cause a waste of ink. 3) When printing a draft, you can consider using economical
4. How to change the print Header?
A: Turn on the front cover of the printer, and the ink cartridge automatically moves to the middle position. Lift the lock lever of the ink cartridge, remove the old ink cartridge, and unpack the new one correctly (for the new ink cartridge, be sure to remove the orange plastic cap and tape), load the ink cartridge, and close the front cover. After the printer automatically cleans the print head, the ink cartridge replacement process is completed.
5. The printer has replaced the new ink cartridge, but it still does not print any words. How can this problem be solved?
A: After a new ink cartridge is replaced, the print head needs to be cleaned 1-2 times before printing can be normal.
6. What should I do if the printer always prints no ink?
A: ink printing is not available. Generally, the print head is cleaned first. If not, there may be no ink, and a new ink cartridge needs to be replaced.
7. How does the printer perform self-check?
Answer: Put the A4 printing paper and press the button on the Operation Panel twice to print the nozzle detection pattern. You can also perform self-check printing from the driver.
8. Can I use infusion ink?
A: No. Canon does not produce infusion ink. Only the original canon cartridge can ensure the printing quality. In addition, the use of infusion ink may cause damage to the print head and other faults.
9. How to clean the print head?
A: After the printer is turned on, press and hold the button on the Operation Panel for more than 2 seconds. The print header will start to be automatically cleaned.

Appendix: Canon s100sp repair code Manual

1. Maximum print width: A4
2. Resolution: 720*360 DPI (black ink cartridge), 360*360 DPI (color ink cartridge)
3, used ink cartridges: BC-20 900 pages/ink cartridges, BC-21e 120 pages/black ink box, 60 pages/color ink box

4. Print speed: 5 screenshots/minute (black ink cartridge), 2 screenshots/minute (color ink cartridge)
5. Operating System: Win me/98/2000/XP, Mac OS 8.5-9x
6. Interface: USB1.1
7. cache: 31 KB
8. maintenance functions:

(Users can troubleshoot)Error status
Paper Feed)
Cover open (Front Cover open)
Paper jam (paper jam)
No cartridge (No cartridges)
Head Mismatch)
(The user cannot resolve the fault)
Home postion error (original dislocation)
Carriage control error (Vehicle Control Error)
Head temperature sensor error (print head temperature sensor error)
Printer temperature sensor error (temperature sensor error)
No cartridge error (No cartridge error)
Waste ink full error (waste ink full error)
Purging operation error (cleaning operation error)
Invalid cartridge error (SCAN Header error)
9. EEPROM Reset:

A. Do not install the ink cartridge. press reset to access the power supply.
B. Release the reset key and repress it once in 5 seconds.
C. press reset to take over 2 or more seconds
D. press the reset key for more than 2 or more seconds to reset the EEPROM and factory default settings.
E. Shutdown
10. EEPROM Detection:

A. Do not install the ink cartridge. press reset to access the power supply.
B. Release the reset key and repress it once in 5 seconds.
C. Open the front cover and install the black ink cartridge.
D. close the front door and double-click the reset key. The printer starts testing and printing.
E. After the test is completed, the power supply must be switched on before printing again.
Press the reset key to loosen your hands when two or more sound is heard. Cleaning begins.
11. Cleaning operation: press reset to start cleaning.
12. nozzle test: double-click the reset key after the device is started. The nozzle test page is printed.

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