How do I add a password to the Win7 folder?

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in the ordinary work, sometimes we in order to ensure the security of information always like to create a folder and then encrypt, although this operation is very easy, but for ordinary users is not simple, then in the Win7 System folder How to add the password? Do not understand a friend to see the small organized Win7 folder set Password Tutorial!

I. Hidden Folder method

1, select the folder you want to encrypt, right-click the property, and then select hidden in the properties of the general window.

2, click Apply and OK after the folder window tool--Folder Options--View inside choose not to show hidden files and folders.

3, you want to see this file when you need to choose to display all files and folders to see.

Encryption method of compressed folder

1, select the folder you want to encrypt, right-click, choose to add to the compressed file, will pop up a compressed file name and parameters of the window.

2, click Advanced Options, and then choose to save the file security data, and then click the Set Password.

3, enter the password after the choice to determine, pay attention to the password not too long, lest they forget the password.

4, compressed folder to delete the original folder, others can only see this compressed folder, unless he knows the password, otherwise people can not see your file content. If you want to see the file, you need to enter the password decompression to see.

Encrypt folder method using encryption software

1, encryption software has many, below I use the folder encryption advanced version of the software for you to introduce. Download the software first and then install it on your computer.

2. Run the software after the installation is complete, the software interface is as shown.

3, select folder Encryption, and then click the Select Folder, browse and select the folder you want to encrypt.

4, click OK will automatically eject an encrypted dialog box, enter the password after the choice of fast encryption, you can choose other encryption type, and then a password hint problem, this to choose a only know the question and answer.

5, click to determine if the successful encryption will eject the successful encryption of a dialog box.

6, in the software interface will also appear in our encrypted folder.

7, then we look at the encrypted folder, the logo has changed, you want to open the words also need to enter a password to open.

8, and then enter the password to open the folder, if you forget the password will need to decrypt the folder in the emergency center.

9, then choose to answer the question, the answer to the successful words folder can be decrypted.


Each of these three methods is good, the first is not need to use a password, but others may also see the contents of the folder.

The second need to compress folders, a bit more cumbersome.

The third Way if you encrypt directly, but forget the password and password hint problem, you need to use brute force to decipher the software.

Encrypt your own password must use the office commonly used passwords, lest they forget. The best password hint problem is that you know what other people don't know.

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