How can you tell if your notebook should be changed?

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1. Upgrade WIN10 compatibility issues

This is not to say how good win10 is, if the upgrade win10 a hardware compatibility problem, at least that the notebook a hardware official support is not very good, that is, the official has abandoned the hardware to provide the latest driver or patch, which means that once the problem, its maintenance costs relatively high. The problem does not appear good, once appear is likely to force the user directly to change new.

Upgrade WIN10 compatibility issues for everyone, WIN10 may not be the best choice, but Win10 is indeed a very good desktop operating system at the moment, and it also reflects the support life of the hardware to some extent. So once the upgrade WIN10 hardware compatibility problems, even if not immediately to change the new also to be ready for new.

2. Battery usage time is significantly shorter

Notebook battery life is generally around 3 years, if the maintenance is good may be longer. If the battery power of the time obviously feel a lot lower, or serious basic use less than one hours on the shutdown, which may not only cause the problem of battery loss. If it's just a battery loss, the problem is relatively small.

Battery use time is obviously shortened if the battery loss is not more than 20%, it is likely that the computer internal hardware aging more serious. The aging of the hardware will lead to lower conduction efficiency, which can be easily understood as the resistance becomes larger, the current in the transmission process loss is serious. Of course, the internal notebook will not be so simple, but the consequences of hardware aging is not only the increase in power consumption, but also may be accompanied by a large calorific, running errors and other issues. And the battery is short for mobile use of the impact is very large, new not only to improve the use of feelings, efficiency will be significantly improved.

3. Requires auxiliary heat dissipation for normal use

Heat dissipation has always been a headache for notebooks. Due to the progress of process technology, the new release of the Notebook in the heat performance is relatively excellent. But for the old notebook, the high calorific value of the hardware, the cooling system is relatively poor is two outstanding problems. Especially after the use of a year or two, even if the ash is difficult to control its fever, many users for the notebook with the radiator or even the exhaust fan.

Need to assist the normal use of heat dissipation if you do not need these auxiliary cooling, notebook temperature is high, you can use a clear ash for silicone grease and other operations, if the temperature is still not obvious decline, it is likely that we mentioned above the hardware aging problem. Some of the possible problems, such as fast power consumption, crash, and performance degradation, have greatly affected the experience of the notebook.

Of course, you may not have the above problems, but you may also need to change a new notebook. Not that the old notebook must be broken to change new. The new notebook has been able to provide a very good experience, compared to the savings, not only the performance of the promotion, reliability, portability and so on.

New notebooks are excellent in performance and portability. Friends who have just watched Microsoft and Apple's new launch show still have a lingering fear of their price, in fact, many excellent notebook prices are very affordable, an iphone 7 of the price has dozens of notebook choice, and regardless of material, appearance, performance aspects have good performance. If the hand of the notebook at the time of the cotton has let you angry many times, change a new notebook will be a good choice. Computer Tutorials

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