How do I install a wireless router?

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Due to the wide application of WiFi technology, many mobile terminals, such as mobile phones, tablets can be connected to the Internet through the wireless local area network, many people want to install a wireless router at home, so that their mobile terminals can receive the Internet, the following we will introduce wireless router installation or configuration.

The installation of wireless router is divided into two parts, one is hardware connection and the other is Internet setting.

Hardware connection, first connect the router to the power supply, then the telecommunications or netcom (or other Internet access providers) to provide the Internet cable connectors (usually RJ-45 crystal Head) to the router's WAN interface, this port on the back of the router, shape and other interfaces are not different, often color and other interfaces, as shown in the following figure. This interface is generally labeled "WAN".

Second, with a two-crystal head cable (both ends are eia/tia568b line sequence), a connection to the computer host on the back of the network card interface, the other end connected to the wireless router on the LAN interface (above the yellow interface in the image of any one, generally several ports together are labeled "LAN" words. )

Software Settings:

Now the wireless router has automatic IP address to configure the function, so it is recommended that your computer IP address set to "Automatically obtain IP address", the specific setting of the method see: How to set the IP address

No line by the setting includes the following aspects: 1, for the wireless router configuration ADSL Connection account, and connect the Internet. 2, set the wireless website related parameters, such as wireless network connection password. 3, Advanced settings: such as firewalls, packet filtering, dynamic DNS and so on. Through 1, 22 steps can basically complete the router settings, to achieve home desktops, mobile phones or other mobile terminals to the Internet. So, here we only give you the first two steps.

Since the different wireless routers are slightly different in the operating interface or step (but all follow the 3 steps mentioned above), take the Tp-link router as an example to describe the specific operation.

Open the browser, and then enter in the Address bar: (this address may be different, see your router instructions), and then press ENTER, this time will pop up a login dialog box, as shown in the following image, in the username and password are entered "admin" ( See your router specification as different, and click the OK button.

The general router has the "Setup Wizard" feature, we start with the Setup Wizard, click the Setup Wizard link, and then click the Next button from the right page that appears, as shown in the following illustration.

On the Setup Wizard-Internet access page, select the first "PPPoE (ADSL virtual dial)", which is the way for families in general. Then press the Next button.

In the following image of the page to enter your telecommunications or Unicom's Internet account and password, if you do not know to apply for broadband when the list to see, complete the "next" button. In this way, we have completed the 1th step of router configuration.

In the page shown in the following illustration, the SSID can be arbitrarily modified to the name you want (the suggested word or number, or its combination), which is the name of your wireless network and the other values remain intact. In the security options area, it is recommended that you select "Wpa-psk/wpa2-psk PSK password" and set the password as required (this is the password you need to enter when you connect to your phone or notebook to your wireless network). When you are done, click the Next button. -This is the 2nd step in configuring the router.


Finally, click the Finish button on the following page.

The status of the successful connection, as shown in the following illustration (you can see the IP addresses and related information obtained at the WAN Port State):

If your router does not support the wizard configuration, you can find the WAN port settings under Network parameters, and then on the right page, make the settings that we made in the wizard, and then click the "Connect" button and the last point "save" button.

In the basic settings for wireless settings, set the SSID number (that is, the wireless network identification).

Under wireless security settings in wireless settings, make the settings as shown, specify the password for the wireless network, and then press the "Save" button.

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