How do people aged 22-29 work?

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From:Mythical man-month --People aged 22-29 can explain what a job is.

At that time, the company recruited a large number of new students who graduated from undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The average age is 25 years. The new assistant is a girl I personally recruited after many interviews. Graduated from a prestigious university. He is smart and lively. In private, I have to admit that one of the important reasons why I recruited her was that she did not only play well in college, but also wrote beautiful words. There are not many girls who can write a good word, especially like her. It seems like a female girl who writes a little bit of a word, she is very fond of her.

Hands-on instruction. From workflow to waiting for people. She also learned fast. Get started with a lot of work. First-hand proficiency. I am also very comfortable with my colleagues. I began to give her some coordination work, business contacts and communication between departments and branches, and let her try to handle it.

Errors often occur at the beginning. She was nervous and came to talk to me. I told her: It doesn't matter if you make a mistake. You can follow your ideas with confidence. If you have any questions, I will tell you what to do. Still wrong. Come to me again. This talk is more in-depth. Why is she always asked to do these trivial things? I asked her: What is not trivial work?

She couldn't answer the question and thought about it for a long time. She told me that I always felt that I could not only do this, but also do more important things. The conversation lasted for 1 hour. I know what I said. She didn't listen much. Later, I said that I should first do my job well and avoid common sense errors. Then proceed step by step.

Half a year later, she came to me and offered to resign for the first time. I dropped my appointment and talked to her about resignation. When asked about the reason for her resignation, she told me bluntly that she had a four-year undergraduate course and had excellent homework. She did not expect to find a job after graduation, but every day she handled some trivial things. No sense of accomplishment. I asked her again: What do you think is the most meaningless and time-consuming job in all your work? She immediately replied to me: I posted a ticket for you, reimbursed the ticket, went to the finance department to go through the process, and then took the cash back to you.

I smiled and asked her: Have you provided me an invoice for reimbursement for half a year? Through this incident, what information have you summarized?

She stayed for a long time. Answer me: "post an invoice" means post an invoice. As long as there is no financial error, no problem will occur. What information can she provide?

I said, let me tell you what I did in the past: In my 98 years, I was transferred from finance to the general manager's office to serve as the assistant to the general manager. One of the tasks is to help the general manager reimburse all his bills just as you do now. Originally, this job was like what you just said. paste the bills and complete the financial process.

In fact, a bill is a data record that records expenses related to the general manager and the entire company's operations. A bunch of seemingly meaningless data actually involves all aspects of the company's operation and operation. So I created a form to record all the data reimbursed by the general manager here by time, amount, consumption place, contact person, phone number, and so on.

At first, I set up this table for a simple purpose. I wanted to have financial evidence to follow, and I would have accurate data to tell my boss when I was asked about it. Through such data statistics, I gradually discovered some rules of superiors in business activities, such as which type of business activities are often used on what occasions, the general manager's common and unconventional handling methods. And so on.

When my superiors find that they have assigned me jobs, I will handle them properly. He didn't tell me some information, so I can handle it in a timely and accurate manner. He asked me why, and I told him my work methods and sources of information.

Gradually, based on this kind of benign accumulation, he is increasingly explaining more important work. Gradually, a kind of trust and tacit understanding emerged. When I was promoted, he said that I was the best assistant he used.

After talking about these long stories, I looked at this girl and she looked at me with a sigh of relief. I told her bluntly: I think your biggest problem is that you have no intention. In the seemingly simple work that can be done without your mind, you have not sunk your mind. Therefore, after half a year, you feel that you have not made any progress. She does not speak out. However, the resignation report was withdrawn.

After three months of persistence, she resigned. I did not leave her here this time. Let her go.

Later, she often chatted with me on MSN. Tell me about her new job. Within a year, she changed three jobs. Every time it takes. Every time she says a new job is not what she wants. In, she resigned again. I am so upset that I am coming to dinner with me. I asked her to go to the mall behind the office building to eat Japanese food. I suddenly said to me, "I understand what you used to say.

In your career, it is hard to predict what you will do in the future, whether your job will be related to your major in college. Most people may do their jobs in the future, but they have nothing to do with their original majors. I have graduated from a 22-year-old university in the past four years. What matters is not what you did, but what kind of good work habits you have developed at work. This good working habit refers to: earnest and steadfast work style, and whether you have learned how to accept new things as quickly as possible, and discover the internal laws of new things, master these rules and handle them in less time than others. With the above elements, you will grow into a trusted job.

All people have inertia and are willing to use those who are ready to use. When you have the foundation of being trusted and show your steadfast, intelligent, and meticulous work in your daily work, more and more job opportunities will be provided to you. The reason is simple. One sentence can be used to explain the work that can be successfully completed by you. Who would like to say three or even half an hour to explain why a person cannot understand it? Communication is also a kind of cost. The less time it takes to communicate, the less it will consume. This is the most clear thing for managers.

When you have more job opportunities than others to engage in jobs you have never been in touch with, you will have more opportunities to learn than others, and everyone will like smart and diligent students, this is especially true for managers.

A newbie, a majority of new users, cannot see a big gap in the past four years. However, these four years of experience lay the foundation for future career development and are crucial. Many people do not care about the transition when they are young. Many people think that daily work can be done well. However, these simple tasks gradually and vaguely become the watershed for future development.

Careless treatment of the biggest loss of grassroots work is to divide seemingly simple ways of dealing with things into long-term development capabilities.

Smart people do not always think that their abilities are faulty. After a long period of time, he will complain about his bad luck and those who seem to be ordinary can always be better than himself. Complain that she looks better than herself, or he will be more pleased with the leadership. And so on. Slowly, it affects the mentality. This is sometimes the case when we are not talented.

A wise person is needed for work, and a steadfast person is needed for work. I prefer the latter to be smart and practical. And practically, everyone can do it. It does not have much to do with innate conditions.


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