How do I insert multiple pieces of music into a ppt slide?

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Double-click the icon on the computer desktop, we take the 2014 Finance Department year-end summary Conference as an example, double-click the icon, open the 2014 Finance Department year-end summary conference this PPT,

Open the PPT, click on the top start next to the "Insert" button, insert the button below the left side of a "Voice" button, click the Sound button, will pop up 4 options, we will select "Voice in the file", click the "File Voice" this button;

After clicking the "Sound in the file", the "Insert Sound" dialog box pops up, and we click on the place where we store the music beforehand, find the place, as shown in the picture, select the "Sadness of yearning" and click OK;

Select "Missing sadness" and click "OK", and then pop "how do you want the sound to start playing during the slide show?" This time we choose "Automatic", if choose "When click" Only we click it will play;

Click "Automatic", will pop up a small horn, this time, we choose the top "design" button next to the "animation", click the animation button to select "Custom Animation",

After you click "Custom Animation", the right side of the slide will pop up a "custom animation" of some features, we click on the "Missing sadness" behind the Drop-down button, click the button, will pop up some features, this time we choose "Effect Options";

After you click on the effect Options, a dialog box pops up that plays the sound. We "stop playing" the third "after ——— slide", this line above the slide we want to change the music, if we stop playing after the fourth slide, then fill in "4", click "OK"

After we've clicked, we click on the little horn, at this time the top will pop up "picture tool" and "sound Tool", we click on "Sound Tool", click the Sound tool, there will be some function with the sound tool has a relationship, this time we in the "loop, until the stop" to play a "√", It means that the concert is in circulation.

We just started in the seventh step when the slide in the 4th after the music will stop, so we're going to insert another piece of music you need in the 5th picture of the slide, select the 5th picture, follow the above operation, continue to select "Insert", click "Sound", and select "Voice in file" below the sound.

This time the same will pop up "Insert Sound" This dialog box, we choose End Credits, click OK, select "Automatic", let it play automatically;

Again, we choose the "Animation" button on the top second line, click on "Custom Animation" under the animation, the right side will pop up about "custom animation" Some functions, we are next to end credits click on the button, and then click the "Effect option"

After clicking on the effect options, the "Play Sound" dialog box pops up, and after "stop playing" the third "after ——— slide", we fill in the last slide of the number, such as the last one is 10, then we directly fill "10", click OK;

We continue to click on the small speaker, the top of the slide will appear "picture tool" and "sound Tool", we click on "Sound Tool", the sound tool under the "loop play until the stop" where "√", which means that the concert loop playback;

We choose slide Show at the top of the slide and start from the beginning, when the music starts to play.

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