How do I disable the WIN8 Program Compatibility Assistant?

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WIN8 system We operate a lot of programs when found that "Program Compatibility Assistant" is very annoying, often window to remind users, the current program may have compatibility issues. In fact, these programs have no problem with system compatibility and do not have any effect on the system, so we can shut him down by using a high reset.

Today, I teach you to use a policy group to turn off the compatibility assistant

1, use the shortcut key "Win+r" to open the Run input box, and then type gpedit.msc and enter, immediately open the Local Group Policy editor;

2, expand the User Configuration---management template---windows components in turn;

3. Select "Application Compatibility" on the right side of the policy group;

4, find and open the "Shutdown Program Compatibility Assistant"; This article is downloaded by win8.1 system Finishing

5, the change is configured to be enabled and then determined, the shutdown is complete.

The System Program Compatibility Assistant can help the user to check some program compatibility problem, this is very good function, but sometimes also can bring some unnecessary trouble, the friend who needs to quickly disable it!

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