Hide Desktop QQ interface and taskbar qq icon method

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Users of QQ software to the detailed analysis to share the hidden desktop QQ interface and taskbar qq icon method.
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Hidden computer desktop QQ and the task bar QQ icon In fact, there are many methods, previously because of the lack of need, just understand the next. below for you to introduce three kinds of computer QQ hidden practical methods. First look at the effect: Desktop taskbar qq icon hidden.

The above settings for everyone can see the effect, intentionally will QQ display on the desktop, the desktop on the QQ point after the smallest words completely hidden disappeared, then to show how to do? Then look down and see.
Method One: Simple QQ setting hide QQ skill
1, first landing QQ, as shown above: Right click on the system Tray QQ icon, select the pop-up menu "personal Settings" as shown below:

Click on the icon in the pop-up menu to select---"System settings"----Select "Basic Settings"-------and then "" in the Window settings, "Display icon in the taskbar" before "√" removed. The following figure:

is the icon in the taskbar gone? This time the computer desktop still has QQ window, how to do? You can use 2 ways to hide the desktop in the QQ interface, as follows:
(1) The top of the QQ screen to drag the top of the computer desktop, release the mouse and put the mouse to another place to hide QQ, to show out as long as the mouse moved to just hide the top of the desktop is displayed.
(2) If the "always in the front" uncheck, the concealment is stronger. If you want to chat at the same time press the shortcut key "Ctrl + Alt+z", or set their own shortcut keys on it.
Method Two: Set up QQ interface transparent to achieve completely hide QQ interface
The new version of QQ has a very effective hiding method. QQ interface is to make transparent, so that the QQ interface quickly stealth, so that QQ like wearing a cloak as free access to your display without being perceived by others.
Setting method: Click the plus button on the top right of the main panel in the pop-up menu to choose "Hidden", you can find that the QQ interface is transparent, open the Chat window, it is also in the transparent state, but you can see clearly, then again to chat is who can not find, and then look at the taskbar, It also does not have the QQ icon. So that it reached a real without a trace.
If you think that a direct click of the "interface hidden" after the transparent effect is not very good, you can also in person "plus button" after the choice of "transparency" in the custom interface of the transparency option, but it can only adjust to 80%, like friends can try their own.
Method Three: Use QQ hidden software to hide QQ Desktop main interface and taskbar QQ icon
"QQ hidden" startup, reside in the system backstage, any time when you press the CTRL+Q key combination, "QQ hidden" will switch the visibility of QQ.
That is, when you first press CTRL+Q,QQ to disappear, and then repeat CTRL+Q,QQ once again. In order to "hide" the effect is more realistic, when QQ hidden, QQ is also suppressed, this time the other people sent message is not "drop drop". This software is suitable for those who secretly use QQ with their boss, or with their children with QQ on their backs.
The software is automatically set to start automatically with the computer. Please set 360 or similar software to allow "QQ hidden" to add itself to the system startup item.
Well, the above information is small to give you QQ this software users to bring the detailed hidden desktop QQ interface and taskbar QQ icon method to share the whole content of the you see the users here, small knitting believe you now that is very clear the hidden method of it, Then you go to the small part of the above to share the way to try to hide the next look at the effect of it.

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