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I. Release objects

Any citizen with full civil capacity, stable legal income, and reliable credit level can choose to apply for a longcard credit card individual card. The individual card cannot be used repeatedly or one person may count the card. The spouse of the primary card applicant and immediate family members at least 18 years of age cannot exceed two. The primary card holder assumes all of the cards used by the primary card holder and its associated card holders, and has the right to request the cancellation of the supplementary card.

II. Application Conditions

A credit card must be secured. Guarantee methods include guarantee, mortgage and pledge. We currently adopt two methods: guarantor guarantee and simultaneous use of guarantor guarantee and deposit pledge.

Iii. Restrictions on individual guarantors

1. Resident accounts and work units are in the city where the issuing bank is located, and have the ability to stabilize income and repay debts.

2. Individual guarantors are generally limited to providing a guarantee for one applicant, up to two.

3. The applicant shall not provide mutual and circular guarantees.

4. For non-professional and non-income personnel, the spouse of the applicant and the staff of the bank's credit card department shall not provide a guarantee for the applicant.

Iv. bidding steps:

Applicant submits relevant information-fill in the application form from the card issuer-approved by the card issuer-deposit of reserve fund and annual fee-card receiving

V. Scope of use

Longka credit card provides multiple functions such as shopping and consumption, cash access, transfer and settlement, and credit consumption.

1. Use at business outlets

You can query deposits, withdrawals, and account balances. The credit card transfer business must be handled at the Bank's accounting counter.

2. Use on ATM

The Cardholder can apply for deposits at the ATM according to the nominal value (50 yuan, 100 yuan) and the number of cards (15 sheets) specified by the issuing bank. The bank is recorded based on the amount and time after verification. The maximum amount of money to withdraw from an ATM is 1000 yuan per time. The daily maximum is 5000 yuan, and the daily total is 5 times. You can query the account balance and modify the password on the ATM.

3. Use of POs in special merchants

For POS consumption at special merchants, the merchant cashier transfers cards on the POs, enters the consumption amount, the cardholder enters the password, and prints the consumption transaction form. The cardholder must sign the transaction amount to confirm. If the POs card cannot be successfully traded, You can manually press the order to authorize consumption.

Vi. Card Replacement for longcard credit card

Card Replacement includes expired cards, lost cards, damaged cards, forgotten passwords, and other special cards. The cardholder shall go to the original issuing authority to apply for card replacement and fill out the card replacement application form. After the card issuance authority reviews the expired card replacement, it shall notify the cardholder five working days before receiving the card. In addition to the loss report card replacement, you must return the old card for the card replacement business.

VII. Credit Card Overdraft

A credit card holder must keep sufficient deposits in his/her account. The maximum overdraft quota of a common card is 5000 yuan, the maximum overdraft period is 60 days.

Great Wall Credit Card:

1. Objects of Great Wall Credit Card installment payment

Resident accounts in this city

Holding Bank of China Great Wall Credit Card personal card

Cardholders with good reputation

2. product types of installment payment

Computers, household appliances, motorcycles, high-grade furniture, mobile phones, etc.

3. installment payment amount

2000 yuan -- 20000 Yuan

4. Term of installment payment

24 months

5. Installment Interest Rate

According to the loan interest rate announced by the People's Bank of China for the corresponding period: currently, the interest rate for 12 months is 5.31%; the interest rate for 24 months is 5.49%.

6. Handling of Great Wall Credit Card installment payment

If you do not have a Great Wall credit card, you must first go to the Bank of China to apply for a Great Wall credit card. The cardholder holds a credit card and ID card to consult with the service outlet and select the product. The Service Point requests an authorization number from the bank, swipes the card, and the cardholder signs the order form. The cardholder shall fill in the loan contract, interpretation contract confirmation, and service provider delivery form.

7. Loan Guarantee

The cardholder must bring the guarantor to the bank to fill in the "guarantee contract" and "Interpretation contract confirmation". After the bank issues a loan, the service provider shall deliver the service to the user within several working days.

Features of Great Wall Credit Card

The main functions of Great Wall credit card include withdrawal, deposit, transfer and consumption.

1. Withdrawal

The individual card holder of Great Wall credit card can apply for cash withdrawal at the outlets of China's bank of China system. In our province, the Great Wall Credit Card personal card can be obtained from the bank's ATM and the ATMs of other banks that join the golden card network center in Jiangsu Province.

The cardholder shall present his/her ID card when handling the cash withdrawal service at the business outlet. The color card does not need to be presented. No service fee is collected for local withdrawal. A 1% service fee is collected for remote withdrawal.

The Unit card of Great Wall credit card cannot be obtained.

2. Deposits

The individual card holder of Great Wall credit card can deposit at the outlets of China's bank of China system, or entrust others to make deposits on behalf of him. When you make a deposit, you can show your Great Wall credit card, or you can only provide your Great Wall credit card number and account name.

Local deposits are free of service fees. for off-site deposits, 1 ‰ of service fees are collected. The minimum fee is 5 yuan, and the maximum fee is no more than 500 yuan.

The Unit card of Great Wall credit card cannot be deposited in cash.

3. Transfer

The Cardholder can transfer funds at the outlets of the China banking system. According to the Regulations of the People's Bank of China: funds in the unit card account can only be transferred from its basic deposit account and transferred to other units. Personal cards can be used to transfer funds to other personal or enterprise accounts. However, funds transferred from an enterprise account to a personal card are limited to the income of wages, labor remuneration, travel expenses, and return on investment. There is no service fee for local transfers. For remote transfers, the service fee is 5 ‰. The minimum fee is 10 yuan, and the maximum fee is no more than 500 yuan.

4. Consumption

Great Wall credit card holders can use cards and ID cards (color card holders do not have to show their ID cards) to purchase at any special merchants of China's Bank of China's great wall card, payment for various expenses such as shopping, accommodation, tourism, transportation, catering, and entertainment. You do not need to pay any service fees or enter a password. If the machine of another bank prompts you to enter the password, the cardholder can enter the password of any 6-digit number.

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