How do I encrypt a removable hard drive?

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How do I encrypt a removable hard drive?

With a removable hard drive, it is easier to transfer files and store files. Mobile hard drive is naturally to carry, inevitably sometimes lost, once lost, the data inside will become no longer safe, if there is important information, it will seriously threaten your information security. Therefore, it is very necessary to encrypt the removable hard disk.

Step 1, first will move the hard disk or U disk into the computer's USB interface. Then open the computer's resource manager, which is to turn on my computer. Right-click on the mobile hard drive and choose Enable BitLocker.

In step 2, the BitLocker feature is automatically invoked by the system at this time. To choose a way to encrypt, the most common use is the first encryption method, that is, password encryption. Click the checkbox, and then type the same password again in the two input boxes below, then tap Next.

Step 3, in this step you have to choose the way to save the password, there are two ways to save the file, the other is to print out the password, and then save, generally in the first way, the password is saved to the file.

Step 4, after the click, there will be a saved Password page. Save the password in a secure location, click Save and go to the next step.

Step 5, then there will be an encryption confirmation page, select the Start Encryption button, start the disk encryption.

Step 6, at this point, you will get out of the progress display page of the drive encryption, which displays the details of the encryption, including information such as progress. The time to do is to wait patiently. Until the encryption is complete.

Step 7, encryption after the completion of the prompt, you can safely use the mobile hard disk to store data, even if accidentally lost, others do not have the password can not see the data inside.

Note: This encryption method security is very high, but do not ignore the important data to save the work, the most important is the usual time to protect important documents.

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