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Many girls have relatively short and fine eyelashes. When applying mascara to their eyelashes, they will easily dye them evenly on their eyelids and become a national treasure. If you want to have clearly rooted lower eyelashes, you can choose small-sized mascara and apply some makeup tips to make your lower eyelashes "strong "!

To make the makeup perfect, make-up things of different functions are essential: For convenience, you can select the dual-headed mascara launched by some brands on the market, brush your hair one by one, while taking into account the upper and lower eyelashes. Or you can purchase two mascara of different sizes. The mascara with a small brush head is suitable for applying tiny parts, including the lower eyelashes, eye heads, and eye tails. In addition, when buying mascara, you should also pay attention to the density of the brush head, the more thin tooth mascara, it is easier to control the upper and lower eyelashes. You can use the general mascara to apply the mascara brush directly. Choose the special mascara for the lower eyelashes, brush small hair, fine Brush hair, and apply horizontally. Use the special mascara for the lower eyelashes, and the effect is thick. Use a special mascara clip to clip the lower part of the fine part of the mascara. The direction of the clip is opposite to that of the eyelashes, and the soft gel is upward. The upper and lower eyelashes are clearly the important elements of eye enlargement. However, the lower eyelashes are very fine. When the eyelashes are painted, the lower eyelids will be full of mascara if you don't pay attention to them. What should I do if my mascara becomes dark circles? In fact, you only need a tooth Cleansing Brush instead of the mascara brush, the problem can be solved.

Brush your eyelashes with teeth:

Clean your teeth and brush your hair on the general mascara. Paint down along the root of the lower eyelashes.

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