How can you quickly get a large number of target users at a low cost, rather than a protracted war with your competitors?

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How can you quickly get a large number of target users at a low cost, rather than a protracted war with your competitors?

This is not common on the internet today. Now, most of the industry is already a long time competition in the Red Sea, and the blue Ocean market technology, resource barriers are very high, the general product is far behind. In the fierce competition of the Red Sea market, how can we achieve the four-and-a-two-ton?

This is often an opportunity to be met, requiring competitors to leave important flaws. In a very fast-growing Internet environment, product managers need to be keenly aware of the opportunity to quickly make product plans and decisions.

A good product is not generated by piling up demand, even if the user feedback of all the important needs to meet, still may face the situation of user volume does not rise. Product managers need to find the most value for the product, and a low-cost quick access to a large number of target users is one of the important thinking paths.

Now the concept of differentiated competition has become quite popular, except for a handful of companies that rely on powerful resources to replicate other products to compete, most teams already know that they need to make different products from their competitors. But this is only the primary idea, "not the same" is only the most basic requirements, more effective way is to think deeply about the needs of users, competitors really weak places, where they can play a huge advantage, and the three together.

    1. User focus: This is usually the point of pain when a user chooses a product, or the primary cost of a user migrating a product.

    2. Competitors are weak: Competitors may have an advantage in some places, but don't let go of every weakness in the competition and amplify those weaknesses.

    3. The advantages of their products: combined with the above two considerations, convert them into their own product advantages, you can toggle the heavy weight of the competitor user base.

NetEase Cloud Music Import song single function, is a typical case of four or two. When competitors compete for market share through copyright investment and promotion of resources, NetEase Cloud Music uses a much smaller relative cost function to attract users who want to change the music app. Finally this function for NetEase cloud music brought nearly millions of active users, if according to get an active user 10 yuan to the market price to calculate, this function is worth tens of millions of of the market promotion costs. We can re-set the import song of NetEase cloud music to see what can be found.

The online music app market is a fiercely competitive Red Sea market in 2013, shortly after the birth of NetEase cloud music. At that time, the mobile Internet has entered a high-speed development period, the number of smartphones shipments peaked, almost every netizen has a smart phone. Music, as one of the top 5 requirements for smartphone users (social, news, shopping, video, music), is an application that will inevitably be installed by smartphone users. A lot of choices on the market: accumulated several years of veteran player cool dog music, cool music, QQ music, Baidu Music, with the gradual rise of mobile internet every day, Dom music, high-level shrimp music, Watercress FM. Therefore, NetEase cloud music to face the situation, is every new user, is very likely to be migrated from other products.

The user's migration cost is exactly what each music app wants to get users ' headaches from competitors. Among the top 5 needs of these users, social and music migrations cost the most. Social migration costs are user relationships, and the settled user relationship is very strong, and it is difficult to migrate. The transfer cost of music is music content copyright, and users in the product for a long time to use the favorite music list.

The former is usually based on billion yuan of competition barriers, in the piracy rampant at the time, this play is not high price. NetEase Cloud Music In addition to the purchase of music copyright, the team also asked for their own, there is no cost-effective way to obtain competitors users? We focus our attention on the list of users ' favorite music. If the number of songs collected dozens of, on the Nian, and after the replacement of the product migration list to a first to re-add, this cost will make the majority of users are deterred, even if a product experience is good, the content is exclusive, the user change the difficulty of the product is very large.

So our problems are transformed into:

    1. How can I get users to overcome the difficulty of migrating a list of favorite music?

    2. Do you have any users who have not formed a large collection of music lists? Where are they?

This is a very typical goal-the problem-the logical thinking process of the solution, basically is the product manager the most common set of thinking way, it has so many points :

    1. The goal definition is clear. Make sure that this goal is an important part of your product strategy and that you can describe it clearly in one sentence. In this case, the goal is to get the new user from the competitor.

    2. The goal to the decomposition of the problem, the derivation of rigorous path, such as the final decomposition of the problem of mutual exclusion, the whole set of problems is complete. The derivation path in this case is: Get new users from competitors-high migration costs for new users-how to reduce user migration costs, or are there users with low migration costs?

    3. Define the problem to be solved, then the design solution is the most basic work of the product manager. We'll talk about it in detail next.

Let's take a look at the first question, how can we get users to overcome the difficulty of migrating a list of favorite music? Most directly, we associate the user with the ability to transfer the original product's music list to the new product. This feature is common in other Internet areas, such as blogs, mailboxes, and browser favorites, all with similar features. Migration list can hit the user's demand pain point, as long as the user simple operation, a key to complete the migration, is very convenient for users.

From the point of view of the weakness of our competitors and the advantages of our products, we take the music of Watercress FM and shrimp as an example. In 2013-2014, users of the Watercress FM were able to accumulate hundreds of hearts, but it had a big problem: users could not download the Hearts music, users could not be on the demand for a certain heart music, which is limited by the copyright factor of the Watercress FM. Similarly, the user of the shrimp music will accumulate a lot of favorite music, it also has a hidden danger, that is, users need to pay shrimp coins to download music, which is also limited by the copyright factors and revenue considerations. User favorite music can not be downloaded for free, is the weakness of these two products.

