How did I write a software + philosophical book (II)

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How did I write a software + philosophical book (I)

After this decision is made, we are faced with a very difficult problem: how can we not write such a book into prose? It is easy to think of such a book, and I feel a lot of feelings about all kinds of things, then it is named "Experience Sharing. Some of the books I see are in this situation. It may not be meaningless, but it is against the original intention. I want to write the essence of this lecture and explain the things thoroughly. The above statement is similar to a hammer that treats everything as a nail. The beneficial experience of playing a player may be a poison. For example, from the perspective of phenomena, everything in the world is different, but from the perspective of Newton's law, many things are consistent. It's easy to write something, so you have to go to niudun's law-that was the idea. The key is, how to write?


Finally, I thought of a strange method. This method was inspired by Liu cixin's three bodies. I have preset several premises that must be established. All other key content is derived from these premises using a logical chain. In addition, we can establish a pure formula to roughly measure the gains and losses in various fields.


Four basic prerequisites are preset:

  • Software is a solid way of thinking
  • Consciousness-Guided action
  • Project resources are limited.
  • Repeating the same job will reduce the efficiency.

The first point is super critical. It can solve the problem that the summarized rule cannot be universal: If your rule is based on thinking rather than specific software, so it is universal.

The formula is:

Assume that one person's engineering literacy is E, and one person's willingness to work is W. The strength of the Organization is O and the internal friction coefficient is M. For a team with N people, from a pure volume perspective, the final contribution per unit time can be expressed:

[(E1 * W1 + O) + (e2 * W2 + O) +... + (enwn + O)] * m


Based on this premise, we can use a deductive method to deconstruct various fields related to software. When I was doing this, I encountered two troubles: one is that business factors may not be clear about many things recently. Your software can do a good job, but you can't sell it, it's not worth it, it's not a success. However, once you begin to consider whether you can sell the software, the problem is a mess. How can you sell the software and whether the software can be done well in a very different field, there is no way to draw a conclusion in a limited space. At this time, just turning on Cairns's general theory of employment, interest and currency, I was surprised to find that economics would Abstract Some dimensions and then study the problems. By analogy, I came up with the idea: technological, commercial, and (company) political factors are all key elements that affect the project. However, what we have learned after removing commercial and political factors is more like a perfect thing, commercial and political factors can change their forms of expression, but they cannot change their operating principles. This idea directly led to the name of the final book "Perfect software development: Methods and logic", and also led to the basic extraction of commercial and political factors when writing.


Here we can sum up a very strange experience: Books in other fields with deep thinking are very helpful for writing such soft engineering books. In addition to the above, the two non-IT books that have a huge impact on my thinking on soft engineering are Mr. He's "My philosophical thinking: Methods and logic" and his "small logic". The sentence "God is the scale of everything" and "the scale itself already contains the essence" is like lightning, which greatly stimulates my thinking.


In this way, the writing is smoother, but although the conclusions derived are logically correct, sometimes they are really difficult. For example, a logic chain is:Software is a kind of Fixed Thinking → the essence of thinking is concept and logic → concepts and logic cannot be directly measured and precise measurements → A lot of subjective judgment is required in the measurement process → target-oriented, personal-centered quantitative management (related incentives and punishments) will crash → judgment based on unambiguous data (function complexity, etc.) will become an auxiliary measure for programmers to evaluate.


This makes the promotion of quantitative management experience affordable. At this time, I understand that philosophers are prone to suicide. When you feel that you are seeing something that others cannot see, you can either feel that you are wrong, or you will be arrogant that others are thought-oriented gnomiters. The latter will go crazy further. I am afraid I am wrong, but I want to stick to my own opinions. Therefore, we will continue to verify and write.


In addition, there is an aftereffect, because this is a special way of thinking and Perspective (what you see in the field of view, it seems that no one has written such a software book ), eventually, some places are very abstract-although I believe it is profound and valuable, let's look at the following section:


Software is a kind of Fixed Thinking, which determines many things. From the perspective of characteristics, since software is a solid thinking, it is inevitable that both thinking and thinking carry the characteristics of things at the same time.


  • The characteristic of thinking means that the clarification of thinking is usually gradual, and the thinking itself is not measurable. The main body of thinking must be human. Thinking is usually composed of concepts and logic, the borderless (flexible and changeable) thinking. These characteristics are common and belong to all software.


  • The characteristic of thinking is that when the object of thinking is mathematics, thinking itself has the characteristics of mathematics. when the object of thinking is business logic, thinking itself also has the characteristics of business logic.


Since the characteristics of thinking itself are composite, the characteristics of thinking software must also be Composite:


Both belong to the common characteristics of all software, also belong to a specific type of software, and even completely opposite to other types of software.



The practical significance of this text is that it can be used to directly determine the cmme. The methodology of agility is imperfect. Based on some practices, summarize the methodology and try to promote such ideas. If you do not know the limits of your own approach, it is harmful-this means that there is a problem with some well-known softwares. The so-called practice sharing is not as meaningful as you think. This is a float, and I feel far behind looking at other things such as cmme and agility, but I am still a little unconfident. Even so, I finally chose to believe in logic, and put all these rebellious analyses and ideas in the book-as long as it has clear logic support.



In this way, the main task from management to coding is to smooth the logic in the book. This is a bit difficult to understand. You may think that it is profound to come out of a book like this, but who can read it! Next, let's look back at how to make it easy to understand. However, just as a person's character is certain, he or she cannot pull the eight cows back. The book's tone must be certain. Unless he derives it again, it will be difficult to change it. As a result, the readability will be slightly improved, but in general, it is still abstract.


The experience here isYi should consider this issue when setting the book structure.


This is roughly the process.


As for how to publish and what to do, I will go back to the main introduction in the next article.


The last thing I want to talk about is that although I am satisfied with writing it, I feel that I have basically achieved my goal: an independent perspective with rigorous logic. However, it is a bit abstract in many places, and it is not easy to understand. If you want to join the competition, you should think carefully if you have graduated for less than three years, so that you may not be able to understand it and scold me for a meal.

Certificate --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Ideal stream + software = perfect software development: Methods and logic
Ideal stream + life = ??
Ideal stream + Management = ??
Ideal stream = the essence of deduction by concept and logic, and the pursuit of truth.

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