How do I disable Win7 's flagship desktop generation shortcuts?

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Presumably many friends who use the w764-bit flagship download have come across such mandatory requirements, download a software on the Internet, although the download when you chose not to generate shortcuts on the desktop, but when we really downloaded after a look, the desktop still has a shortcut, this is not a overlord clause? Every time, We all have to manually and then remove this shortcut, although not very troublesome steps, but each time to do so, or feel a bit irritable. So is there any way we can disable the automatic generation of shortcuts in the Win7 flagship? Below, small make up to tell everybody a skill!

1. First, we click on the win button on the Win7 flagship keyboard, or click the Start button directly, so that we can open the Win7 flagship menu, and we'll click on the menu to go to the run window.

2. In the Open Run window, we enter regedit and click Return so that we can open the Win7 Flagship Registry Editor window, and then click on the Open Registry Editor window to expand the Hkey_users--default--software in the left menu. --microsoft--windows--currentversion--explorer.

3. After that, we will move the mouse to the right window, select a blank click the right mouse button, choose New-dword 32-bit value, we will create a new value named NoDesktop, and then double hit open nodesktop edit window, the numerical data modified to 1, click OK to save.

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