How do I insert a chart in PowerPoint

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Insert a chart in PowerPoint

Visually intuitive charts are easier to understand than text data, and charts inserted in slides make the slides appear clearer. PowerPoint 2003 comes with a graph generation tool called Microsoft Graph, which provides 18 different charts to meet the needs of users, making the charting process simple and automated.

Insert the chart you want on the slide, usually by entering your own data in the sample datasheet provided by the system, which automatically modifies the chart that corresponds to the data as a sample. There are two things you can do to insert a chart: To add a chart for a slide with a chart placeholder, or to add a chart to a slide without a chart placeholder.

Use automatic layout to create slides with charts

If you want to make a chart slide, in the New Slide dialog box that appears after you create a new slide, select an automatic layout with a placeholder for your new slide, and then follow the prompts to double-click the chart placeholder, a sample chart that appears in the reservation, and a datasheet window stacked above the chart, as shown in the figure The data table contains some sample data, and the chart is based on that data.

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How do I insert a chart in PowerPoint

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Insert a chart into a slide that already exists

To add a chart to an existing slide, in slide view, you can click on the Standard toolbar

button, or open the Insert menu, select the Chart command, or open the Insert menu, select Object, select Microsoft Graph 2003 chart in the Insert Object dialog box, and then click OK. Whichever method you use, you can start Microsoft Graph and display a sample chart and a datasheet on the current slide.

Enter data

When the sample datasheet and its corresponding chart appear, the menu bar and the Common toolbar for PowerPoint 2003 are replaced by Microsoft Graph's menu and tool buttons. Users can re-enter data exactly as they want in the sample data table provided by the system. Microsoft Graph data tables are very similar to Excel worksheets, and you can enter data in the datasheet as you would for Excel worksheets. Use the mouse or arrow keys to select the cells you want, and then enter the data directly from the keyboard.

Edit Chart

In the PowerPoint 2003 window, by double-clicking the chart, you can start Microsoft Graph and use the menu and tool buttons provided by Microsoft Graph to edit the chart according to your own intent, for example, by default, the system defaults to "three-dimensional column chart" As a sample chart type, users want to change the chart type, click on the Microsoft Graph Standard toolbar

button, double-click the chart type you want in the Chart Type dialog box that pops up, you can display the chart with the new chart type.

When you finish inserting a chart on a slide, you can return to the PowerPoint 2003 window by clicking anywhere outside the chart, and the chart you created is inserted into the current slide.

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