How can you make a profit-making website?

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1, first you need to have a certain basic knowledge, not a lot, but at least to be able to read the HTML bar, there is a certain understanding of the webmaster sector, the most important thing is that you have to have a pair of hard-working hands

2, you have to be willing to spend a little money, if you do not have a domain name, spend 50 of dollars to apply for a COM meter bar, temporarily do not recommend CN, because now the number of CN will affect the weight of 200 pieces to buy a small space, the reason that small space is because 200 of the stability of the space will not be very big, do not want to Upfront investment is also three hundred or four hundred dollars.

3, choose a sufficient program and master it, now many excellent forum system, CMS system can allow individual users free use or have a popular version. (Personal recommended to use Php+mysql, relative to ASP security is much higher, database load capacity is also more powerful). You can try one on the local machine, feel that good again to determine the trial.

4, to determine the theme of your site content, a lot of novice is to do a portal, plan to Sina second AH. Here I would like to advise you, do a wide than to do fine. The content is too broad you can't do it alone. You can make a lot of money, search engine weight is also high

5, improve the user experience, this first you have to choose a nice set of site templates, the general website system will have template making help, labels and the like, there are many users free to share out, generally slightly modified on it, of course, you will not also be able to use RMB solution, this may be a little difficult for beginners, So I said before that you must familiarize yourself with the CMS system you are going to use.

6, the site content refinement, if you want a good PV, do not collect, because those content in the online highly repetitive, search engine will not give a good weight or even direct k off, the original can not be the word you may go outside the Internet to find content, rather than the library and other things, There's no way you can copy it. Article title change, content also add some of their own content and so on. Never copy.

7, increase the chain, this is not difficult, you can go to the Forum, blog and other places to leave their own text links, do not direct six URL address. That way, spiders will often come to your station.

8, perseverance, to do above these points Kazakhstan not enough, you have to have a pair of hard-working hands, this I have already said in the first article, you should often update your website, keep the content of the site freshness, can not be updated every day at least one weeks to update, in fact this is also to improve the user experience, User experience high PV on the high, so afraid of no repeat customers.

9, choose the right ads, do the above 8 points to adhere to the 2-3 months of your station can put ads to make money, choose ads also pay attention to, you can not in the QQ space site to put IDC ads, so no effect, in a word, is advertising and your site theme corresponding to each other, that will have good advertising benefits.

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