NetEase Cloud Music was founded in the beginning, positioning is to encourage users to hear the world's good Music, song library provides 320KB of high-quality music, and allow users to download for free. The product has a rich song list, all tastes of users can find paired music, and from play to download, without any restrictions, the experience is very smooth. This closed-loop, is the advantage of NetEase cloud music. And this advantage is precisely the weakness of competitors.

So when we consider the user migrating the existing collection of music lists, the above two factors will also be taken into account. How to combine four or two to meet the needs of users, access to a large number of users? Analysis here, the answer is actually obvious, NetEase Cloud Music Guide new users will be in other products in the collection of music list imported, and the main import in the free download 320KB high-quality music.

    1. Users only need to simply authenticate their own account, you can import the original product collection music list, in the NetEase cloud music to form a new song.

    2. 320KB High-quality music can be downloaded for free in the song list. This benefit is pre-planted on this feature propagation point.

    3. For the people who make the song list, it is also convenient to import the high-quality content that they posted on the original product.

In these links, NetEase cloud music did not take the initiative to promote the introduction of the function of the song, but rely on the user's spontaneous transmission. In Weibo, stick, know, friends Circle, users will promote the benefits of NetEase Cloud Music: "The music accumulated in other music products can be easily migrated over a key, but also free to download 320KB of high-quality music, simply not too good." "The more people who collect music, the more likely they are the opinion leaders in the music crowd, the more radiant influence they have on the surrounding, and the wider the spread."

Let's look at the second question, do you have a large collection of music list users, do they exist? In the process of thinking about this problem, I start from my own, I think of my childhood to listen to the music of the course.

  1. Junior High School, the first contact with pop music, is to listen to Jay Chou's tape began.

  2. Parents of friends sent me a MP3, there are more than 200 songs, most of them are English songs, let Me "big open ears." For the first time, I know the man, the Backstreet Boy and the cranberry.

  3. But before high school, did not form their own music preferences, are what to listen to what. Follow the class to listen to some songs, when the boys were fascinated Jay Chou, we also gathered together to discuss the first I-type show.

  4. To high school, affected by the students gradually contact with the Hong Kong and Taiwan pop music, began to worship idols beyond, Leslie Cheung, at this time have a more clear preference for music preferences.

  5. In the Senior high, by the influence of the girlfriend, contact the European and American rock, metal bands, music tastes more certain. At this time, I met Linkin Park, Guns N ' Roses, Nightwish, and both became the band that I had been very fond of for the next more than 10 years. At this stage, I formed the music taste that continues since then: European and American rock music, also began to remember the band name, like the name of the song, with their collection of consciousness. Before that, I only collected the albums of Eason Chan, Leslie Cheung and beyond. After that, I collected a lot of music from the bands, and with the popularity of the cool dog-to-peer music, I started to download and store them on my computer.

  6. After college and work, music tastes and collection habits continue high school, not much change. Like music and artists more and more, and behavior habits are basically preserved.

In the process of thinking about themselves, I summed up some of the rules.

    1. The formation of the user's musical tastes may be influenced by the surrounding environment.

    2. In the formation of taste, began to develop the habit of collecting their favorite music.

    3. After the formation of the taste, will have their own clearly like the artist. This taste will develop later, but it is more difficult to completely change, more is some expansion.

    4. The longer the taste is formed, the more music you accumulate in your own collection.

Since then I have done some qualitative user research to verify that basically the user is in line with this law, logically also fluent. Therefore, there is not a large number of collection of music list of users, is there, a large part of the young people, in the music taste has not yet formed. These users are mainly undergraduates, high school students, junior students.

In addition, young users have not been educated in the existing music products to form the inherent habits of use. Users with fixed music tastes, the need to find music is weak, more is to play their own collection of downloaded music. And young people have more possibilities and plasticity. NetEase Cloud Music If this part of the user, on the one hand can avoid the migration of the existing collection of music list cost is too high, on the other hand is to use their own product characteristics, to cultivate this part of users to better find the habit of music. and accompany NetEase Cloud music grew up this batch of young people, they develop new habits, it is difficult to be changed by other competitors. Other products and NetEase Cloud music competition for young users, in this user base, the first advantage of competitors is not so obvious, and relatively aging product positioning, system, but has become its own disadvantage.

In this case, NetEase cloud music and its rivals compete with the full range of user groups, it is better to choose four or two to dial the user demand part. The key point is to combine the pain point of user demand, the weakness of competitors, the advantages of their products three aspects to think, to find a breakthrough.

This article from the NetEase cloud community, by the author included Mu authorized release.

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How can you quickly get a large number of target users at a low cost, rather than a protracted war with your competitors?

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